Under Wolf Law

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Werewolves have taken the world. The supernatural creatures were hidden along time ago. But our governments knew about them. But now... They rule the world... It happend 50 years ago. We were unprepared for these brutal creatures and the human race was wiped out of the earth expect for few. They were quick and strong with an incredible intelligence and they enslaved us. Human females are considered as trophies and werewolves search for them each year. They call it the "Annual Glint". But with the silver war which happend 50 years earlier females have become a rare thing. And I am one of those few females..!

Fantasy / Erotica
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World's End..


"Hurry up dove...We've got to hurry. They might smell us."

My father dragged me along the dirt road. We were close to our home and my scent hiding potion has wear off. So it was risky to be in outside.

I am one of the few females that are left on earth and my father is my only family. It has been like this since my birth. After werewolves took the world we were enslaved by them.

They basically control everything now. The warload who controls them is the scariest wolf as I have heard. And every female who are above 17 are ordered to send to their den. It wasn't like this in earlier.


With the silver war we are hard to find. And now after 50 years it seems like females are a rare sight. I am officially 18 years old. But my father been the smart one he is disguised me as a boy.

As he knows magic with my grand mother been a witch, he successfully created the cloaking potion which hid my scent.

But today we forgot about the Annual meeting and didn't care to take extra potion.

So here we are dragging our asses to our home.

Our neighborhood came into our view and a heavy relaxing sigh came from my father.

Our neighborhood consists of other fellow middle class families and as my father is a doctor we were given a decent house.

Most people doesn't recognize me as a girl with my short blond hair and fat body. So its easy to blend in. I got bullied in my school because of my body.

But eventually it became normal to me. My eye colour is quite unique with their emerald sea green colour. People tend to notice them and although it brings attention I truly like my eye colour.

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