Purge: Corruption Dies

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Prelude of Essence - Creation

I thought about making a bible for reference, but I should also make one for you guys. Trust me, this thing is going to get convoluted. Please enjoy Essence of Prelude.

In the beginning, The One crafted the expanse of creation. The universe was His canvas and He lay at the center. Many worlds were made in His image, but one world was given more detail than any other. The One created Spira, the world of this tale. He made this world in one week; each day a new domain and a new race to rule it.

On the first day, He constructed the Greater Light. It illuminated the world, and the creatures that emerged basked in its lights. The faeries dance in rays, Kirin raced across the earth and the light followed, and powerful garudas soared around it. From this light, The One made its embodiment in elves and gave them dominion over it and everything within.

As the Greater Light fell, and its inhabitants of the day rested, The One created a Lesser Light. It's pale, but beautiful, light shown down and revealed mysterious beings. The sprites, who became the faeries counterparts, raced through the beams, manticores stalked the land, and strige's flew between the stars. Once again, The One gave dominion to one race, the vampires, pale counterparts of the elves. When the sun rose on the new day, and wonders of the night reseeded, the vampires stayed and walked with the elves.

The third day came, and The One once again created. This time, He separated land from sea and made land fertile and full of life. Questing beasts loomed in thick grass, small kyuubi played and ran about, and Fenrir hunted the small game of the plains. This time, The One created the unassuming humans to tend to its workings. And, from here on, every domain added onto the others. Expanding the life of Spira even further.

The fourth day came, and The One populated the seas and rivers. Massive aspidochelone slumbered beneath the waves, while their backs were like small islands, hippocampus' playing above the ocean, and kappas stood by the banks of great rivers. At the shore, to rule it all, the naiads were created and they were given webbed hands and feet so that they could move freely in the waters.

On the fifth day, might forests and jungles were sprung from the ground. Fierce silver cats hunted from the trees, massive gajasimha tumbled through its openings, and hodags creeped along it's floors. The rule of this domain was given to the dryads.

On the sixth day, mighty mountains rose from the land and made rewrote the landscape a new. Gryphons soared and roamed the peaks, yales leaped up and down its slopes, and trolls lumbered around the bases. To rule this mighty domain from above and below, The One made the orcs to be strong and resilient.

On the final day, The One made land rise into the sky sow that it was coverd floating isles; so that the sky itself could contain life. Rocs created mighty gusts as they went between the islands, pegusi grazed in the small isles, and pixies giggled as they flew around far above the land. To this last domain, power was given to the fair harpies, and they were also given wings on their backs, so that they could go between the domains.

From here, The One rested and allowed his creations to observe and grow the world of Spira and it was good, but this, like many things, was to only last for a time.

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Also, to clarify, naiads are a navy blue. Dryads are a light green. Orcs are dark green. Harpies have a more angelic look in this, rather than the typical hell beast.

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