Beta Logan

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I instinctually wrapped my arms around my body, dejectedly lowering my gaze on my bare feet, small droplets falling on the ground right at my feet as tears kept flowing.

Feeling his warm, sticky hands firmly curling around my upper arms I let out a frightened whimper, trying to take a step back, only to have his arms instantly wrapped around my body, holding me so close that I could feel every swell and every crevice of his sculptured and very naked body.

“Please...What do you want from me?” I weakly cried, rising my sight to look once again into those dark orbs, the salty, coppery scent of Amethyst’s blood invading my nostrils with every shallow breath being a constant reminder of what a gruesome monster truly lied within the very handsome man who now stood right in front of me.

Dipping a little lower, his nose almost touched the very sensitive skin at the base of my neck as he took a deep inhale, my heart slamming wildly inside my chest as I could feel his hot breath fanning over my neck and shoulder, reminiscing the very moment he created the same small scar he was currently sniffing.

“You can’t run away. You are mine now,” His deep voice came out so quiet and calm, despite the wildness glinting in those now coal gems, more tears falling down my cheeks as I could only stare at him.


“My wolf won’t let you. You are bearing his mark. He has chosen you.”

My breath caught in my throat the second I suddenly felt my back being pressed against a tree, his hands firmly grabbing my wrists and before I could even comprehend what was happening his hot mouth had already descended upon my left palm, his tongue gingerly gliding over the small wounds, feeling my skin practically healing, yet also a unexplainably hot, very pleasant sensation spreading throughout my entire being.

Images of other, far more pleasurable things he could do to me with that tongue suddenly started playing inside my mind, my eyelids fluttering closed on their own accord as he slowly lowered himself, gingerly grabbing the back of my knee, feeling his tongue once again touching my skin, healing every bruise and every wound.

“W-what are you d-doing to me? Why am I feeling like this?” My voice came out so trembling and needy, almost letting out a small moan as he worked his way a little higher, gingerly lapping right above my knee.

“It’s the bond. It is affecting you,” His hot breath fanned over my thigh as he spoke, feeling him rise up to his feet, meeting once again those black eyes as I opened mine.

“From now on, you’re only going to want me, just as much as I already want you...” Those words came out so sensually, his palms then gingerly cupping the sides of my jaw, and with a shallow exhale his mouth descended upon mine, moving in a soft, passionate kiss.

My palms feebly pushed at his chest, also feeling the smooth warm skin against mine, those two equally pleasurable actions only creating a burning heat pooling at the base of my stomach, practically forcing me to ignore every other fear or thought and instinctually press myself even closer, feeling that raging hardness poking my lower abdomen.

“Please...Stop this...” I pleaded between small, needy whimpers as his lips moved to the side of my jaw, feeling that hard member slowly creating a small friction as his hand lowered to my waist, firmly holding me close to him.


The word forcefully went past my lips as I suddenly found myself turned around, the tree’s rough bark almost piercing the freshly healed skin on my palms as I pressed them against it to regain balance.

“Logan!” His name went past my lips in a surprised squeal, lightly squirming against him as I suddenly felt him practically tearing apart my short jeans, leaving me in nothing but my t-shirt and panties.

The soft caress of his hands sliding underneath my t-shirt, slowly making their way up to my bra forced a small moan escape my lips, throwing my head back, unconsciously pressing myself even harder against him, small tears prickling at the corners of my eyes as I felt so powerless...


After one last shaky breath, his every action suddenly stilled, for a few seconds the whole world seeming to take a halt, right before he quickly removed himself away from me, leaving me feeling so unexplicably cold and empty.

“I’m sorry...” Those two words came out so quietly yet so filled with sorrow, my arms protectively wrapping around my torso as I let my tears run free, not even daring to turn around and face him.

“Please, forgive me...I didn’t mean to assault you like that,” He sincerely pleaded, the soft touch of his palm over my shoulder awakening once again that warm buzzing feeling inside my body as he spoke,
“I can’t stop him, Julie. From the first moment we saw you, we knew we wanted you and only you.
But he’s beast. He only acts on instinct.
So that’s why I’m begging you please don’t try to run away again, because next time, I won’t be able to stop him.”

I lightly shuddered, the thought of him taking me against my will frightening me to no end, yet also bringing an unexplicable pinch of heat pooling in my lower abdomen, suddenly hearing how his breath hitched in his throat right next to my ear, his grip on my shoulder slightly tightening.

“Please also try to control your emotions. I can barely stand right next to you when your arousal scent is so...distracting,” His voice came out so husky and low, hearing him clearing his throat right after speaking those words, my cheeks heating up a little at the embarrasing realisation that he could practically smell my wetting panties.

Taking a deep intake of breath, I then forced myself to calm down, taking a cool stance as I finally turned around, looking deep into those midnight skies as those simple words tumbled out my lips,
“Why? Why are you doing all this to me?”

“Because I want you. From the first moment I saw you, I knew I wanted you.

Yet I never wanted to forcefully mark you.

But I had to. Because from the moment you firstly stepped into our pack’s house, you were doomed.

We are beasts, Julie. Werewolves.
And for us, you are nothing but prey.

I knew that if I didn’t claim you as mine as soon as possible, one of those beasts I live with would’ve eventually hunted and ravaged you.

I didn’t want that to happen, Julie,” He sincerely spoke, gingerly pressing his big palm against my cheek, adoringly staring into my eyes as he said,
“I don’t want you to get hurt. I just want you safe, right next to me.”

“Please let me keep you safe,” He caringly whispered, slowly caressing my cheek with his thumb, leaning closer to place a small kiss over my forehead.

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