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The Man Who Talks to His Hands pt 2

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“I am a Paladin. A knight trained in the ways of combating ghouls.”

The chief widened his eyes at this and said.

“Well, well we find ourselves in the One’s good graces to have one such as yourself here.”

Dai nodded, and walked to the other side of the hall to light the remaining lanterns.

“Now,” He said, “Let me ask you a few questions.” Raizelle nodded to this while Dai began to light the fourth lantern as he continued, “Have any villagers disappeared without notice? Not even signs of the beasts attacking.”

“Yes, there have been a good many.” Raizelle answered.

Dai finished lighting the lantern, and went to the next, “Have any of your villagers, specifically the ones who have vanished, displayed any negative attitudes, such as depression?” He asked.

Raizelle pondered on this question for a while, “No, everyone in this village is pretty happy.” The last part came out with a hint of pride in his voice.

“Then, there is a chimera.” Dai stated while lighting another lantern before moving onto the final one.

Raizelle looked at him with a puzzled voice and asked, “Please, Mr. Crolot, would you care to elaborate?”

Dai lit the final lantern while he stated bluntly, “The ghouls that have been attacking you, are the missing villagers.”

Several gasps escaped from the group of villagers and Raizelle’s face was coated with fear and shock.

“You see, ghouls are humans that have fell victim to ‘Hell World’, a spell that causes humans who doubt themselves or have incredibly negative feelings to hate the world around them and succumb to their animal side. Eventually they begin to kill, once this has happens they change into the beasts that you have seen.”

He extinguished the tiny flame left with his bladed middle finger.

Dai walked over to Raizelle and looked directly at him with a serious face.

Raizelle couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He spoke with shock and disbelief, “I can’t believe this. You say you deal with these beasts all the time, but we have never heard of them before.”

“You live far from society where this type of thing is common. You rarely need to make contact, because you have your own supplies. I’ve seen it before. You’re lucky. Usually by the time paladins arrive, the entire village is gone.” Raizelle couldn’t take anymore. He slammed his left fist on the table in front of him.

“This can’t be!” He yelled. “You said that humans only turn to ghouls if they have strong negative feelings! How can they be our own people!” Dai nodded calmly at the distraught man and explained further.

“This is where a chimera comes in. Chimeras are ghouls who have gained consciousness. Along with consciousness they gain a hunger. A craving for other ghouls. When they feed on ghouls, the flesh is absorbed into their bodies and they become hideously altered. Chimeras can create their own ghouls, by giving off fear. These fears go into humans and drastically increase the speed of the transformation.” Dai finished and waited for the elderly village leader to respond.

Raizelle was speechless, along with the rest of the hall. Their stunned expression was sad sight for all. He was a chief who cared for his village deeply. To know that his own people were the beasts that had been relentlessly attacking them. It was all becoming too much to bear. Then roars were heard all around them.

Dai walked over to the window, and peered outside. There was dozens of ghouls running all around the building. Someone yelled at the paladin with a violent tone.

“Bastard! You said that the light will keep them away! Now, they have all gathered together!” Dai turned to the crowd and stated in a calm manner.

“The chimera that is controlling them probably forced them to attack. It must be getting desperate.” Raizelle walked up from behind him.

“What do you mean desperate?”

Dai turned around to face him, “Chimeras need to feed. If they don’t their bodies deteriorate and become ghouls again.”

Raizelle nodded in understanding. Then, the ghouls began attacking the building. People screamed and all the villagers huddled to the centre. Many sounds were heard. The sound of their claws slashing the wood, their teeth gnawing away at the walls, and even the sound of them throwing their entire body weight into a tackle was heard by everyone inside the safe house.

“This is all that man’s fault! He’s the one to blame!” the villagers screamed at Dai.

Dai walked to the table at the front of the hall. Once there, he turned to look at the back, and called.

“Chimera, if you can hear me speak!” A whooshing sound was heard from outside, and the ghouls stopped their attack. Suddenly, something landed on the roof, startling the remaining villagers, and began to pace back and forth.

“Heh, heh well little paladin I am grateful to you.” A sinister voice was heard.

“Grateful for what?” Dai asked.

The voice chuckled, “For my dinner of course. You have just become the main course. And, I was starting to worry that these scrawny villagers weren’t going to be satisfying, however it doesn’t matter now, they can be what they truly are, snack food. Heh heh” Then the voice began to laugh loudly.

Dai looked up to the ceiling and asked, “Then, you want me first?”

The footsteps stopped and the voice answered, “Yeeesssss. Heh, heh.”

Dai nodded, “Then we shall settle this outside. If you defeat me you get my body, and you do what you wish with the people. If I win...” Dai smirked and said. “Well, you know what will happen.” There was a pause of silence. Every villager held their breath. This man had just offered them up to the beast as a meal. Then the voice spoke.

“Agreed. Heh, heh.” Then there was a sound of something jumping off the roof.

Dai then walked towards the door, but was cut off by an angry villager. His hair was blonde and short. He wore a buttoned shirt, with brown pants and suspenders. Dai tried to step around him, but the man would just not let him.

