Under Wolf Law

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Chapter 03

I walked from the library and read the list. It was only some simple chores.

All I had to do was clean the Lord's hallway and his bedroom. Then I have to clean his bathroom and to organize his closet.

Lastly I have to deliver his dinner.

Pretty simple.


I smiled to myself and asked from another butler for directions.

Soon I came upon the High Lord's bedroom.

The black oak doors were craved with wolves and a huge golden crown was craved to the double doors.

I slowly opened the door and soon found myself lost with the sheer beauty.

The bedroom was worth to kill for.

Gold tendrils danced along the creamy caramel furniture and walls.

The golden curtains gave the illusion of heaven and paradise mixed.

The huge canopy was majestic and it gave a royalty to the bed room.

I cleared my throat and blinked. No time to waste now.

I quickly dusted the room and rubbed it sparkling clean.

Then I moped and scrubbed the bathroom to shine.

By the time I finished the bathroom and bedroom , I was femished and tired as hell.

I touched my back and rested a bit.


This is worse than I thought.

I mentally cringed and thought how stupid I am to think that this was easy.

It took me another full two hours to sort the closet and another three hours to clean the fucking stupid hallway.

I missed my lunch and due to that my mood was peeved.

Some how I managed to finish all the chores by 6.

Then I went into find the head butler.

I was clueless and soon I was lost in the hallways.

I cursed to myself and made a wild turn.

And soon I came face to face with a young beautiful blond.

Her golden locks were mesmerizing and her baby blue eyes were wide with fear.

She stumbled on her feet and I caught her just in time before she fell.

"Uhhhh... I am sorry sir. Please forgive me.."

"No need dear. By the way who are you..?"

I was curious about her because her appearance was not like a maid.

And as the females are very rare, most of the maids were men.

But there were some older females also.

"Uhmmm... I am the daughter of Vicarious sir."

"No need to tell me sir.

I am just a butler here.

By the way who is Vicarious?"

"My father is a human like you. He is the accountant for High Lord."

"Ahh that explains it.

I am Rhet.."

"I am Athena."

"Ok then we'll see later Athena.

I have to find the head butler. "

"Ok Rhet.

I just saw head butler on my way. So continue in this hallway and you will find him. "

I saluted her and continued in the direction she showed me.

But as I left I felt her eyes on me all the time.


Soon I found the head butler and he told me about my quarters and everything.

Apparently I have to stay in the servant quarter which is specifically separated in the Lord's bedroom.

Something about me been his personal butler.

And I can have my breakfast , lunch and dinner after I have finished my assigned work.

So after getting all the instructions I was allowed to go to my room.

I quickly washed myself and drank some potion.

Then I dressed myself and went down to get the High Lord's dinner.

When I said dinner I thought about a tray full of food.

But what I didn't expect was a trolley full with meat and fresh bread with broth and various kind of cheeses.

I gently knocked on the Lord's door and pushed the trolley inside. The Lord was sitting on a couch and I pushed the trolley near him.

He was wearing a white silk shirt and the top three buttons were undone displaying his perfect golden skin and a patch of dark hair.

His pants hugged his muscular thighs and a small tent was visible in his crotch area.

He was looking at me intensively and I cleared my throat.

"Uhmm.. Excuse me my Lord, here is your dinner.."


How rude!

He just toasted me aside.

I clamped my mouth shut and bowed to him.

Then I left without a word.

But before I left I caught a glimpse of a gun.

He took it out and started to examine it without a care in the world.

Such a bastard!

I was fuming and with slow breathing I calmed myself.

Then I went to have my dinner.

Luckily Athena was there.

So I was not alone.

She joined me and we ate a simple dinner.

She asked about my day and her smooth talking and velvety touch relaxed my muscles.

She was like a mother.

Even though some of her gestures were beyond motherly affection , I didn't mind it as she was a kind woman..

But when she started to hand feed me,...

The head butler came barling in.

"Athena! Off of this boy now. Your father is searching for you!


You boy! It's better if you return to your room right now! I am afraid you are in a dire situation!"


I was confused but nonetheless followed his order.

But when I was nearing towards the Lord's room, I heard loud crashing sounds and deep rumbling snarls.

I was terrified.

What's going on....

Draven's pov.


I was seething!

That bitch is touching MY MATE!!

And HAND FEEDING him too!!!

I am going to KILL this bitch!!!!

and why the fuck is he accepting them?!?

He should refuse them!

He is MY MATE!!

I destroyed everything around me and my beast Gunner took control.

I was seeing red.

"My Lord.. What has happened...?"

Even my head butler seems to anger me more..



"Much obliged Sir."

My darkened face even darkened when I saw how Rhet aka my new butler laughed with the bitch Athena.


They didn't know that I was watching them.

I have installed cameras all around my mansion.

So I know whats going around me.

(smirks evilly)

Draven I think we have given too much freedom to our mate..

Yes Gunner and its FUCKING time we show him his place!



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