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The feeling of her lithe body stirring right next to mine in her sleep awoke me with a jolt, almost immediately rising myself into a sitting position, feeling even my wolf stir up inside me, now wide awake and alert.

“Julie...” I breathlessly whispered, gazing upon her writhing, lightly sweaty form, gingerly touching her dampened cheek, instantly sensing through the bond that paralyzing fear consuming her completely, making me feel even more worried.

Unconsciously letting me slip inside her mind once again, the horrible nightmare she was currently having started playing before my eyes, my breath stopping inside my throat as I was rendered completely frozen, watching the whole scene...

Loud, menacing growls erupted through the night, the sounds of her ragged breaths mixing with the wild banging of her heart against her chest as she ran and ran until the side of her simple white dress suddenly caught into a thin branch, momentarily holding her back.

Taking a frightened glance over her shoulder, her doe, teary eyes instantly widened, firmly grabbing the skirt of her dress and with a harsh tug she quickly freed herself, also creating a large tear into it.

Her slender, tanned leg exposed itself through the tear as she ran as fast as she could, another animalistic growl breaking through the heated night, causing her to take another glance back, that single glance turning into her biggest mistake as she instantly tripped and fell onto the grass-covered ground.

More tears ran down her beautiful face as she shakily rose and turned around, a loud gasp escaping her lips at the sight of her predator.

My wolf.

“No!” She whimpered, widely staring at him, utterly horrified, tears still running down her cheeks as she tried crawling backwards, only to suddenly hit the bark of a robust tree trunk, like a trapped prey uselessly pressing herself against it.

Taking my human form, I then watched her brain’s creation resembling of me determinedly advancing towards her, like a cold, calculated predator his gaze set on her violently trembling form.

“No, please!” She cried, frozen as she stared up at him, too scared to even try make a single move, letting out a small scream as he lowered himself right in front of her, firmy grabbing her exposed thigh and with a harsh tug he dragged her right beneath him, that look in his eyes I already knew too damn well making its appearance once again, seconds before he simply ripped her dress off, another loud scream reaching my ears,

“NO! Logaaaan!”

Harshly thrown back to reality, that same loud scream rang in my ears once again, my gaze ultimately focusing on the small beauty lying right next to me, now widely staring up at me.

“N-no!” She whimpered, quickly rising herself into a sitting position, then scurried back at the farthest end of the bed, breathing fast and hard, her entire body trembling as she cowered in pure fear, protectively wrapping her arms around herself.

My wolf let out a small whine at the back of my mind, hurt that our chosen soulmate would fear him so greatly.

“Hey, it’s okay, I won’t hurt you...I promise...” I softly whispered, noticing deep dread swirl inside those doe eyes as she warily watched every small movement I made.

The strong, almost overwhelming need to touch and comfort her quickly made its crib inside me, pushing me to advance and reach her, my movements slow and gentle as to not scare her any more than she already was. Gingerly touching her leg, I firstly gauged her reaction, waiting for the bond to work its magic, listening how her breathing gradually became more even, only then finally daring to move closer, slowly wrapping my arms around her still lightly trembling frame.

It pained me so greatly to know that I was the cause of her nightmares...The monster in her dreams...

“Y-you were going to e-eat me...Just like you did with Amethyst...” She weakly stammered, slowly raising her sight to look up at me.

“Believe me, I was going to eat you...But not in the way I did with Amethyst,” I honestly answered, letting out a small chuckle, watching how her cheeks instantly reddened, a long moment of silence following as she quickly lowered her chin, avoiding my gaze.

“Why did you kill her?” Her small voice reached my ears once again after a few moments, those beautiful eyes still holding some unshed tears.

“She took you away from him. He didn’t like that,” I quietly replied, feeling even my wolf becoming a little tense at the memory of that night.

“So you just let him kill her?” She almost shouted back, making me feel a little guilty.

“Julie, he’s animal. I can’t stop his natural instincts,” I tried to explain as best as I could, soothingly rubbing her bare shoulder.

“Did you kill Ghost too?” She then asked, intently staring up at me with those beautiful green eyes, making me want nothing more than pull her closer and kiss her senseless yet I held myself together and answered her question instead.
“No, he’s safe.”

“Can I see him again?”

I only nodded, feeling her reluctance through the bond once I tried to pull her a little closer, over and over again thinking about the fact that in her eyes, I was nothing but the big bad wolf.

“I think you should properly meet each other, my wolf and you...You should see it with your own eyes, he doesn’t want to hurt you. He would never...You are his mate too, after all...”

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