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“Come on, you’ll be safe, I promise,” He coaxed, his full lips forming a dimpled smile as he gently stretched his hand towards me, waiting for me to take it.

Staring between his outstretched arm and sweet smile I hesitated for a few seconds before finally placing my hand in his, reluctantly taking a step on the fallen log.
Feeling his hands quickly lower to the sides of my waist to help me hop off the log I let out a small squeal as I felt a little ticklish, unintentionally placing my palms over his hard pectorals.

Only once I rose my sight to meet his, a small gasp escaped my lips as pitch black irises met mine, staring right back at me with a wild, almost unbearable intensity.

“S-sorry...” I stuttered, trying to take a step back, only to be suddenly yanked right back into his hard chest.

Feeling his arms wrap around me I stood completely still, the deep, heavy breaths he took to compose himself reaching my ears, lightly tickling the exposed skin on my shoulder.

“I’m so sorry,” I nervously said once again, struggling to keep my movements as minimal as possible as to not tempt him even more since these last few days his struggle to restrain himself had turned even harder.

“I should be the one apologizing to you, for putting you through all this,” He humorlessly said, gingerly caressing my cheek with the back of his fingers, a small, saddened smile forming on his lips.

“It’s ok...It’s not like you can change anything now...” I quietly said, watching how his pitch black irises slowly returned to their midnight color.

“We kinda dragged ourselves into this. We’re the ones that stupidly came into your territory, searching for those damned jobs.
We should’ve ran away the second we noticed something was off,” I voiced my thoughts, noticing how his chiseled features formed a pained expression at the sound of that last sentence.

“I’m glad you didn’t though...” He quietly said after a few moments of silence, slowly taking a step right towards me, closing the tiny gap between us.

“Because otherwise, I never would’ve known this feeling...This intense, heart-wrenching feeling...” His arms slowly circled around my waist as he spoke, his midnight gaze deeply boring into mine for a few moments before it lowered on my lips, like a man thirsted in the desert his adam apple bobbing up and down once as he intensely stared, hesitating.

“May I?” He then asked, his voice coming out a little rougher, my lips parting as I stared up at him, realizing he had actually asked for permission this time and not simply stole just like the last time.
Feeling that hot sensation worming its way once again throughout my entire body as I took a glance at those plump, inviting lips I lastly found myself letting out a small, hesitant nod.
And without even giving me the time to take a second breath his lips descended upon mine, moving in the sweetest, sensual way possible, my hands once again resting on his warm chest, feeling that powerful heart slamming wildly underneath my palm.

It felt so sweet, so innocent the way his lips tenderly moved against mine like taking his time to savor them, moments before he slowly pulled back, letting me have my precious intake of breath.

“Are you ready now?” He breathlessly asked, my brow raising in utter confusion, but before I could even say a word his hand captured mine, coaxing me to start moving and walk with him, losing ourselves deeper into the dense forest.

And once we reached a beautiful clearing he took a halt, giving me once again that sweet smile.
Taking a deep breath he then took a few steps further away from me, turning around to face me.

Only once I noticed he had actually started taking his clothes off, one by one, my cheeks turned a deep shade of red, widely staring at his heavily built figure.
Too shocked to even realize what was happening, I watched how he easily discarded his boxer briefs, his completely naked body now on full display, sending a hot tingle dancing at the bottom of my tummy, my hand instantly darting up to cover my eyes once my mind finally started functioning again.

“W-what are you doing?” I blurted out, quickly turning around as I suddenly felt so hot, my breath becoming a little erratic as images of him doing some specific things to me with that body entered my mind, making it hard for me to even focus.

I struggled to calm down, knowing he’ll definitely sense me and lose control if I didn’t stop this as soon as possible, so with a deep breath and a tight cross of my legs I waited for a few moments, until my body slowly started to cool down again.

Dropping my hand to my side I waited for a few seconds, noticing the unsettling silence surrounding me, my brows knitting into a frown as I timidly called,


I waited for a few more seconds, hesitating before I have finally found an ounce of courage within me, only once I turned around, my whole body simply froze.

There it was. That same unnaturally huge grey wolf that kept haunting my dreams and real life as well, intently staring right back at me with those frightening pitck black eyes.

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