Beta Logan

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The loud, blood-curdling scream that erupted from within me tore throughout the whole dense forest, seconds before my body moved on its own accord and before I even realized what I was doing I had already turned around and ran as fast as I could.

My breath came out in fast and laboured pants as I darted through the conglomeration of trees, lightly tripping and jumping over fallen twigs and logs from time to time as I struggled to push myself harder and harder, desperate to get away from the vivid nightmare following me.

And I knew he was definitely following me. I could hear every single one of those heavy thumps and cracks his enormous paws were making as he followed from right behind, the thought that he was actually so close making my heart pound with pure, unadulterated fear.

I also knew it was only a matter of mere seconds before he would’ve caught up with me, yet I never once stopped running as the terrifying thought of him catching me shook me raw to the core, even making me escape one of those horror-filled screams you would only hear in movies, as soon I felt myself being rather harshly pushed to the forest floor, landing with a dull thud and flat on my belly.

“NOO!” I loudly cried out with a terrified squeal, tears prickling at the corners of my eyes as soon as I felt a warm hand wrap around my ankle and start to pull, not even caring that it wasn’t the beast anymore but Logan instead, my nails digging into the rich soil as I fought to escape from his clutches.

“No! Please!” I helplessly begged over and over again as I couldn’t even fathom what he was about to do to me since I had obviously broke that “no running” rule the second I had turned around and fled, letting out another weak cry as the sudden warm feeling of his body over mine once again brought that inexplicable and completely unwanted heat pooling at the base of my stomach.

I didn’t want it. Bond or not, it didn’t feel natural. It was actually forced. I could tell that now. I could even feel it. It wasn’t a sensation you would feel when you were in love and willing to be with your loved one. No way. It was rather like a drug flowing through your body, forcing your bodily functions to start working and make you feel desire. Lust. Nothing but a carnal need.

Yet that didn’t seem to matter anymore as the following moment, the hot sensation of his breath fanning over the side of my neck evoked a shudder travelling throughout my entire body, letting out a small whimper as his equally hot mouth suddenly descended upon the very same mark he had inflicted upon me.

An abrupt and completely unexpected wave of euphoria washed all over me, partially losing my grip on reality as I struggled to recover from it but before I could even realize what was happening in one swift movement he had already flipped me over my back, with slightly blurred vision finding myself staring into those coal eyes. He didn’t have control of himself anymore.

I faintly mewled as I could feel his warm hands all over me, leaving trails of tiny sparks in their wake all over my skin as he sensually caressed it, barely even realizing that my dress was now bunched up at my waist. And with one, swift tear it fell at my sides, leaving me laying there in nothing but my bra and panties.

“Please...s-stop this...I don’t want it...” My plea came out in a breathless moan as his lips descended upon the center of my stomach, his hungry kisses and bites making me feel weaker than ever, so powerless as I shakily laid there beneath him, faintly trying to regain control of my own body and mind.

“Please...don’ this...”

I could feel my palms feebly pushing against smooth and hot skin as my head eventually lolled to the side, the green sight before my eyes fading from time to time as I fought remain conscious, despite the growing fog inside my mind.

Yet the moment those last pieces of fabric abruptly detached themselves from my skin, followed by a scorching hot, intense and overwhelming feeling of intrusion at the most intimate part of my body, a weak yet desperate gasp wormed its way past my lips, completely losing the battle as it slowly slid its way back and forth so deep inside of me, robbing me of every moan and every cry, every last ounce of power left within until the whole world shattered before my very eyes into a star explosion.

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