A Dream's Reality

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My name is Celeste Levana. I'm really just a normal 22-year old girl who lives with her grandmother, attends college to study Folklore Research and works in the public library. Nothing too special about me, right? Wrong. I've has been having a recurring dream every night since I was 16, so six years now. It's a very mysterious dream about a strange man who says that I am his queen. Whatever that means! But then one night, the dream changes a bit and I'm sucked through a vortex to what I thought was just a continuous dream but was actually a reality in a whole new world! Crazy, huh? Now comes the story of how I came to a world called Efroria that is filled with all kinds of supernatural beings. Some of the exact beings I've studied! To top it all off, for some crazy reasons I have to spend my new life living in what is apparently my palace with 5 princes from the other kingdoms. Now that is a recipe for disaster! Or is it? AN: This story is also on my Wattpad & Mibba accounts! samiiRAWR

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

After a long day of college classes and working at the library, I have finally made it home. I sighed as I looked at the clock on my phone. 11:00pm. I’m tired... I stepped out of my black car and followed the pathway to the front door of my home. It’s plain, with a white exterior, red roof, and red door. Although it may not be anything special to the eye, I was born and raised here so it’s home. I made sure to unlock the door as quietly as possible, knowing my grandmother is fast asleep. I live with my grandmother alone, while my parents are out and about traveling all over the world. Living life... I shook my head, not really wanting to think of them at the moment and headed up the stairs to my room.

Time for a shower! I sighed in relief as the hot water hit my skin. After a quick 15 minutes, I was out of the shower and into my pajamas. Like every night since I was about 16, I told myself I would not have the same dream again. I knew it was futile, as it happened every night for the past 6 years. The same dream, the same strange man, and the same words. It did not take long for my eyes to close in slumber after I got comfortable in my soft, full bed.

“Celeste...Celeste...” I hear my name in a deep, gruff whisper. I try to open my eyes to see who is calling me, but quickly realize it is pitch black. “Celeste” I hear it again, this time close to my ear and a shiver traveled down my spine. “You, Celeste, have the power. The power that I want and will get. You will fulfill the prophecy of The Divine Elemental, and become mine.” The voice has become louder, husky. I felt confused at its words. Prophecy? Elemental? Powers? What is this man saying?

I quickly whip my head around, looking for any signs of movement. Very slowly, my eyes begin to adjust to the darkness and I vaguely see a large figure looming over me. As it becomes clearer, I realize it is a very muscular man with glowing golden eyes. Those eyes were mesmerizing, ones you can never forget. His face is handsome and his long silver hair falls down to his mid-back. My eyes widen in shock as I realize he has large black and red horns, almost like a demon. He is also in a strange outfit with no top and creepy embellishments. I feel fear all over my body as the man grins evilly.

“It’s time.”

I was left confused by the strange man’s words. This is the first time he has ever said: “It’s time.” What does that mean? What time? I tried to speak to him but was left with empty words. My mouth moved without any sound emitting from my lips. Now I tried shouting in hopes that it would help. It didn’t. The strange man just gave me a smirk as he turned away. He began to disappear into the darkness, signifying the end of my dream as usual. Or so I thought. Instead of my surroundings going to pitch black again, it remained illuminated slightly.

I felt a strong wind surrounding me as I was slowly being lifted. I silently gasped as I saw a large opening beneath me and quickly tried getting away from it as fast as I could, but it was to no avail. This dream felt so real; as if my body was truly being enveloped in a vortex. It looked like purple lightning was closing in around me as I felt slowly being sucked into the darkness below me. I screamed and screamed, but once again there was no sound. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I don’t feel an impact like I was expecting. When I open my eyes, I see that someone has caught me in their arms.

Did they save me? But this is a dream...right? The moment I think that I’m dropped to the ground. “Ow!” I rub my butt and someone grabs my chin, forcing me to look up. They bring their face near to mine. He had slightly tanned skin, orange eyes, light pink-ish hair, and...CAT EARS?! I stared at his ears in shock and wonder. This really must be a dream...When do I wake up?

“Who the hell are you? What’s your name?” He spoke sternly and I was shaken out of my thoughts.

“Same to you!” I retorted quickly, looking hard into his glaring eyes that were partly hidden between his locks of messy hair.

“Don’t keep me waiting...” His voice was smooth but aggravated.

“U-uh, I’m...Celeste...I-I told you my name, so tell me-” Before I could finish my sentence, the rude man with cat ears spoke.

“Cade.” He said quickly.


“That’s my name. You’re...I see.” He narrows his harsh orange eyes. What? You see what? He lets go of his grip on my chin and held out his hand to me. I look at it in shock at first. Now he’s nice?

“Nice to meet you...” I say warily as I take his hand and stand up, feeling bewildered. I hear another voice in the distance.

