CODEX Part 2: The Secret Child of the Devil

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The date went amazingly well; no, it went suspiciously well. Nothing supernatural appeared and nothing annoying happened. Dan was a really nice guy and after he made her that parfait, he invited her to the grand opening on Monday.

Unfortunately, everyone came along.

“There are so many people in here,” Eneizar mumbled in disgust, even flinched when the crowd shifted around him, “I think I’m getting crowd sick.”

Zoe glanced at him and quickly walked further into the crowd; he was embarrassing.

“How come it is so popular?” Ezekiel asked curiously.

The store wasn’t big, it was medium sized but there were so many girls and old ladies who came. It felt like they came especially for the employees.

“They’re looking for staff so they will have an interview with a few of them.” Chen answered that question in a serious tone.

Ezekiel turned and stared quizzically at his best friend.

“How do you know that?”

Chen pointed at a pretty big sign hanging on the window. Ezekiel bit his lip and looked to the side.

“Oh, look!”

He pointed at something in the crowd and Chen turned towards that. Ezekiel ran away from there and from his own shame leaving Chen chuckling behind.

“Just because I go with it doesn’t mean I’m stupid~” The Asian guy sung, plunging his hands deep into his front pockets.

Chen glanced over his shoulder and saw someone trying to sneak in the kitchen, “Hey! Gakhas, that’s not allowed in here!”

The demon froze and hurried out of there.

“Zoe!” She heard Dan say her name and instantly tidied herself. There were many people and she didn’t want to look bad or make him look bad, “How is it?”

“Crowdy,” She mumbled, uncomfortable yet not as obvious about it as Eneizar, “But it seems everyone likes it. I saw you’re looking for staff, as well. How is that going? Do you have enough time?”

He chuckled and rubbed his neck, “Not well. With the amount of people who came, I kind of lost my partner. He is in charge of the interviews,”

She knew how it felt to be alone and have everyone gather around you for this or that so she patted his back in comfort unconsciously.He was taken aback by that but once he noticed she wasn't aware of doing it, he decided to keep his mouth shut.

“I think we might have to postpone it for tomorrow,” He continued before he sighed and swayed nervously from one foot to the other.

“Do you want some help with the customers?” He didn’t want to be mean but she didn’t seem to be very good at the counter, “Oh, not me! I came with a few friends and I’m sure they will be more than happy to help.”

Well, it worth the chance.

“Have you seen the guy from the counter?”

“He’s so handsome! And stylish.”

“I know right?”

“I will certainly bring my daughter next time.”

Zoe smirked evilly while she was leaning against the back door. She was in the back, watching the girls ogling their eyes at Eneizar and Iaosur’s good looks. Ezekiel and Chen were in front of the store, gathering more people from the street and showing off their charms while Gakhas was standing at a table near the window, doing nothing.

“I am amazed,” Actually, Daniel was really surprised, “You only have friends who are boys. Should I feel threatened?”

She froze.

He froze.

“I mean-“

“You shouldn’t.” She wasn’t facing him, thankfully because she could feel her cheeks getting red, “They’re like younger and stupid brothers. They get me in trouble more than you’d imagine but they’re very loyal.”

The boy nodded and smiled. Zoe didn't notice but her eyes softened at the mention of her friends and her complexion relaxed.

“That’s good to know,” He muttered, watching the girl he liked being like a mother to her friends -which she wasn't and that wasn't even the case.

She smiled softly while watching the demons being suspiciously nice and smiley; Iaosur especially was enjoying being a clerk way too much.


Dan gathered his courage in that moment for the big question. She seemed really nice and he would love to see her more; he wanted to ask her out. She turned and faced him, knowing exactly what he wanted.

“Would you-“

“Danny!” The young man licked his lips and closed his mouth. His friend came over from the crowd and wrapped an arm around his shoulders, “Do you know what’s going on now?”

Dan glanced at Zoe and tried to tell her through his pleading eyes that he was sorry. She bit her lip in order not to laugh, imagining Ezekiel with Iaosur.

“You should start the interviews, Tom.”

He was uncomfortable. Tom interrupted his confession and Dan was pretty sure he wasn't going to have the opportunity again anytime soon.

“I think we already found our employees!” Tom pointed at the two demons.

Zoe raised an eyebrow and ran a hand through her hair. That wasn’t going to end well and she was already thinking of a reason why Eneizar and Iaosur weren’t good for the job when they were obviously very good at it.

“Actually, those are Zoe’s friends. I’m sure they have their own jobs.”

Tom glanced at the young woman and raised an eyebrow.

“So you’re Zoe, huh? I heard about you. A lot, actually.”

Zoe looked at the two men bemusedly. Boys were boys no matter the age or kind. Dan jumped in and came up with a lame excuse to get his friend out of there.

