Beta Logan

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My wolf kept chanting in my mind, almost jumping like a crazed wolf, lovingly staring through my eyes at the small beauty now passed out in my arms, pleased that his own scent now slowly seeped through every pore of her smooth skin.

Still, my heart clenched in pain as I stared at the ugly wound now slowly healing on her slender neck, feeling so guilty for I have lost control over him and let him forcefully mark her after that horrible incident, the scent of another male lingering on her skin and the sight of her wounds provoked by him sending him right over the edge, breaking into a fit of rage. He fought me so hard, hell-bent on marking her as his after that sweet, discreet scent of her arousal reached our nostrils, both him and I barely containing ourselves from making her ours right then and there.

I’m so sorry...

I mentally whispered, holding her close, remembering the terrified look in her eyes, how her tiny hands struggled to push us away, the violent tremble in her small body as she tried to fight us, like a helpless prey writhing in her predator’s jaws.

"I’m so sorry I’ve hurt you...” I quietly said though I definitely knew she couldn’t hear me, gently tracing my fingers through her silky soft hair, then snuck one arm under her knees and carried her to the bed, carefully tucking her in.

Laying right next to her, I leaned on my elbow to face her, admiringly staring at her beautiful features, wondering why did my wolf even choose her as his mate -not that I minded though- since our kind usually preferred stronger mates, only from our own species.

She’s beautiful. I want her!

He barked in the back of my mind, once again feeling how protective he felt over her, just as much as I did.

My brows knitted together as I suddenly felt her stir, the pained look on her angelic face making me realise she was definitely having a bad dream.

“Logan!” She cried out, the sound of her desperate call making my heart sink, feeling her tightly clutching onto my arm, instinctually wrapping my arms around her, only now seeing through the bond exactly what she was dreaming about as she unconsciously let me in.

Her, violently thrashing beneath Derek as his wolf came forth, its black eyes glinting with pure lust as his hooded gaze roamed all over her. His long claws extended, painfully sinking into her skin, one name escaping her lips as she desperately begged for help,


My wolf growled, proud that our mate was calling us to save her, but also extremely angered at the male who dared touch her.

Why can’t we just kill him?

He growled at the back of my mind, practically pushing me to pull her even closer, lightly shaking my head in disapproval at his impulsive temperament.

You know we can’t. He is pack.

I calmly explained, earning another angered growl from him.

He hurt her!

Our small bicker was abruptly interrupted when the soft touch of her palm resting on my bare chest suddenly drew my attention, my skin lightly tingling wherever she touched me as the bond slowly started to only grow stronger with each interaction -physical or mental- her soft breath lightly fanning over my bare chest creating goosebumps all over my skin, my heart beating a little faster as she moved even closer, snuggling deeper into my chest.

My little mate...Mine...


Soothing warmth caressed every uncovered area of my skin, feeling so safe and serene, one particular familiar scent filling my nostrils with every slow, steady breath I took.

Weakly stretching my numb limbs I suddenly realised my movement was somehow limited, my heavy eyelids slowly fluttering open, only to notice the solid, muscular chest almost brushing against the tip of my nose.

My eyes instantly widened, taking a glance down, noticing the bulky arms tightly wrapped around me and the muscular legs tangled with my much thinner ones.

Slowly, hesitantly raising my sight, my eyes ultimately met those midnight orbs warmly staring right down into mine.

“You!” I squeaked, instantly ripping myself off from his warm embrace, those last moments before everything turned to darkness quickly rushing back to my mind.

“Y-you b-bit me!” I stuttered, shakily placing a hand over the said spot, feeling the small scar under my fingers, ultimately realising it was already healed, making me feel very confused and scared at the same time.

“W-what did you do to me? Did you drug me?” I shakily asked with a hint of anger laced in my tone, noticing how his gaze gave away the tiniest hint of sadness, for some reason my body practically pushing me to go closer and comfort him, yet I did not do such thing.

He hurt me! He freaking bit me! Who knows what else did he do to me?

“Calm down, I didn’t do-”

“No don’t touch me!” I screamed, quickly scurrying backwards as I noticed how his hand reached to touch mine, feeling the bed practically disappearing from underneath my butt, instantly realising I was about to fall down.

Uh oh.

I let out a small shriek, throwing my hands in the air as I instinctually tried to hold onto anything, only just as I was about to meet the hard floor, strong arms wrapped around my torso, safely holding me in place right at the edge.


I breathed, marvelling at his inhuman speed, the feeling of his warm body against mine making me momentarily forget about anything else, entranced by those midnight skies intensely staring right back into mine.
His hot breath fanned over my lips, ultimately realising how incredibly close we were as he held me so tightly against his bare chest, straddling his lap.

Wait, what?

Instantly realising the very compromising position we were currently in, my cheeks turned a deep shade of red, quickly trying to squirm my way out of that heated embrace, only to suddenly feel something very hard poking me right in the most sensitive spot between my thighs.

My body instantly reacted on its own accord, the small needy whimper escaping my lips scaring me to no end, wondering why was I reacting like this all of a sudden?

However, I didn’t have too much time to dwell on that, because in the very next moment I suddenly found myself lying on the soft mattress, trapped underneath him, those midnight eyes instantly turning black as they intensely stared down right into mine.


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