Beta Logan

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My body lightly trembled beneath his, caged in between those muscly arms, deep dread slowly creeping up my veins with every passing second, widely staring up at those pitch black eyes.

“Logan?” I weakly tried yet again, only to receive the same response; silence.

His audible, ragged breaths heavily fanned over my face, my heart slamming wildly inside my chest as I laid frozen, too scared to even dare make a move.

“Go and hide,” He muttered between gritted teeth, my eyelids fluttering for the fraction of a second as I tried to process what he just said, also noticing how he momentarily closed those pitch black eyes, seemingly holding his breath, seconds before he forcefully roared,


Without even wasting another moment, I clumsily scrambled from underneath him, quickly bolting straight towards the bathroom, then slammed and locked the door behind me.
Anxiously looking around for anything I could use to defend myself, I ultimately noticed how every single object in that bathroom was completely destroyed, that specific image making me realise how insanely strong he actually was, my legs shaking even harder as I could only imagine what he could to me with those two, bare hands.

Carefully stepping in between the broken pieces, I then picked a relatively long piece of wood, like a scared child lowering myself in the nearest corner, defensively holding the makeshift bat in front of my body as I waited, hoping he would at least come back to his senses and turn back to how he used to be just a few days ago.

Only that never happened.

Instead, the sudden violent sound of something -or more like someone- being slammed against the door made me instantly jump in fright, shaking even harder as I widely stared at the said door.

I have to get out of here.

I obviously didn’t wait for the second bang, the following moment instantly rising to my feet, desperately looking for another way out, until my gaze finally landed on the relatively large window. And with two, quick moves I opened it and climbed on the windowsill, for the fraction of a second estimating the distance between the grass-covered ground and I.

Quickly realising I was probably at the first floor, I didn’t waste another precious moment and took my chance and jumped, safely landing with only a dull ache in both my ankles, the soft grass somewhat cushioning my fall.

I wonder why haven’t I tried this before.

Letting out a shaky breath, I then carefully took a look at my surroundings and once I made sure no one else saw me, I stealthily ran straight towards the stables since I knew I wasn’t fast enough to escape this place on my own and our car was currently nowhere to be found anyway.

These monsters probably must’ve hid it somewhere.

Silently opening Amethyst’s stall, I lightly caressed her jawline then quickly grabbed the harness and pulled her outside, warily looking around as I hastily walked outside with her.

The sound of a low, animalistic growl coming from not too far away instantly made me jump in fright, my whole body trembling even harder as I struggled to climb on the horse’s back as fast as I could and with one kick we were already sprinting straight towards the dense, darkened forest, not even once looking back as I deeply feared of what I might see.


Hot tears gathered in my eyes, every horrifying moment I’ve been through since we started “working” at the damned place I was now forcefully leaving behind replayed in my mind, a painful stab sinking deep inside my chest as I mourned for Kara and Ghost, for now I truly felt like an orphan. No parents, no sister, and now no friends.

I have no one left...

Shakily wiping the wetness off my cheeks I then struggled to refocus my vision, my hands gripping tighter around the harness, seconds before a thunderous howl broke through the heated night.

My whole trembling body startled at the vicious sound and before I could even realise what was happening I was already falling on the harsh ground, hearing Amethyst’s frightened neigh as I felt rocks and sticks forcefully pierce my skin at the sudden impact.

A low, threatening growl followed, my eyes instantly widening, feeling my heart slamming wildly inside my chest as I dared slowly rise and turn around, watching how the same ferocious beast I came across several nights ago was now brutally sinking its razor-like teeth into Amethyst’s tender flesh, practically tearing her apart.

“No...” I whimpered, bringing my hands over my trembling lips, tears making their way down my cheeks as I widely stared at the horrifying scene in front of my eyes, the wild beast taking its time to feast into the poor animal’s chest cavity.

Stinging bile rose into my throat and within the next second I was already spewing my stomach’s contents on the ground right beside me, failing to hear when the beast’s violently feasting sounds suddenly stilled, its attention now fully directed right towards me.

Hearing the soft thump of its heavy paws slowly hitting against the ground instantly drew my attention, watching how it came closer and closer, my eyelids fluttering closed on their own accord as I silently let my tears flow down my cheeks, waiting for the very end.

The sound of bones cracking instantly forced my eyelids open, only to notice how the man that kept me hostage for the last few days now stood in all his might right in front of me, his completely bare body half covered in blood.

Amethyst’s blood.

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