CODEX Part 2: The Secret Child of the Devil

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Host Clubs and Demons

Zoe didn't know how to possess people and it wasn't exactly on her to-do list while being a spirit. There were so many better ways to infiltrate a host club rather than walk into somebody else's shoes. She moved around for a few more minutes before Eneizar grew annoyed and ended up pushing her into the first woman that passed them by. It was a really weird feeling; it was as if a cold wave crushed her into the ocean and she sunk to the bottom. There was another person down there but she couldn't speak.

"Well? How do you feel?" Eneizar asked leaning back with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

"Like I am intruding into someone's room. It feels so foreign and all these memories and emotions are overwhelming." She explained the best she could although the demons knew the feeling well.

Then, Zoe stopped frowning and took a long and careful look at her attire and hands. She had one too many bracelets and she was dressed in a skirt way too short for her to feel comfortable. Even worse was having to walk with high heels on her feet, a skill she was very bad at.

"Do I...look all right? Are my clothes proper for a club? I'm not sure I can move freely if I feel like I might trip and make a fool of myself." She added, crouching as she lost confidence.

Both demons stared at the body from the dark roots on her head down to the strawberry blonde hair. Her face was obviously different since she was a Japanese woman and she had the brightest lipstick that Eneizar had seen (and he had seen a lot).

"You look interesting, if that makes you feel better." Was Iaosur's vague answer.

"You don't look half bad. Quite flashy for my taste but I'm sure Mammon would be proud." Eneizar supposedly encouraged her but it didn't have any effect.

The demons entered some random host men and smirked at each other as they checked one another out. They had done it before so it wasn't anything new for them, it was rather innocent from what they used to do normally.

"Go look for the host and let's get this over with. Ezekiel is in hospital and is still waiting for his contract. I also have more important troubles I have to bother myself with." The vanity demon urged her, pushing her down the street.

"I'm well aware, you don't have to remind me," she replied grumpily, letting herself be bossed around by a selfish being.

"Hello. I would like to-"

When the club employee looked up and noticed her, he smiled widely. This Japanese man was not dressed in the same common clothes as passer byes, he seemed to have made an effort. His cologne was so strong that Zoe was sure the whole street could smell it.

"Kyoko-san! I know exactly why you're here!" He started, approaching her with a knowing glint in his eyes.

"You do?" She mumbled.

He asked her to enter and nudged her towards the VIP rooms. She gulped and sat near the door, just in case she wanted to flee. The room itself was not the type she would enter if ever given the opportunity: it was dark but not scary dark, more like lascivious although nothing truly perverted was placed in it. There were two arm-chairs and a red leather couch (the one she was sitting on) and of course a round table for the drinks. While Zoe inspected her surroundings, the perfumed guy came back with two incredibly handsome and young boys, none older than 20 probably. It was rather uncomfortable now that she could take a peek at the shadowy side of host clubs. From this lady's memories, Zoe could make out some disgusting parts that may or may not have involved these two in particular.

"Good evening, Kyoko-hime. It's such a pleasure to see you," started one of them, sitting next to her and leaning towards her ear. "It has been a while hasn't it?"

Zoe trembled but not under the lustful chills this boy gave her; no, she felt like she was intruding. Having spent most of her life in a very strict household, such close encounters with other men were alien to her. She was truly confused how to lead this interaction.

"Did you come for him, Kyoko-hime? Or did you come for me?" The other asked, still keeping some type of distance.

Both guys were handsome, she probably mentioned that in her mind before when thinking the situation over. The first, more mischievous one had dark hair, long down to his chin. The second had short red hair and a colder attitude. He seemed a bit suspicious so she leaned towards him and touched his arm just to test if he was the demon.

"Touchy as always, aren't you Kyoko-san?" He commented.

It came as a bit of a surprise for Zoe so she quickly retracted her hand and leaned back, never in her life looking as stiff as now.

The boys glanced at each other behind her back before laughing. They were making her feel really ashamed of what she was doing. Zoe was probably around the same age as their older sisters or aunts so it was quite weird.

The boys ordered red wine and toasted for their rich customer. Red wine was the Lestrades' favourite drink; they had one bottle for every occasion and there wasn't one event where the guests wouldn't have at least 5 options to choose from. With her mother's voice in her ear, her whole posture changed when grabbing the glass and it did not go unnoticed.

From what the hosts knew, Kyoko was a regular customer who was older than she looked and had a rich husband. She loved playing with younger men and she often asked for Ren and Kyouya (which were not their real names). Unfortunately, they were top class hosts and it was hard to get them there as often as she wanted.