“You can tell them to stop. We will close in a few minutes and we’ll have our interviews.” He whispered over his shoulder before pushing Tom into the back room.

Zoe nodded and waved as they left through the back door before she shook her head and walked next to Gakhas. The demon had his arms crossed in front of his chest and wasn’t happy at all.

“Why are you so cranky?”

“Why are you happy?” He asked.

She had no reason to except that older guy whom she met a few days ago and was just so perfect.

“I think we both know the reason,”She responded fidgeting.

Gakhas stared at her with his small and judging eyes.

“There’s my answer.” She rolled her eyes and leaned back, “Don’t you feel bad?” The demon continued in that husky voice.

“Should I? I’m not doing anything.”

Gakhas glared at his commander. She was an idiot and everything was going to bite her in the ass, in the end.

“You know what I'm talking about, Zoe. I’m not stupid.”

She narrowed her eyes at him and leaned over the table, “Do I look bothered?”

He copied her actions and leaned over the table towards her, “I know what you’re doing. It doesn’t work on me.”

She scoffed.

“You are scum.” He continued.

That was it. Her eyes changed and the sloth demon could swear she was going to destroy the store. Fortunately, she didn’t but she suddenly started to feel this weird energy getting into her body. It was calming her down to the point where she was losing her energy; Zoe fainted from it.

“What have you done?”

When Ezekiel entered and saw her unconscious, he immediately called Eneizar.

Zoe was peacefully sleeping on her bed when Ezekiel entered her room. She was having a slight fever and he brought medicine, just in case. He jumped in surprise when he saw the familiar expressionless face.

“Oh, you scared me.”

Seeing ghosts and demons was his childhood dream; unfortunately, reality wasn’t exactly what he imagined. Seeing a sudden person in the room after he just turned around for a second to close the door was still scary.

Mehrdir was standing next to her, watching her like a stalker. Ezekiel sighed and placed the medicine on the desk.

“Place the towel over her eyes. They’re going to burn when she wakes up.” The demon ordered in a soft tone.

Ezekiel did exactly as the demon instructed.

“So you’re still around,” Mehrdir didn’t say anything, “Wouldn’t it be easier if you’d just stay here, with her?”

The greed demon looked at the human closely, taking one step towards him, “You made a pact with the devil and she’s in charge of it.”

Ezekiel looked at his forearm and sighed.

“You still didn’t answer me. Why did you leave?”

The demon narrowed his already small eyes at Ezekiel but instead of being intimidated, the human chuckled.

“You do realize we made bets, don’t you?” He sighed and turned his back on him.

Ezekiel smirked and walked out of the room. However, right before he closed the door, he felt like he should tell him something,

“I bet on you. Don’t disappoint me.”

Mehrdir raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

An hour later, he was still next to her. He was holding her hand and was trying to look normal. The second person to enter wasn’t Ezekiel; it was Mark.

“Oh. I didn’t expect someone to be here.”

Mehrdir felt the human but didn’t feel like hiding himself. Mark was just a human.

However, Mehrdir’s dark eyes and attitude were prominent hints of who he was, “You’re the asshole, aren’t you? The one who left her.”

“I didn’t leave because I wanted to.” Mehrdir whispered huskily.

Mark raised an eyebrow and walked on her left side. He sat down next to her and brushed the hair out of her eyes. She was a victim; or so it looked in Mark’s eyes.

“Then why did you leave?”

The greed demon was growing annoyed. That dinosaur faced human was asking too many questions.

“That doesn’t concern you.” Mehrdir glared at the human and left.

Eneizar raised an eyebrow when he saw the greed demon walk out of her room, his vanity bad taste humor awakening.

“Prince Charming! What an honor!” The vanity demon exclaimed.

Mehrdir glared at him and pushed him against the wall but Eneizar’s bemused expression didn’t waver at all; actually, his eyes moved on Mehrdir’s wrist. The endless knot was shining brightly; it actually looked like it was on fire.

“She’s dreaming of you.” Eneizar taunted the demon.

Mehrdir glared at him before he disappeared.

When Mark walked into the living room, he found Eneizar laughing like crazy, leaning against the wall.

“That guy who just left was Zoe’s first love, wasn’t he?”

Eneizar stopped laughing and stared at Mark.

“I wouldn’t say he was her first love. More like, the last one?”

Mark frowned. What was that supposed to mean?

“It’s an open relationship.” Gakhas responded instead, appearing out of nowhere and scaring the human.

Eneizar raised an eyebrow and got on his feet. Gakhas was talking nonsense.

“An open relationship?”

Gakhas nodded excitedly. For him, it was better if Zoe wouldn’t end up with a human; or anyone for that matter.