“You will do nothing!” The man growled. “If you say that the things out there are people, then I cannot allow you to do this!” Dai held an expressionless face as he said.

“They are no longer your people. They are beasts that only want to kill and devour.” The man in rage threw a punch at Dai in the face with his right fist. Dai went down to his right knee as a result from the blow.

“I don’t care! My brother was one of the people who went missing.” The man yelled.

“And my daughter!” another woman shouted.

“My sister is gone too!” this time a boy yelled.

“Don’t you see, we have family and friends out there! We cannot just let you kill them!” The man yelled. Now everyone in the hall was yelling at Dai. Dai just knelt there waiting for it to end.

“Enough!” Raizelle shouted. Everyone stopped yelling and turned to him shocked. Raizelle was looking outside as he spoke. “Let him go. This is what must be done.” He said in a solemn filled voice.

“What are saying, Raizelle?” The blonde man asked. “He’s going to kill our families!” Dai held his right hand with his left and whispered in a sweet tone.

“Shh, Its okay,” Raizelle kept looking outside, “He must kill them.”

The entire hall was silent. “I cannot go on living knowing that our friends and families have become monsters,” he then turned around tears were pouring down his face as he said the last of his statement. “I would rather they be dead, than for them to be monsters.” Although his words were true, the pain didn’t leave from the villager’s hearts.

Dai smiled and stood up, “Raizelle,” He said.

Raizelle looked at him and said, “I guess you are going to tell me that I am a good leader.”

Dai shook his head and said instead, “No, I am going to tell you that you are a good man.”

Raizelle looked surprise at this. Dai turned and walked towards the doors. He stopped in front of it and said. “Your love ones will pass on. This one thing I promise.” Then he opened the doors.

The moment he stepped out of the hall, five ghouls jumped him. Dai quickly shut the doors behind him and readied himself. He crossed his arms and flung them out and released his blades. They flew across the chests of the ghouls, who let out pained roars and fell to the ground. Dai tucked his arms in and the blades came back to his middle fingers.

Then, a ghoul on his right came running, and a second ghoul came at him from the left. Dai swung his arms up releasing the blades. They flew upwards slashing the beasts up the middle. As they fell to the ground, ten ghouls stepped up in front of him. With his blade still in the air, Dai charged them. Then, he began to do a graceful dance of death.

He spun on his heels and let his flail. The blades swung in many different directions, and with every movement the blades would rip into the ghouls. Dai face was emotionless as he did this. It was as though he was in a trance brought on by the violent dance. When the dance was finally completed, he brought the blades back to his fingers, while the ghouls fell to the ground covered from head to toe in lacerations. Dai, let out a sigh and relaxed himself, but then one ghoul got off the ground and charged him.

Dai let his trench coat fly revealing a 9 inch knife strapped to his waist in the back. He grabbed it with his right hand and drew it. He spun around and dug the blade into the ghoul’s head. With the force of his spin, he brought the ghoul to the ground. When it hit, the blade dug even deeper into its head. The ghoul let out a painful moan before finally dying. Dai took the blade out of its skull and sheathed it.

Then, there was a gust of air that rushed at Dai. He held his left arm in front of his head to cover himself from the violent gust. When it died down, Dai looked to see the Chimera he had been searching for. It had pitch black eyes, bald, and tanned leathery skin. It had three jointed muscled legs, and black talons for feet. Its chest well-toned, but it did not have detailed abs. Its arms were skinny, and for hands it had three pronged claws. Attached to its back were wings. The feathers were blood red, but it seemed as though he was moulting.

The chimera grinned sinisterly and said. “Heh heh, very good paladin. But, they were just useless ghouls.”

Dai nodded at him and said, “Yes, they were. You are the true fight.”

The chimera chuckled and replied, “I’m honoured, paladin. But, it is now time for you to die.”

Then the chimera flew at him. Dai jumped back and sent his blade at him. The chimera skilfully evaded the blades and kept at his speed. He reached out to slash at Dai, but his target evaded with a barrel roll. The chimera turned around, and shot himself talons first at Dai. It landed right on his back and slammed him into the ground. Dai let his breath escape him, and looked up at the monster. It grinned at him and said, “Let’s take a ride paladin. Heh heh.”

Then the chimera flew up taking Dai with him. The beast flew up high over the village until they were about 75-feet over it. Dai felt light headed. He was a trained warrior who could face any chimera or ghoul, but heights never ceased to get to him. It wasn’t that he afraid, he just didn’t like being high up. The chimera noticed this and said. “Don’t worry paladin. You will be going down real soon.”

Then, the chimera did a back flip. When he came around, he used the full strength of his legs and flung Dai towards ground. He hurled through the air for five seconds, before he hit the ground hard. There was a loud thud, and he bounced of the ground a little. The chimera hovered over him proud of his blow.

“Poor paladin, you thought you were so strong, but in the end you were brought down by me, a weak first evolution, Heh, heh,” The chimera landed on the ground and walked over to Dai, “You are pathetic. Now, serve your purpose, and become my meal.” It said in a sick tone.