“Prince Cade!” Prince?! I instantly look in the direction of where the voice came from. The owner of the soft, calming voice was a young man with pitch-black hair that was similar to Cade’s messy style. He seemed to be a little flustered. “It seems the Divine Elemental has arrived. Come find her with m...” He gazed at me with his golden eyes as he spoke. I felt a deep shiver down my spine.

Those eyes! Like my dream! I gasped loudly and Cade gave me a weird look. My little-shocked episode then went ignored as the black-haired man’s golden eyes lit up and he smiled softly.

“The Divine Elemental! My Queen! So this is where you fell...I’m glad I found you.” Huh? Is he talking about me? It’s those words again, Divine Elemental. “My name is Braeden. May I ask what your name is?” He had such a friendly aura and smiled sweetly.

“Um...My name is Celeste.” I said awkwardly, fidgeting in my place.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Queen Celeste.” Queen....? He takes my hand in his and kisses it lightly. His forward behavior left me speechless as a blush formed on my cheeks. “I have been searching for you for quite some time.” Braeden squeezes my hand lightly. “I shall escort you to the castle.” What the hell is going on?! Castle? I can’t even grasp the situation. This doesn’t feel like a dream anymore...But... Since I can’t do anything else, I decide to just go along with it. “Queen Celeste?”

“Um...I-it’s nothing.” I look down and nod slightly. How do I wake up?

Braeden smiles as I obediently follow him to this castle. I turn around to say bye to Cade, but he must have disappeared while Braeden was talking to me. The walk felt so quick, walking down a straight path all the way up to the castle gates. They were an ice blue color with water droplets and foliage designs. Woah... The castle itself was towering over me. I looked in awe at the icy blue marble-like bricks that lined up the exterior, the teal cone-shaped rooftops, and many windows.

“Wow...” Braeden must’ve heard my whisper as he stopped and looked at me with an amused smile, his pale skin almost glowing in the sun. I continued to stare in awe for a few seconds longer before I shook my head. This is too surreal... I blushed as I realized Braeden was staring at me with his golden eyes, I shivered again. Can’t forget those eyes.

“Come on Queen Celeste, I have someone who is waiting to meet you.” He nudged me softly, with a wide grin. What a smile! I was mesmerized with his eyes and smile before he turned back around and continued walking ahead. I wondered to myself who it was that wants to meet me as we weaved around the castle halls.

I didn’t have much time to admire the interior of the castle, as Braeden walked quickly towards our destination. I did notice that everything seemed to be themed towards blues and whites, with water and foliage themed designs. I’ve never seen anything like this, everything is so intricate down to the last detail. It’s truly amazing. A dream castle... Ha. I laughed to myself. Of course, it’s a dream castle, I’m in a dream! Or so I try to convince myself.

There was one thing that stuck out to me though. Along the walls were various portraits of royalty, and many of the women had looked just like me! That’s so weird... Things were only becoming more and more confusing as I went through whatever this was. My mind is going crazy trying to piece together a logical explanation for everything.

Finally, we ended up in a spectacular bedroom with a girl looking out the window that happened to be at least 3 times her size. She was turned around, so all I could see was her hair and dress. Her long, deep blue hair rested on her lower back, complementing the color of her light blue dress.

“Naida. We have a special visitor!” Braeden called out to the girl excitedly. She turned around slowly, her long blue hair swaying with her. Her deep blue eyes widened in surprise before sparkly brightly when she saw me. Hmm? Does she know me?

“Celeste!” She shouted my first name and ran towards me happily. I could do nothing but stand in surprise at her reaction as she hugged me tightly. “Thank goodness. You’ve finally come!” As she pulled away from me, she smiled innocently. I get a weird feeling that I have seen her before.

“She will explain everything to you,” Braeden spoke with a smile, gesturing towards the girl he called Naida.

“O-okay...” I simply nodded.

“Thank you, Prince Braeden.” What? Another prince?! My mind was spinning. Again. “My name is Naida, it's a pleasure to meet you.” Naida grins at me and curtsies. “Just think of me as both your relative and trainer.” Relative?

“Uh so Naida...we are related and you’re my trainer...? And I am...a queen?” I shifted uncomfortably in my spot.

“That is correct, you are a queen. Is something the matter?” She tilted her head questioningly.

“I sure came up with something extravagant for a dream...I guess that’s because this is a dream...” I mutter to myself and Naida gives me a strange look.

“This is not a dream.” I gave her an unbelieving look. She looked to be gathering her thoughts. “If this were a dream, wouldn’t you be awake by now?” I would like to wake up now, but... “Now there is a ceremony to introduce the queen. Will you just go along with it for now? At least until you ‘wake up’?” What is happening...

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