Beta Logan

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That was very weird. Why would he get us out of the room in order to explain that guy who we are?

We were just a bunch of friggin’ maids after all.
Unless he had something else in mind. Anyway, it was getting way too weird.

They were all a bunch of weirdos. I’ve heard before that there were others living in the house, besides Marcus and Logan, but never actually seen them before that night. And I could tell that they were acting very weird. Why would someone be so interested in two ordinary employees? And the way they were looking at us, like we were dinner...Like they were like one of those vampires from my novels and we were human dinner.

Wait, what if they really are?

Gosh, Jules...don’t be so silly, there’s no such thing...I shook my head, chuckling, amused by my own childish thoughts. How could I think about that?

I have to ease up on those fantasy novels.

I turned off the shower and got out, drying myself up and putting on my pajama shorts and tank top, prepping to go to bed. It had been an exhausting day. Marcus had finally changed our posts from stable girls to maids and we had to clean up half of the house. And since the friggin’ house was big as fuck it took us a whole day to do that.

I got out from our bathroom, to our bedroom, only to notice Kara wasn’t there anymore. Again. Great. Now I had to sleep all alone in the room once again.
“At least I have you, buddy.” I whispered to the lazy dog sleeping on the floor.

I then hopped on my bed and tucked myself in, searching for a comfortable position to fall asleep.
I was so exhaused, that after only a few moments my mind was already drifting to dream-land, feeling so peaceful and warm.

Even asleep, I could hear the scratch on the door, followed by a whimper.

I slowly opened my eyes, and saw Ghost scratching on the door, begging to get out.

“Oh god...cut that out!” I grumpily mumbled, flopping upside down and burying my face in the pillow.

Of course, he ignored me like he always did and continued scratching and whimpering until I gave up and got off the bed, then put my boots on, not even bothering to put anything else on since it was already extremely hot. It was the middle of summer, after all.

“Come on, let’s get you outside.” I groggily mumbled, then opened the door and walked down the hallway while he was already at the back door, eagerly jumping to get out as soon as possible.

As soon as I opened the door he bolted outside, running around like crazy, searching for a spot to pee on a tree in the back yard.

I followed him and sat on a bench nearby, waiting for him to finish. I was already yawning again, feeling sleepy as hell, already dreaming to get back on my comfy little bed.

But clearly he had something else in mind, because all of a sudden he started barking and howling like crazy and bolted straight towards the forest that laid right at the end of the back yard.

“Crap! Ghost, get back here!” I yelled but not too loud, careful not to wake up the whole house and jumped from the bench and started running after him.

He didn’t listen anyway, of course, like always and continued running until I couldn’t see him anymore, disappearing in between those tall, thick trees.

I continued running, diving deeper into the woods, searching for him, obviously with no success. He was already far away, god knows where and I wasn’t fast enough to catch him anyway so I slowed down my pace, as I was already way too exhausted and started calmly walking around, looking for him.

Though it was dark, the moonlight was sneaking between the thick branches, providing me at least enough light to have visibility at least a few feet ahead.

I only managed to make a few more steps, before I suddenly spotted a dark shadow moving fastly from behind the trees, causing me to startle.

“Ghost?” I half yelled in a shaky voice, feeling a cold shiver run down my spine.

I suddenly heard him barking again and I quickly made a few steps forward, only to suddenly stop in my tracks and freeze in fear.

Right there, in front of me, stood tall and fearless, an unnaturally huge grey wolf, its black eyes shining in the moolight, staring right back into mine.

My heart was already racing and my mind was screaming at me to run, but my legs seemed to disobey, keeping me still, glued to the spot.

I couldn’t do anything anymore, not even scream, so I simply stood there, staring at it, petrified.

It tried to take a step forward and my leg followed the action, but in reverse, moving backwards. It tried to take another step forward but my other leg did the same as last time and moved backwards.

It noticed every move I did, and it only seemed to get it even more angered, to the point where it suddenly started moving faster towards me, causing my heart to slam against my chest even harder, a loud scream escaping my trembling lips.

This is it. This the end. The very end. I’m going to die, right now and here, torn apart by a rabid wolf...This is my end...I mentally whispered, tears making their way down my cheeks as I just stood there, defeated, waiting for the very end.

I knew it very well that I had no chance in escaping it or running away. So I just embraced it and stood there, waiting.

Only it never came...Instead, it suddenly took a halt right in front of me and the sudden sound of bones violently cracking made my skin crawl.

What the hell is happening? I didn’t even manage to finish the sentence in my head, because the sight in front of me got my mind freezing in shock.

The silver huge wolf was no longer there, a flesh and bone human instantly taking his place.

He just...shifted...l-like t-the creatures in m-my fantasy novels...I barely managed to form the sentence in my head as those same midnight blue eyes were staring once again right back into mine.

He was standing right in front of me, fully naked, a trace of concern and sadness glinting in his eyes.

“Julie...” He gently whispered, trying to touch my cheek with his fingers.

“Logan...” It was the last thing I said, before my entire body collapsed, everything fading to blackness.

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