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C h a o s isn't a man to be played with, unless you're playing one of his games. With the attitude of a psycho and the appearance of a god, he really does live up to his name. This is the story of C h a o s.

Fantasy / Adventure
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I stood in the shadows at the edge of the room as I watch all the Alpha’s try and talk over each other. They all sat around a table in their respectable chairs, with the Council Leader at the front. The Alpha’s continued to speak over each other which made the Council Leader raise his voice.

“Enough! It’s already hard enough when we have over fifty Alpha’s with different opinions, and even harder when they all achieve to become the loudest one in the room. Now, we can sit here and compete with petty Alpha feuds, or we can get to the point.” He sounds out, making every Alpha in the room go quiet. They all knew not to question the Council Leader’s decisions, even if they sometimes were questionable. I walk out of the shadows quietly as I start to slow clap, showing every Alpha in the room where I’m at. Of course they all start to growl and snarl at me, their wolf can’t catch my scent and that puts them on edge. Serves them right, smelling up into my business like that.

“Wow, I am thoroughly impressed. You Alpha’s still compete over the smallest things, glad to see you’ve never changed. Council Leader, it’s been a while, too long.” I say with a grin and he gives a small smile in return, he knew why I was here, and at this moment he was grateful.

“Yes Chaos, it has been too long. Do what do I owe the pleasure too?” He asks curiously as he knew my schedule was usually filled to the brim.

“Oh you know, just running a few errands, taking care of a few things before I settle back into dead territory.” I say as I walk around the table and to the other end of the table, the head of the table, meant for the King. I plop myself down onto it and one Alpha stands up suddenly with a glare and his face turned up into a snarl. I wave a hand that makes him sit back down again.

“Watch yourself boy, I’m not one to play with.” I say seriously as I snap my fingers to make a dagger appear.

“It seems that someone’s been a naughty boy, and I’m here to find him. Dead or Alive.” I say as I look over every Alpha with a smirk, twirling the dagger in between my fingers.

“One of you has been dipping their toes into black magic, and that doesn’t make me very happy. You see, you Alpha’s shouldn’t meddle into that stuff, it makes you die early, not from the black magic itself, by from me. You see, black magic is for my people, and you aren’t my people. So I’m here to find the person who has been messing around with it, take them back to my world, and torture them for the rest of eternity. So any volunteers?” I ask seriously and they all sit their dumbfounded.

“That’s a shame, guess we’ll have to do this the hard way.” I say as I close my eyes and try to find the person touched by the dark magic. My eyes scan through their auras under closed lids as they try to determine who is the culprit, I scan over every Alpha, high ranks, to the lowest ones, but find for some odd reason that none of them have messed with dark magic. My eyebrows scrunch up in confusion as I try to determine why I can’t see who it is.

“Well, this has never happened before.” I say with a chuckle as I turn towards the Council Leader with a grin.

“Any ideas Council Leader?” I ask knowingly as my eyes scan over his darkened black figure. Bingo.

“No I can’t say, we do have an Alpha missing today, maybe Alpha Merils has something to do with your dark magic.” He says simply and I grin.

“Maybe. Say Council Leader, or can I call you Serin, I’m going to call you Serin,” I say just as he opens his mouth to object, “Are you sure you haven’t messed around with black magic? After all you were once an Alpha too.” I remind him with a smile and he laughs it off conspicuously. I laugh and turn to the other Alpha’s.

“It seems I’ve got the wrong group. Silly me.” I say with a chuckle as I tighten my fingers around the dagger in my hand. They all let out a relieving sigh, and just seconds after my dagger lands in Serin’s chest. The Alpha’s freeze as they stare at the Council Leader in shock. Serin looks down to the dagger covered in silver and wolfsbane with a flinch.

“You see Serin, it’s not nice to lie to me. After all, I never lied to you. But the real question is, why did you meddle in black magic? Was it to make sure you rule longer, or to make sure things would go your way. Or is it, wait, I know, why Serin, how could you be so ignorant. You wanted to become a god? Even after all of this stuff was given to you? What a shame.” I say sadly as I watch as Serin takes his last breath, as the Alpha’s stay completely silent. I turn to them with an ear splitting grin.

“Well my job here is done.” I say simply as I snap my fingers and disappear, no trace of me never there besides the now dead Council Leader, and some awestrucken Alpha’s. I laugh to myself as I grab myself an apple from a nearby basket as I walk along the town’s merchants, states away from the situation that had just happened. What can I say? Today was a normal day for me.

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