Under Wolf Law

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Chapter 02

I quickly washed myself and wrapped a towel around me. When I opened the bathroom door there was a pile of clothing. It looked like some kind of a uniform. I quickly put it on and styled my short wet hair with with my finger tips.

I was waiting for someone and suddenly the door barged open and the same wolf earlier came through it.


It seems like you are already adopting. Now walk with me. Alpha has requested to see you."

I blindly walked behind him thinking about my next move.

It seems like all I have to do is obeying them. It seems like a pretty good idea for me if I want to stay alive.

So I am going to stick by it.

Soon we came upon a massive blackish office door and the wolf knocked on it.

"Come in"

The wolf opened the door and pushed me inside.

I tumbled into the room.

The High Lord was sitting on a couch and a skimpy looking girl with heavy makeup was sucking him off. She was topless and her breasts were bouncing up and down.

The Lord was pulling her hair and he slapped the girl's breasts repeatedly. She was moaning and making gurgling noises.

She was touching herself and I was really uncomfortable to watch the scene.

Soon she was pumping him hard and fast. And finally he roared and spilled his seeds all the way down to her throat.

Then only they noticed me. And the girl was not even caring enough to cover her body. She licked her lips and opened her fucking disgusting mouth.

"Draven baby who is this fatty... Is he your new servant?"

"Shut the fuck Talia! Its non of your buisness!"

"But..baby..I am your soon to be mate... I have a right to know..."


I just stared with wide eyes as The Lord himself shot the girl who just sucked him off.


"Stupid bitch!!


You! Come here. Clean this ugly mess and meet me in the library."

He was terrifying and darkly handsome. His black suit hugged his muscular body and the tendrils of black tatoos were freaking sexy and murderous at the same time. His steely silver eyes were penetrating and hard.

Such a killer body....

What..no.. No... I can't think like that!


That bitch deserves it for calling me fat!

If only she knows how freaking fat I am.. Huh! I am far from fat you ugly bitch!

I was not afraid of death. Because pretending to be a boy means I have to act like a one. And after so many years I hardly feel anything when there is a murder or a killing.

Because its common under Wolf Law.

And if you are scared you will give them the satisfaction. You will become the next prey.

I hurriedly dragged the skimpy looking girl from the room and called a passing by maid.

"The Lord has ordered this to be taken care of. And also could you please show me the way to the library?"

"Of course sir. I will take care of this. Head north and take the first turn to the right. You will find the library there."

"Thank you."

"You are welcome sir."

I followed the directions and found the library.

I slightly knocked on the door.

"Come in."

I entered the room and was amazed by the sheer beauty of it. Raws after raws of books were pilled and it amazed me.

I was struck by the beauty that I didn't notice the Lord himself has come closer to me. I was rudely awakened by my haze when he started to sniff me again.


I waited for a minute and two but still he was sniffing me.

He then looked at me from top to bottom and smirked darkly which sent a chill down my spine.

There was a eerie glint to that sinister smirk.

"Uhmm..excuse me my Lord."

"From now on you will do everything I ask you to do.

And everyday there will be a list of chores for you.

If you fail to complete them there will be heavy punishment.

Now take this list and go. Complete the tasks before 8.pm and the head butler is waiting for you outside. He will help you."

I took the list with trembling hands. The Lord was watching me closely and something flickered in his eyes.

"Now get out!"

Quickly I opened the door and went out side.

But what I didn't feel right was the lust that was evident in those steely silver orbs.

(Dravens pov)



Come posso avere un maschio come un compagno ... E un brutto a quello!

(How can I have a male as a mate.. And a ugly one at that!)

I was highly disappointed. A male as a mate??

My inner beast and I was seething. We were seeing red and I cursed everyone.

I will not scummb to this. I will not take a mere boy as my mate.

Even though how tempting he is with those eyes and lips.

Urghhhh.... How can this be... This is fucked up.

"Draven.. We should see what will happen.

I am sure there's something about our mate..

I can't figure it out yet.

We just have to wait and see."

"Gunner do you feel anything different?"

"I do."

"Well that's interesting. We will keep him around us.

Then may be we can figure it out."

"We should. And we should use our claws instead of guns too.

You are using them too much!"

"Shut the fuck up Gunner! I like my guns and I want to use them. I can use claws anytime I want.

I am The Lord!

Claws won't give that feeling to humans.

But guns will."

"Yes. That's true. Stupid fuckers will die if they see our claws"

"Of course. They are weak and pathetic"

I snickered at that thought.

I just have to wait and see.

And may be I will change my preference and will take my mate.

Only time can tell what will happen..



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