Beta Logan

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The moment we passed the front large wooden doors a marvelous, classy large hallway was revealed right in front of our eyes, making us stare like two curious children.

The wooden floor was neatly polished, like the huge stairway as well, a big silvery chandelier hanging from the ceiling, adding a drop of elegance to the whole place.

His army boots were now thudding on the floor as he continued walking, snapping us from our daze, leading us upstairs.

We entered a long, red carpeted hallway with lots of wooden doors on each side, and after passing by some of them, he finally stopped and opened a larger door, motioning for us to get in.

We simply obeyed and entered the room, stopping right in the middle.
I quickly noticed the room we entered was actually a fancy office, that held a massive wooden desk, a small library behind it, a red leather couch placed right in front of a fireplace and a small coffee table between them.

“Good day, young ladies,” A male voice greeted from behind the desk, causing us to snap our heads and look right there.

Wow, I totally didn’t notice that guy there...

It was a handsome, muscular blonde guy, wearing a fancy cream suit, sitting in a brown leather chair and smiling at us.

“What brings you two here?” The handsome blonde guy asked, leaning back in his chair.

“We heard that you need some extra maids. So here we are,” Kara boldly answered, placing her hands on her hips.

“And you came here, just like that? No resumee, no nothing? How can I be certain that you’re not here to steal or something?” He quickly asked back, gazing at us almost amused, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Hey! We are not thiefs! We are just two simple girls, searching for a job and a place to stay, that’s all,” Kara explained, frowning at him, “And, as in for the resumee, wait just a sec. I’ll be right back.” She briefly spoke, then turned around and bolted outside the office, probably going back to our car.

God knows what struck her mind...I mentally shook my head while still standing in there, in the middle of the office, while the fancy dressed guy was staring at me like I was dinner.
I then slowly turned my head to the side, noticing the other, bigger guy was casually leaning against the wall, staring at me as well, with his arms crossed, those huge muscles bulging through his black t-shirt, making him look even more intimidating.

Jeez, maybe he’s the fancy guy’s bodyguard. That would explain why he looks so big and scary...
I mentally rambled, fiddling with the hem of my pink t-shirt as I was already starting to feel slightly uncomfortable, being all alone in there with the two guys.

“Here!” Kara’s voice suddenly cut through the silence, making me sigh in relief when she finally came back with two sheets of paper in her hand, heading straight to the guy’s desk and placed them on it, right in front of him.

He then sat there in silence, for a few moments, analyzing the papers before raising his gaze and looking back at us.
“So...Kara Michaels and Julie Saunders...” He finally spoke, smiling at us.

“Judging by the looks and info, I presume you, the one with the big mouth are Kara...” He pointed towards Kara,
“And she is Julie...” He then motioned towards me.

“Yep. Indeed we are.” Kara winked, smiling at him.

“Now, did we get the job or not?” Kara then boldly asked, once she noticed he took his time and gazed at the both of us, thinking.

“Right...Here’s how we gonna do this. How about you girls work at the stables for the first week...That’s how we’re gonna know for sure if you really want a job. And after that, maybe we’ll change your posts.” He stated, smirking.

“Yeah, sure why not?” Kara shrugged careless, earning a confused stare from him.

Maybe he didn’t expect us to accept his offer so easily. But the truth was we were kinda used to taking care of animals and cleaning after them, since we basically did the same thing back at the old farm.

“Great. Then it’s settled.” He nodded, once again giving us a pearly white grin.

“You can retire now. Logan here will escort you to your room and tomorrow morning he will show you where you will be working, so you can start right then. And if you also have any further questions, he will be answering as well.” He motioned towards the massive guy, who now straightened up from the wall and took a few steps towards us.

“Ok...” We nodded, then turned around and followed Logan, who was already heading straight towards the door.

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