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CODEX Part 2: The Secret Child of the Devil

By Ana Chirila All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Horror

Not Your Choice


Zoe didn't expect Iaosur to be right. She was feeling like she entered another level; one that seemed taken care of to the smallest rock on the ground. It was dark but it was clear and it didn't have mist around, like she had seen in Mammon's domain.

The domain was very large, so large that she couldn't see the end and could barely see the Front Gate. Nothing luxurious was around but it wasn't as Dante imagined it either; it was uncommon and above any expectation and it was Lucifer's.

It was interesting how each prince had his own characteristics. Beelzebub had a very strong connection to sparkly things but he wasn't greed; at least, not in every culture. He was gluttony and he was living on the same domain with Mammon. While Beelzebub had mostly empty caves, Mammon had a castle.

Lucifer seemed to have a normal mansion with a dark hole above it. She noticed as they got closer to the Gate that whatever was inside the hole smelled bad.

"It can take a lot to find him. He may not even be here," Iaosur started, his eyes moving from side to side quickly.

"That's very pessimistic." She mumbled, making Iaosur snort.

"Welcome to my world." Iaosur mumbled grumpily.

She didn't feel like laughing; it was indeed his world.

Walking closer to the mansion, a lot of skeletons and lower demons turned to stare at her. They knew who she was and they knew they should not dare touch her; not when she was with someone else. If she was alone, no one would see which would be labeled as innocently evil.

"This feels like the first day of school." Zoe mumbled, shuddering at the memory.

At least demons were pretty obvious with their intentions while humans were wicked creatures who would judge any living entity. She learned in the last two years that demons could be better than humans because they were only evil; nothing more and nothing less.

"I possessed a student before. Well, he looked for it. He was this young and ugly guy who wanted to show the others how smart and awesome he can be. Somehow, I got interested," Iaosur started, sounding so detached about that.

"And what happened?"

Iaosur shrugged, "I destroyed his life. Nothing unusual."

He was so ignorant. She could only imagine how unfortunate that guy was to get Iaosur involved.

When they got in front of the front door, he stopped and took a step back.

"What are you doing? Let's go in!" She urged but the angst demon shook his head.

"I am an angst demon that moved to greed. I have no right to enter this house. If I do, I'm going to be retrograded to an inferior entity."

She blinked in confusion, "What?"

"I ran from the master that created me to Mammon. I can walk around without a problem in his domain but not here. This is too high for me who practically walked against my fate." Iaosur explained.

That was really hard to process, even for her. It wasn't making much sense because he was a demon and in her view, demons could roam around any land.


She grabbed his wrist and pulled him closer. He felt a sudden wave go through his being when she touched him; it was overwhelming and suffocating. She opened the door and entered, dragging Iaosur behind.

Saying that he was feeling inferior was an understatement; he was the shit on the back of a shoe or the scum who entered the forbidden kingdom. Iaosur has never dared enter Lucifer's domain before and he couldn't believe he was there, with Zoe out of all people.

Lucifer was there, doing nothing; no, he was looking at his reflection in the glass floor. He was dressed in the same clothes as when he visited her but overall, his whole being was decent compared to others. It was obvious he had been created with high standards before he fell.

"I'm looking for Eneizar," She started in a low murmur.

The demon prince rose his eyes and stared at her small soul.

"Of course you are. And? Why did you bring this betrayer here? Does he want to change his masters again?" Lucifer sneered, though he sounded cold he looked very calm.

Iaosur glared at him for a second before Lucifer looked straight into his eyes. The angst demon gulped and grabbed Zoe's arm, getting closer to her.

Lucifer descended the stairs and stopped in front of her.

"Eneizar's favor for Mehrdir is done. He has nothing to do with you anymore."

Zoe closed her eyes and thought just how bad she wanted to hit him but couldn't. She was powerless in front of him.

"But I want to see him. I can do that much." She responded, using the courage she gathered through the years of being around Mehrdir.

He chuckled darkly and leaned in; completely black and empty eyes were staring into orange orbs. Her eyes were completely black too but her orbs were orange, just like Beelzebub's. They had pretty much the same features but she was not dead yet and still looked more or less human.

"You have a lot of courage to stand up in front of me. Give me one reason why I should let you see Eneizar." Lucifer started in a low murmur that would scare even the biggest bully.

"The inheritor." She mumbled, her eyes looking at anything on his face except the eyes.

Well, that seemed to do the job. Lucifer leaned back and looked to the side. He made a sign to a demon and glanced at Zoe.

"Fine. You can have him for the time being but that doesn't mean he will be around you as much as before."

That was a good deal and she was content with only catching a glimpse of the vanity demon.

After the prince left, her hands started to tremble and jumped when Iaosur placed a hand on her shoulder.

"You're scared of him." Iaosur noted.

She was actually terrified, nothing in her entire life scaring her as much as the vanity prince. He was a monster with the face of an angel, far more intimidating than any picture or story in the Middle World.

