Beta Logan

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After he brought some of my clothes from my old room, I hurried to the bathroom and changed my clothes into a pair of denim shorts and a plain white tank top, still wondering what did he mean by work something out.

Was he going to follow me everywhere I go around the house? Maybe. Maybe that’s what he meant. But still, I really didn’t friggin’ care, as long as I could get out of that suffocating room.

I wasn’t going to try and run away either because I knew better. I was perfectly aware of what he was, and that he could’ve easily caught me. And besides that, I couldn’t just leave Kara behind, all alone with these freaks.

I knew she was already crazy about Marcus and wouldn’t want to leave this place and leave him behind. And I also knew that if I would’ve tried to tell her about what I saw she will definitely laugh in my face and tell me I’m crazy.

So, that left me no other choice than behave and hope I wouldn’t get hurt, or worse...killed...

I got out of the bathroom and noticed he was casually sitting on the bed, waiting in the same spot.

His gaze slowly trailed up, taking in every inch of my body once again, making me feel very uncomfortable.

“Come.” He demanded, getting up from the bed so I slowly, reluctantly walked towards him, keeping my gaze down the whole time, until I noticed a warm, big hand gently grabbing my much smaller one and I slowly, hesitantly lifted my gaze, only to meet once again those midnight blue eyes, intensely staring right back into mine.

His hand gently tugged at mine, coaxing me to follow him and I did, walking together hand in hand, finally getting out of that room, after all those days.

After we finally reached the living room, I plopped myself on the couch, grabbing the remote like a crazed person then started flipping through the channels, staring at the flat screen hanging on the wall like it was the most fascinating thing, not even caring if he was awkwardly staring at me or not.

“I’m going to grab something to drink. I’ll be right back.” He informed and I nodded, not sparing him a single glance, keeping my eyes glued on the screen, watching some random TV show.

I didn’t realise there was someone else in that room, until I suddenly heard a feminine voice, apparently addresing to me,

“Hi! Julie, right?”

I slowly turned my head to the side, noticing the same blonde, nice girl that shared similar features with Logan, giving me a warm smile.

“Yeah...Y-you’re Elyse, right?” I awkwardly stuttered a little, internally marvelling at her beauty as I pulled out a light smile.

“Yeah...It’s really nice to finally meet you, ya know, since my brother won’t stop talking about you, and all that...”
She waved her hand, letting out a small chuckle, making me stare at her, a little taken aback.

“Your brother?”

“Yes. Logan.” She quickly answered, that warm smile still etched on her perfect features.

So I was right. She is his sister.

Wait, what? He won’t stop talking about me?
What’s there so interesting to talk about anyway?

“Elyse, why are you chatting with the servant?” Another female voice suddenly butted in, making me snap my head towards the direction it came from, my eyes ultimately landing on that other, much more annoying blonde.

“Excuse me?” I angrily snapped at her, making her narrow her eyes at me.

“I wasn’t talking to you, servant.” She muttered highly annoyed, in a superior tone, making me frown.

“No, you were talking about me,” I corrected her,
“First, I’m not a servant and second, I’m definitely not your servant, so you have no right to call me like that.” I crossed my arms, taking a defiant stance and in the very next moment, her hand went flying towards me, in an attempt to probably slap me but suddenly got stopped mid-air, by another, much bigger hand.

“What do you think you’re doing?” A deep, masculine voice echoed through the silence and I quickly recognised the owner.



Nothing came out of her mouth, but still, she kept glaring at me, obviously unsatisfied that she was stopped from completing her action.

He then let go of her hand and walked towards me, suddenly grabbing my arm, yanking me off the couch, hard, but not enough to hurt me, my small, fragile frame slamming against his hard chest in the process, making me escape a small ‘oomph’.

“Listen to me carefully,” His deep voice boomed in the whole room and I slowly turned my head to the side, noticing the other two guys from that night were now also present, curiously staring at us.

“I’m here to announce you that from now on, Julie is my personal slave, so that means no one is allowed to touch her, ever, without permission. Do you understand?” His deep, commanding tone announced, making me gasp in utter shock and confusion.

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