"We heard you asked for us and came right away for you, Kyoko-hime." The red haired guy said, thinking that it might make her feel honored.

"Right," she mumbled and took a long sip. "You remind me of two characters-" She started once she emptied the glass, "-from a yaoi manga." She regretted saying those words as soon as they came out. How could she be so stupid was beyond her level of comprehension and she truly wanted nothing but to run away and hide in Hell. Afraid of their judgement, Zoe leaned back and closed her eyes. When nothing happened, she realized they were thinking of a completely different approach.

"Do you like that kind of foreplay, Kyoko-san?" The dark haired one caged her in between his arms and leaned super close to her lips. She could smell his perfume and even his lip balm.

"You smell like strawberries," her words came more like a squeak than anything else. It was embarrassing, really.

"Don't act innocent, Kyoko-san. We're not newbies to this type of things. We know you well." The dark haired one continued. Zoe's eyes widened as she felt his hand go up her leg.

"No!" she exclaimed, pushing his hand harshly. "I mean, not yet. I feel like I want to talk today." She lied. The boys looked quizzically at her but they both nodded. "If I wanted a threesome so badly, I'd have asked Asmodeus to organize it." She mumbled and filled her glass to the rim.

The time together in the VIP lounge was dull. The boys were getting bored because she wasn't exactly cooperating. Kyoko was a depraved woman with strange kinks and she had done a lot in her 40 years of life, Zoe could see it in her memories. But Zoe wasn't Kyoko and she had only begun socializing with people so being with two charming young men was still awkward for her.

"I need to go to the bathroom. Can you show me where it is?" She asked feeling like she should take some fresh air.

Ren, the red haired one as she found out eventually, raised an eyebrow and swayed his glass of wine around.

"I thought you are a regular here."

She bit her tongue just so she couldn't say something she would regret later before she left the room.

Zoe ended up wandering around, looking for the bathroom and for the demon but it was harder than she imagined. How could she make the difference? She didn't know how to check if he was a demon or human in the first place and she couldn't exactly touch every single person in that host club.

"Are they giving you a hard time?"

She turned around and met the brightest brown eyes that she had ever fallen for instantly, right next to Colin Firth's in Love Actually. He smiled at her and Zoe could swear she was a character in a romantic anime.

"I was looking for the bathroom." She mumbled, staring at the man in front of her with hearts in her eyes. "Do you know me?"

He chuckled and pointed at the end of the lounge.

"It's down the stairs." He said, "And for your other question, I don't know you personally but I had seen you around."

She nodded but didn't even glance where he pointed at.

"How come I haven't seen you before, then?" She asked rummaging quickly through Kyoko's memories. This handsome man with his charming smile and tall figure had never introduced himself to her.

The guy rubbed his neck nervously as he thought of a believable answer.

"I'm not a host. I work in the management, in Tokyo. I'm here today because of you, actually. I brought Ren and Kyouya especially for you." He replied.

"I guess you know my tastes well, then. After all, I'm a regular here." Zoe remarked the way he'd shift in his place. Maybe she wasn't reacting the same way Kyoko should have, maybe she was too wary for somebody who was a loyal customer.

"Would you like to have a drink later?" He asked after a moment of silence.

That was a surprise. She really wanted to say yes but she wasn't a fan of her body. On the other hand, what did she have to lose?

"I'd like to,"

She bit her lower lip and felt herself get very excited. The mission became entertaining and she may even create some good relationships she could use later on.

When Zoe finally got in the bathroom, she was holding tightly on her phone. They exchanged e-mails and she was feeling really light-headed.

"Wait. I gave him my work e-mail address."

She walked in front of the mirror and looked at her reflection. The woman was not pretty behind that entire make up mask but Zoe wasn't pretty either so she couldn't really defend herself.

"Excuse me but this is the men's bathroom." A voice interfered.

She turned quickly and met a pair of curious wide blue eyes. Whether it was Kyoko's soul fighting against Zoe or it was the excitement of being asked out by a stranger, she felt like her heart was being squeezed and she couldn't breathe anymore. She had to lean on the sink in order not to fall on the floor, at his feet. She didn't even know who he was and she couldn't even look into his eyes anymore because he was shining like the sun.

"What the hell," she mumbled rubbing her eyes.

"Did you hear me?" He asked tilting his head to the side.

