Beta Logan

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I was already in my bed and tucked in, remembering what happened today all over again.

This was way too fucked up...First, I found out that Kara was actually sneaking to hook up with someone and second, Logan tried to kiss, he actually succeeded. And surprisingly, I kinda enjoyed it...and I hated myself for that.

I couldn’t understand, why did he do that? Why did he kiss me, if he actually hated me? It was pretty obvious that he hated me by the way he looked at me every single felt like I was his greatest enemy.
Maybe that was his way of showing me that he can do whatever he wants with me, since I was nothing but a mere employee. Or maybe he was just a sick fuck who was just trying to hit on me.

Either way, I was not going to give him that satisfaction. I was not going to give up on my job that easily. I was not going to show him that I was weak. Never.

Kara now exited our bathroom and strode towards her bed, drawing my attention to her.
I have to ask her. I have to know what’s going on.


“Yes?” She answered, sitting on her bed.

“Are you involved with someone from this house?” I bluntly asked, staring up at her, expecting.

She sat there in silence for a few moments, probably debating if to tell me or not, then decided to speak, answering my question.
“Um...yes...actually I am.” She shyly muttered, fiddling with a loose string from her blanket.

“Who is it?” I asked with sudden interest, lifting myself and propping on my elbows.

“Are you sure you won’t get mad at me?” She asked, slightly embarrased.

“Why would I be?” I raised one eyebrow, confused.

“Because it’s Marcus...” She mumbled, lowering her gaze to her lap.

“Marcus as in, our boss Marcus?” I replied shocked.

“Yes...” She whispered, keeping her head down.

“Well, that really sounds kinda crazy, but I don’t understand, why would I be mad at you? You know that you can tell me everything...” I spoke, feeling rather worried than angered.

“Yeah I know, but...he’s our boss after all and...I kinda left you all alone these days to do all the job, while I was...” She trailed off, keeping her head down.

“Hey, it’s ok. I didn’t have too many things to do anyways, but at least you could’ve told me, you know?” I scolded her a little. I don’t know what got into her. She usually told me everything. Like really everything, and now...

“I know...I’m so sorry...I just...I was so scared that you’ll get mad at me...” She muttered embarrased, tears prickling in her eyes.

“Hey, it’s ok...I’m not mad, ok? Don’t worry about it.” I assured her, giving her a light smile.

“Ok.” She nodded, wiping her tears with the back of her hand.

“Anyway, I want to tell you about what happened today...I feel like if I don’t tell you about this, my mind will blow up...” I stated, remembering all over again that annoying moment that seemed to stick up my mind.

“Then spill.” She encouraged me, then walked across the room and sat on my bed.

I lifted myself up from beneath the covers in a sitting position and leaned my back against the heaboard. I then started talking, telling her all about what happened between me and Logan in the past three days, since she was constantly missing and didn’t see any of it anyway.

“So, he likes you.” She stated, smirking.

“What? No! He doesn’t like me! He hates me, didn’t you understand?” I yelled outraged, throwing my hands in the air.

“Oh, I understood pretty good. It’s you who doesn’t understand what’s happening here.” She smirked, pointing at me.

“Ugh...whatever...” I rolled my eyes, giving up. It was useless...I knew she wouldn’t understand anyway and think of other nasty things instead.

“Ok...your turn now.” I demanded, smiling at her.

“Right...” She lowered her gaze once again, playing with her fingernails.

“Come on, you can do it.” I encouraged her, placing my hand on her lap.

She then lifted her gaze, and gave me a weak smile,
“Ok...” she nodded.


I sat there for a few moments, debating whether I should tell her about my thing with Marcus, if I could even call it like that. The truth was, I didn’t even know what were we...Together? Or just friends with benefits? Or maybe even lovers?

All I knew is that it happened so fast...One moment we were arguing about something I couldn’t even remember and the next, he started kissing me out of nowhere, pinning me against a wall in his office, then started telling me that I drive him crazy and that he wants me so badly, and then he started ripping my clothes off, then one thing led to another and we ended up making passionate love to each other.

And from that day, he continued to constantly search for me around the house, taking advantage of every moment he could spend alone with me.

I knew it was wrong. I knew that I shouldn’t give in to him so easily, but it was way too damn hard to resist. Those lips, oh...those soft lips of his were so sweet and inviting...and those emerald green eyes...were just hypnotising. I loved the way he trailed kisses all the way down my body, and the way he made love to me, again and again and again...I never wanted him to stop. It was like an sweet addiction.

But still, I had to tell her, after all. She was my best friend, my only friend, the one that I could confide in with anything. So I snuggled closer to her like I always did, then started talking and told her everything that happened between me and Marcus in the past three days.

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