Under Wolf Law

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Chapter 04

I was afraid to enter the Lord's room. The sounds which were coming from there scared the shit out of me.

I gently knocked on the door.

"Come in"

I slowly pushed open the door and was gifted with the sight of a war zone.

The once beautiful room was destroyed beyond repair.

And the High Lord was standing in the middle of the room with steely eyes glaring at me.

"You stupid..stupid..


"How DARE YOU?!!

Like a flash I was pinned to the farthest wall and the Lord started to choke me.

"If you ever I mean EVER TOUCH her again,! ,




I was afraid and without batting an eye I nodded my head vigorously.

Then to my utter surprise the Lord kissed me..!

He fucking kissed me bruising my lips!

I was stunned to do anything..

Why would he kiss me?

A boy ???

Is he gay???

I was too stunned to notice that he was trying to penetrate his tongue into my mouth.

Then he roughly squeezed my butt cheeks and I gasped with pleasure.

He took that moment to push his tongue in and he caressed my mouth with his rough yet arousing touch.

Suddenly he pushed me away and stormed away.

I came from my fozen haze and realized what just happened.


The High Lord kissed me!!

I silently went to my room and heard the maids clean the Lord's room.

I didn't understand it.

Why would he kiss me...

It was a puzzle.

If he likes me then why would he warn me to stay away from Athena...

If he likes Athena then why would he kiss me..?

I didn't understand it at all.

So I washed myself and went to bed.

May be tomorrow I will be able to slove this crazy problem.


Next morning I found my chore list and found the same chores as yesterday.

I felt a familiar stress coming and was already tired when I remembered all the work I have to do.

I had my breakfast and started my work.

I cleaned the hallway and started to scrub the bathroom clean. Then I proceeded to clean the bathroom.

Although the maids have cleaned it well there was broken things in the corners of the room.

When I finished cleaning everything , it was already evening.

So I washed myself and changed my dirty uniform.

Then as instructed I met the head butler and carried the dinner for the High Lord.

He was seating and drinking whiskey.

His eyes were far away lost with the city's scenery.

The city looked far beyond beautiful.

The war which happened years ago damaged the whole world.

Black smoke adorned the sky and the earthy green was lost to the world.

I cleared my throat and his gaze swept over to me.

His eyebrows knitted together and he crooked his head to the side in a cute way.

He didn't say anything.

Just watched me with doubtful eyes.

Then he gestured with his hand to leave the trolley next to the dinning table.

When I was going to walk away he cleared his throat.

"Rhet.., Come closer !"

I timidly walked to him and stopped infront of him.

I placed my hands behind my back and stood perfectly.

I didn't dare to look him in the eyes.

He slowly stood up and walked towards me.

Then with slow motion he bended a little to my level and started to sniff my neck and stiffened.

Then with a light touch he touched my hair and examined it.

I was sweating and goosebumps appeared on my skin.

What is happening...

Why is he sniffing me...

"When did you change your hair colour?


is it my eyes playing an illusion?"

I was dumbstruck.





My Lord it's probably you didn't notice it before..

Nothing els...e..."

I smiled nervously and felt stupid.

I am such a dumb cow..!

How can I forget my potion for crying out loud...???

He was suspicious.

I felt it.

He silently studied me for another moment.

I felt it like eternity..

Then without a word he turned around.


I quickly turned and rushed out from the room.

I didn't need a second command and I fleed from the room.

My heart was hammering and my breathing was uneven.

That was close!!

I quickly fished my trouser pockets and found the small vile of the potion.

I drank it immediately while covering myself behind a pillar.

Only then I calmed.

I am ok...

I am ok...

I chanted to myself..repeatedly...

Draven's pov


I am not drunk.



I am sure of it.

I knew immediately when he walked into the room that his scent is changed.

There was a flowery hint to that. It was faint but I smelled it right away.


Then there was his hair colour.

It was darkened and I noticed it right away when I examined him closely. Even though it was faint , it was visible to my wolf eye.


I furrowed my eyebrows and thought hard.



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