Mark left the apartment with a lot of new questions about Zoe and her love life. On the other side, Eneizar shook his head disappointingly.

“We both know she will end up with the inheritor. That’s what happened before and it will happen again. The connection between the commander and the inheritor is way too high for humans to understand,” Eneizar started.

“They call it the Red String. It’s about soul mates and bullshit like that.” Iaosur interfered.

He went in the kitchen and passed Gakhas on the way. The shorter demon raised an eyebrow and noticed something weird at the angst demon.

“Your wrist is bleeding,” The short sloth demon pointed it out, Iaosur freezing at the information.

His wrist was bleeding, indeed; more exactly, Zoe’s sign was bleeding.

“That stupid idiot is pissing me off!”

Iaosur knew what he was talking about; only demons with her sign could feel it. Mehrdir acted out and used the connection to calm her down but that process was hurting them more than hurting her.

She woke up two days later. Mehrdir was long gone and Ezekiel took his place next to her but it was weird. The demon was there, he was still connected to her yet he was acting like a coward. Ezekiel was pacing around the room while Zoe was taking a shower. He fell on her chair and turned on the laptop, a little freaked out of her desktop. It was a drawing of an anime character from Shingeki no Kyojin but a little modified; it looked a lot like how people were imagining demons.

Ezekiel started to roll back and forth on the chair and actually enjoy his free time. The puppy human had Alice whom he hadn’t seen in almost a week yet he still preferred Zoe over any other girl. It was weird for most women because he was interested in things that a majority of people didn't find attractive and they didn’t even know he made a pact with the devil. Ha!

While still thinking about the sign on his forearm, he noticed something hanging out of her lowest drawer. He first checked the door but she wasn’t even out of the bathroom yet. Ezekiel had enough time therefore, he pulled it out slowly so the paper wouldn’t break. He made a pitched noise that grabbed Eneizar’s attention from the living room; he sighed in relief when Eneizar didn’t come towards him.

“Let’s see~”

His eyes widened and he was left speechless. The drawing was- he was- it was so shockingly amazing and his heart started to beat really fast.

Zoe entered her room yet Ezekiel ignored her completely. She raised an eyebrow in curiosity; he was standing in front of the window, staring out in the same way Mehrdir used to. She scanned the room, knowing that something happened; Ezekiel was the lousy type and was silent only when he had secrets or he broke some rules.

Coincidentally, her eyes landed on her desk. There, in all its glory, was the drawing he found. She glanced at it before she grabbed it and walked towards her best friend.

“Who’s that?” He asked in a very cold voice.


He hoped she was going to lie but she didn’t, “Why did you draw me?”

Zoe tilted her head to the side and clicked her tongue, “Because you are the main character of my new story.”

Ezekiel closed his eyes and took a shaky breath.

“Why am I your new main character? I thought you’re working on the sequel of Fallen.”

“I am,” She grabbed his hand and placed the paper in it. “I’m making the sequel after my connection to you.”

Ezekiel sighed and turned to her. She was infuriating yet at the same time, that was quite an honor.

“Dark times will come, Zek. They're closer than ever before. Maybe I will die, maybe I won’t; that’s not important. What is important is my legacy. I’m making you my legacy.”

“What?” Ezekiel furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

Zoe chuckled and went to look for a cute and flowery dress. She wanted to go out and have a fun time; moreover, Suzy was in town with the old man and the rest of the crew.

Ezekiel was still astonished.

“What?” He asked out loud for the second time. “How the heck am I legacy material?”

The young commander rolled her eyes and started to search for her phone. It became regular for her to forget where she was putting it; or maybe it was Gakhas' fault.

“I won’t have children and I’m definitely not going to marry the inheritor.”

Ezekiel blinked quickly and glared at her, “But I’m not your child!”

She laughed and nodded.

“But you are the only person that I consider family. I’m sure I won’t have children, Zek. Just, accept it.”

Ezekiel gulped and suddenly, he felt that pressure in his chest again; he was doomed. She was making sure of it.

“Why won’t you have children?” She threw him a skeptical look, “What’s that face supposed to mean?”

She walked in the living room and searched for her phone through the pillows on the couch. She smiled widely when she found it.

“Zoe Lestrade!”

She rolled her eyes and to put her shoes on, “We both know why. I’m not going to end up with a human. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m highly attracted to demons and vice versa.”

Ezekiel stared questioningly at her, “Is that your confession of love?”

She scoffed and grabbed her jacket before she unlocked the front door.

“Take it as you want,” She smiled brightly and walked out.

Ezekiel stomped his foot in annoyance, “That’s not an answer!”

The human put a hand on his waist and ran the other hand through his hair.

“Great. Now I’m all curious.” He mumbled, falling face first on the bed.

He hated the new Zoe.

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