Dai just smiled and let out a small chuckle. The chimera jumped back a few feet in surprise. He slowly picked himself up off the ground. Once he was standing, Dai cracked his back loudly while he cursed in pain, and looked at the chimera.

“I’m sorry to say this, but I was just toying with you.” He said. The chimera was silenced from shock.

Dai continued. “I needed to see where you are in your evolution. Look you’re strong, but, as you said, you are still just a first evolution. If you had go on to finish this village you would have probably go into you second evolution, but sadly for you it’s the time to end you.” Dai looked at his hands and said.

“You sure?” Dai pondered for a minute then said. “Yeah, that would be best.”

Then the chimera flew up and screamed, “You think that I’m afraid of you! Come at me with your best shot, paladin!”

Dai extended both his arms to his sides and said, “Please I won’t even need that,” Dai flexed his middle fingers, which caused the blades to flex with it, “Weapon set C, Angel’s Claws.”

Then, his finger blades began to glow. The glow soon engulfed his entire hand. The chimera just looked on in fear. When the glow died down, all of Dai’s fingers had its own blade. He brought his hands down, and flexed his hands. The blades all flexed with him. Then, Dai flung his arms, and sent all ten blades flying at the chimera.

The chimera grinned and flew around the blades, “You’re going to have to try harder than that, paladin!” It yelled.

Dai just smiled and made a grasping motion with his hands. The blades reacted and turned around. The blades flew past the chimera, and went into a curve. The wires attached to them and began to wrap themselves around the beast. Continuously they spun, until the chimera was wrapped in wires.

“You put up a good fight, but now it ends,” Dai said.

Then, Dai quickly snapped his hands back and the blades reacted and unwrapped themselves. The blades dug into the flesh of the beast, as they unwound. The chimera screamed in agony as the blades continuously dug at him, destroying the being’s flesh within seconds.

The blades completely unwound and returned to Dai. As they left the creature, a shower of black blood shot out, and the chimera fell to the ground, dead. There was a light around Dai’s hands and the blades had returned to the single on his middle fingers.

Just then, the sun rose over the village. When the light touched the dead ghouls and chimera, their bodies began to rapidly decay. Flakes of their flesh flew off into the air and disappear as though it never existed in the first place. At this time the villagers exited the town hall. They were led by Raizelle and Leanne who had her leg bandaged, and was walking with a makeshift stilt.

They looked in wonder as the bodies decayed in front of them. Raizelle looked towards Dai and asked, “What is going on?”

Dai looked up at the sun and answered, “When a dead ghoul or chimera’s body is met with the sun, it decays into nothing.”

Raizelle sighed sadly and said, “I guess that’s better than a burial.”

Dai nodded and looked to all the people, “I’m sorry for your loss. Trust me when I say that I truly understand.”

Raizelle nodded to this. Dai turned to walk away, but was stopped by the wounded Leanne.

“Hey!” She called, “I just want to know one thing.” Dai turned around to look at her and asked,“Yes?”

“Why do you keep talking to your hands?” She asked with a nervous smile.

Dai raised his hand up and said, “Oh, that,” Dai held his hands out and there was a bright light. All of the villagers had to look away, so that they would not be blinded. When the light died down, they looked back and were shocked at what they saw.

Dai’s blades were gone, and replaced by a silver ring on each middle finger. But what was more astonishing, was that there was a little girl standing on Dai’s hands. She had wavy blonde hair with black tips brought into a long ponytail. She had blue eyes that had a serious look on them. She wore a pink leather jacket, underneath was a white shirt with a winking black cat on it. She also wore a black skirt that came down just below her knee’s, and white shoes.

The girl smiled and gave a peace sign with her right hand and said.

“I am Stephanie Trilor! The great and powerful child that gives ultimate strength to the idiot named, Dai Crolot!” She said giving a smirk at the end. All of the villagers let a sweat drop fall.

Dai sighed and said, “Yeah, sure you are.”

Stephanie balled her right hand into a fist at this. Then she jumped off his left hand and spun around to deliver a kick straight into his face with her right leg. Dai fell to the left and landed on his side. Stephanie landed on the ground on her feet with grace.

Dai quickly sat up and yelled at the girl, “What was that for!”

Stephanie glared at him and said, “You were acting like an idiot. So, I had to punish you.”

Dai stood up quickly, “Argh! You’re so annoying!”

Stephanie gave an arrogant smile and said, “Say what you will, but I’m the reason you beat the chimera.”

“I could have handled the damn first evolution with my knife! You just wanted to show off!” He crossed his arms and said, “You’re just dead weight.”

Stephanie turned to him quickly and yelled, “Well, you’re just an imbecile who can’t tell which way is left or right, and gets sick from being high up!”

This proceeded into a small argument between the two and they didn’t care who saw. The villagers just watched on in shock. Raizelle and Leanne however smiled at the spectacle.

“Well, well out new friend seems to be a very interesting person.” Raizelle said.

Leanne looked at the village chief and said, “If you say so. I think he’s just a wierdo.”

Raizelle nodded at this and replied, “Well, there’s also that.”

Then they just watched on in silence as the paladin and the child argued.

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