Under Wolf Law

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Chapter 01

I slept like a baby. It was always like this on the day before the "Annual Glint". We unconsciously prepare our body for the worst thing to come.

I made some breakfast for my dad and my self.

It was simply some bacon with pancakes and Sunnyside up eggs.

My father and I had the breakfast and he was ready to go to the work.

I cleaned the house and prepared it for the nights events. Then plopped up on our comfy sofa and started to read a book.


It was at midnight that the screams began.

I was terrified and I was more terrified to find that my potion was wearing off. I quickly drank some and went in search for my father. Suddenly there was a loud knock on our door.

"Open this door!

We are from the pack security and we have the permission to search your house!


My father came from his room and together we went to open the door.

Keep calm Rhea..keep calm...

I was nervous and afraid.

"What can we do for you in this fine evening sir?"

My father asked.

"We've got the permission to search your household. So step aside."

"Of course. Anything for the code of pack."

They were looking scary and buff. As the wolves begins the search we were dragged to the kitchen. A muscular wolf kept a close watch on us.

As always they searched the entire household and found nothing.


"Me..yes sir may I help you?"

I replied trembling.

"Yes you.

You have to come with us for further investigation. We've let you go the last year. But this year we are to take boys of your age also.

Hurry up now!"

I was stoned and terrified beyond anything. My father quickly butted in.

"Sir...he is a small kid and the future head doctor. So there is no need for that.."

"Are you questioning me right NOW you pathetic human??"

"Seize him. We have wasted enough time here."

"Fa..ther...father...help me... HELP ME..."

"Ok..ok officer but let me give him some clothes and other necessities..."

"Hurry up! We don't have the whole night for this shit."

The wolf was abdament and my father quickly gave me a duffle bag filled with some clothes and potions.

And just like that they dragged me out into their black SUV.

I overcame my initial shock and screamed and screamed.

I thrashed around in their hand and clawed at them.

But the stupid wolves are strong.

My pathetic attempts were wasted and I was thrown into the vehicle with a hard kick to my guts.

The other captured ones were already sobbing and begging for their release. I shut my mouth and thought about my situation.

This is not good.

Not good at all!

This is WORSE!!


We travelled for about few hours and at last the damn vehicle stopped.

"Get out. And hurry up!

Our Alpha doesn't like to wait."

We were dragged through a long corridor and into a giant room.

The room was bare and we were roughly pushed into a line.

"As you all know you filthy humans are alive because of us. But...

Lately it seems like you all have forgotten it.

We didn't find any females last year and this year also thanks to your dirty work.

So as punishment all the boys of the mating age is required to work in your chief warlord's mension for one month with hard labor.

You will address the Chief Warlord as High Lord. Remember that carefully.

And your future positions will be decided according to your behavior.

Now stand straight!

Alpha will see you all now."

And with that the huge door to the room barged open and in came a tall , muscular man.

I lowered my eyes immediately and his powerful strides caused a unwanted fearful shudder in my body.

He went to inspect everyone and I watched with horror as he sniffed them.

He was dressed in formal clothing and his designer suit was cut to perfection to his muscular body.

Small tendrils of black tatoo veins peeked from underneath his collar towards his neck.

When it was my turn I was frozen on the spot.

He sniffed me and the damn bastard growled like an animal.

"I want this one as my personal butler!

Send the others to the servants quarters."

He ordered around and his men quickly jumped into the action with choruses of " Yes Alpha".

The last thing I felt before I was thrown outside was an intense stare and a gut wrenching feeling.


I was separated from the others and was taken into a somewhat decent room. The werewolf who took me only growled or snarled at me and he pushed me into the room.

Which ended up me landing on my butt.

"Get up and get ready in 15minutes.

Your chores will start soon. "


The bastard slammed the door on my face.

Great. Now from whom should I request clothes..?..

Why am I worried about clothes by the way..

Ahh yes because I am a girl.

Fucking ducking great now I am talking to myself!

Can this day get anymore better...


Hi guys.

I hope you will enjoy this short chap.;)

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