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After we ate and paid for our food, we asked the waitress for directions to the famous mansion, then got back to our car and started driving, searching for the biggest house from around there, according to Mary, the waitress.

It wasn’t actually hard to find it, since all the houses in DaggerStone were quite small and boring, the only one that stood out was actually at the outskirts and its huge roof could be seen from far away.

We finally made it there, stopping in front of two huge iron gates, each decorated with a huge S in the middle. I stopped the engine, intending to get out and look for someone around there, but got stopped in my tracks by the sudden movement of the gates, noticing they started to slowly open for us so I sat in my place, waiting to have enough space to pass through the gates, then started the engine and moved forward.

Once we got in, we looked around, realising it was actually a huge domain, spreading across miles away. There were two big gardens on each side, covered with all kinds of flowers and trees, complimenting the huge, three-storied imposing mansion that stood tall right in front of our eyes.

I stopped the engine and got out of the car, taking a moment to admire the breath-taking sight around us. I didn’t realise Ghost had already got out of the car as well, until I noticed him running past me straight towards the garden, then jumped right in the sea of flowers, rolling all over them. He then started jumping like a happy bunny, making us burst in a fit of laughter.

“What are you doing here?”

A deep male voice boomed from behind us, breaking the peaceful silence, making us both startle.
I slowly turned around to face the culprit and as soon as our eyes met, I froze in my spot shocked, not knowing what to say or do next. He was incredibly tall and intimidating, with a strong, muscular frame towering over me.

His midnight blue eyes were boring deep into mine, cold and emotionless, making a cold shiver run down my spine.
It was like facing an angry predator, fiercely protecting its territory.

His pink, full lips slightly parted, moments before that menacing deep voice rang again in my ears.

“Answer me,” He demanded, calm and steady, but obviously intimidating.

“We were...looking for...a job?” Kara managed to say as I was already too scared to speak anyways.

“What job?” He asked back, those piercing blue eyes never leaving mine, causing me to stand there, unmoving.

“A guy at the diner told us that you guys need some extra maids. So here we are,” Kara casually explained, while he continued to stare at me.

“I see. And why is there a dog ruining the garden?” He then spoke, pointing at Ghost, who by the way was still bouncing around in the flowers.

Oh crap, I totally forgot about him!

I mentally slapped myself, then turned to the side,
“Oh my god, Ghost, get back here!” I shouted at the crazed husky.

“Ghost?” The guy instantly asked confused.

“Yeah, she’s a total Game of Thrones fan,” Kara explained giggling.

“Oh...” He mumbled, while I was still looking at Ghost, who was heading towards me, but suddenly stopped in his tracks and started howling like a crazed wolf.

What the hell got into him? He usually howls only when he senses another dog, and I didn’t notice any other dogs around...

“Oh crap...not again...” I mumbled, rolling my eyes.

“What’s wrong with him? It’s the middle of the day!” Kara muttered confused.

“I don’t know...Ghost, please stop it!” I shouted at him, already feeling embarrased.

Gosh, he’s gonna ruin everything...
I mentally muttered, turning my head to face the creepy guy once again.

“I’m so sorry for that, I don’t know what got into him. I promise I will fix your garden,” I said, looking again at those burning midnight blue eyes, staring back into mine.

“Follow me.” He simply muttered, then quickly turned around and started walking, clasping his hands to his back.

We started walking and followed him close behind, staring at his muscular back while he continued to walk, guiding us towards the house.

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