"I'm scared because I don't know what to expect. Stories do not exactly prepare humans for the real deal." She whispered, turning to look at him.

The angst demon swayed back and forth on his toes in boredom. It's been approximately ten minutes since Lucifer left and they were waiting for Eneizar.

"I hear someone came here and asked for me especially!"

The guests turned around quickly and saw Eneizar entering the large room with a smirk on his face.

"Should I be honored or should you?" The vanity demon teased in his usual smartass manner.

Iaosur chuckled and greeted his friend. They even hugged manly like humans, patting each other's back.

From a few feet away, Zoe realized that Iaosur and Eneizar got a lot of traits from Ezekiel and Chen. Their friendships were very alike.

"The brotherhood in this room is overwhelming." She mumbled from the side, grabbing their attention.

Eneizar laughed and surprisingly, hugged her.

"When I see Ezekiel I will make him feel the same pain I did when he exiled me." He whispered in her ear, squeezing her lightly.

Her eyes widened and her body tensed by reflex, stopping Eneizar from doing anything else.

"I'm joking!" He chuckled, his mouth saying something but his eyes telling Zoe that he wasn't entirely joking.

"I want to go back." She added quickly after the demon unwrapped his arms around her.

Eneizar raised an eyebrow and glanced at Iaosur.

"But first I have to find a demon for Beelzebub. He's hiding in Japan and he's been acting suspiciously." She continued, rolling her eyes.

The demons glanced at each other curiously before they turned to look at her.

"We get to kill and possess?"

She stared at them blankly. Was that all they were thinking about?

"This is not exactly what I imagined the hole to look like."

To get to the Middle Earth, they had to go through the small hell hole. Well, she didn't know what small meant in Hell because that was definitely not small. It was a huge crater in a valley and it looked really bad, smelling even worse.

"It smells like death." She added, sniffing the toxic air coming from the pit.

Eneizar glanced at Iaosur and smirked at each other. She leaned closer in order to see if it was moving. In that moment, Eneizar pushed her in. She screamed and closed her eyes. They heard one thing before she got engulfed and it sounded a lot like bastards.

"You didn't have to push her." Iaosur stated after he got on the ground.

"I know but I wanted to." Eneizar answered.

The demons chuckled between them and walked behind her.

"Is this for real?"

They were on an island, in the middle of the ocean. She had never expected the other end to be in such a place.

"Did you really think the real hell hole is in America? Ple-ase!" Iaosur answered in what sounded like an offended tone.

She blinked in astonishment and turned to them.

"Where are we?"

Eneizar took a deep breath of unneeded air and smiled.


Her eyes widened and she took a closer look at what was around her: airplanes, ships, skeletons of every shape and so on.

"I thought people would have already realized why this place is a black hole." Eneizar muttered leaning towards Iaosur, placing his hands in his pockets.

"So what exactly happens here?"

After she registered where she was and what that meant, she started to ask questions.

"Even now you ask so many questions. This place is like a magnet. We lure people here through different ways and steal their life force." Eneizar explained, looking like he was strolling through the garden in the back of his house.

She narrowed her eyes at him and crossed her arms in front of her chest. So that was the mystery behind the Triangle of Bermuda.

"Actually, that makes more sense than any theory I heard before." She mumbled, rubbing her chin thoughtfully.

People would always talk about the mystery behind the strange disappearances in the Triangle of Bermuda but no one ever looked at the problem from a religious point of view; at least not from what she read. It was always about aliens and negative energies or black holes made into the water and whatnot but never a hell hole; literary hell hole.

"Are we going any time soon?" Iaosur asked, stretching and staring at her expectantly.

Zoe took a long look around before she turned to him.


"You said it before. We just appear when we feel like it. Let's appear in Japan." Iaosur added, looking at her as if he was looking at an idiot.

Eneizar rolled his eyes when she didn't move. He grabbed her hand and she felt the ground shift under her feet, making her dizzy like she just got off a roller coaster; she hated roller coasters. That was enough, though, to get in Osaka, Japan.

"Let's possess someone and get this over with."

For them, that was part of the job but she wasn't even 100% dead.

"Do you see someone you like?"

They've been walking around Umada for an hour and nothing was happening. Iaosur was looking forward to seeing her behave badly but Eneizar was definitely not experiencing the same emotions.

“No.” She responded quickly.

"So this demon is in a host club?" Iaosur started, "And he's been doing some nasty things? Then why don't we let him continue?"

She sighed and rubbed her forehead. Iaosur wrapped his hands around them and leaned towards Zoe.

"Wait. Host clubs are that kind of clubs right?" He moved his eyebrows up and down. "It's going to be so fun."


"Because you have to possess a woman."

She didn't understand at first. Eneizar chuckled and patted his friend. When she finally realized what he meant, she stopped.


"When are you going to accept the fact that you really don't have a choice?" Eneizar mumbled before pulling her forward.

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