She nodded and ran out of there, into the room across which was the women's bathroom. As soon as she locked herself inside, she fell against the door and touched her chest. Her whole being was trembling.

"I can't believe this," She flinched when someone knocked on the door.

"Hey, are you alright? It's Eneizar, by the way."

She got up and grasped the sink as she tried to calm herself down. Zoe looked up at Kyoko's reflection and prepared herself to lie to a demon.

"You what?"

He was amazed by what she told him after she opened the door and let him enter the bathroom.

"I didn't think! Besides, he's really handsome and he's not a host so it's not against the rules." She trailed fidgeting.

Eneizar looked at her as if she was an idiot.

"This is not your body. What are you going to tell him if you ever meet him as yourself?"

"You mean I might see him again?" She asked, her eyes widening in excitement.

Eneizar stared at her blankly before hitting her forehead slightly. She pouted and rubbed the aching spot, just like a child.

"Did you find the demon?" Eneizar asked, getting a bit impatient since he had his own stuff to do later. "Are you going to find him today?" She had no reaction whatsoever to his interrogation, making him sigh and lean on one foot, "Look Zoe, Ezekiel is waiting. If you don't give him a contract he will think you died. Who knows what that thin human being would do if that were to happen."

She gulped when she looked into his eyes. Unlike Mehrdir whose eyes were dark and mischievous all the time, Eneizar was harder to defy. Luckily, he didn't pry into it more and Zoe did not mutter a word about the intense experience in the men's bathroom.

Zoe returned to the VIP lounge with a lot of thoughts. She found only one boy there, not much of a surprise.

"Where's the red head?" She asked, looking around.

Kyouya looked up from his phone and shrugged.

"If I am so boring then you can leave," the woman added, watching the host get up and leave swiftly. She couldn't help but feel a tinge of offence.

After she remained alone in the room, she leaned back and moaned.

"Are you having fun by yourself?"

Her eyes opened instantly and met a pair of devious eyes. The red haired Ren has returned to his post.

"So you came back."

"Kyouya left before the time's up. We have rules, no matter how uncomfortable we- or the client - feel." He answered still careful with his tone and words.

"Why thank you. Didn't expect a host to be so blunt."

Ren chuckled and sat next to her.

"There’s something off about you, Kyoko-san. You asked for us but you're not your usual self. You'd be asking us for personal time by now."

"This is personal enough. Would you prefer me to jump you?"

He laughed and pulled her closer, "Maybe."

She stared into his eyes for a moment before she got on her feet. The door opened and the handsome guy walked in, the one she actually liked.

"Your time's up, Ren." His eyes inspected the room and ended on the red head, "Where's Kyouya?"

Ren shrugged and winked at Zoe before he left.

"Finally, done." Zoe whispered in relief, sounding so unlike her even if she was the one speaking.

The handsome guy, whose name was Jun as she figured from his name e-mail address, chuckled. He walked in and closed the door behind him.

"Would you like me to wait here with you until they grab their pay?" He asked, leaning towards her, touching her cheek softly.

"You don't have to, I'm a big girl." She whispered, looking into his eyes, briefly wondering if Kyoko had enough money on her.

"I can stay if you want me to." He was having fun just by teasing her like that.

She blushed and touched his hand. In that moment, she felt a breeze surround her and the next thing she knew, Zoe was thrown out of Kyoko's body. She looked up and saw Jun's unconscious figure on the couch while on the floor was a creature she didn't quite find attractive.

"And here I was thinking you might actually be a catch!" He whined and stomped his foot like a brat. His eyes moved on her again and inspected her, "You're quite pretty for a demon. Are you vanity?"

Zoe was still stuck on Jun's body. Poor Jun, such a nice guy got possessed by this...ugliness. Life was so unfair. Her eyes moved on the demon and her eyes darkened considerably.

"Every guy I like ends up being a freaking demon!" She started, surprising the creature. She strutted to him, placed her palm on his forehead and watched as his eyes shined before he disappeared. "And he was so nice and easy to talk to," she muttered as she approached him.

She bit her lip and with not a single ounce of shame she grabbed his phone and entered her personal e-mail address under her real name. Afterwards, she smiled confidently and placed the phone back in his pocket.

When she passed the bar, she noticed the guy who sent chills down her spine in the bathroom. She frowned when she realized he was staring at her. He could see her.

Zoe gulped and hurried out of there, leaning against the wall as soon as she got out of his sight. She couldn't believe it and probably didn't want to believe nor admit it but Zoe found him; she found the inheritor.

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