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Soul is the person who is made only for us, our better-half. It is the biggest gift bestowed upon us. We don’t have a soul, because we are born without a soul and a heart that hardly beats. We only have a beast inside us, which also craves for their other half, just like us. (Unedited)

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Covering my dark violet eyes with dark shades, I step outside the car. Sunlight warms my skin, but still, it doesn’t warm my cold heart.

There is only one person who can give life to my cold dead heart, warming me from inside. Unfortunately, I have not found that person yet, I am still searching for my soul.

Buttoning my grey coat, I walk inside the King Motors. My employees greet me as I walk past them, I acknowledge them with a polite nod of my head. I can sense their anxiousness as I walk past them. Honestly, I like the fact they fear me because they will think twice before betraying me.

Ruling a successful business empire is not easy, you have to instill some fear in people so that they follow your orders and never dare to go against you. But at the same time, it is a huge responsibility. You have people to look after, to make sure they are content and taken care of under your leadership.

Sighing, I watch my reflection in the hallway mirror which leads to my office. For the world, I am Atlas King, thirty-five years old man, owner of the King Motors. But in reality, I am walking on this earth for nearly four hundred years.

Our family belongs to the direct descendants of the original vampires. We are nothing like the myths or folklores have painted us. We are not some blood lusty creatures of the nights. We are like normal people, just slightly different from them.

It is true, blood is the main source of our sustenance and we only take as much blood which will not kill any human, until we don’t find our soul.

Soul is the person who is made only for us, our better-half. It is the biggest gift bestowed upon us. We don’t have a soul, because we are born without a soul and a heart that hardly beats. We only have a beast inside us, which also craves for their soul, just like us. Both our beast and our human part desire to be reunited with their soul, to become complete.

When we reunite with our soul and they accept us, we don’t need to rely on an outside source for blood. Just a few drops of their blood is enough to provide us with all the nutrients which we needed. This act is considered sacred and intimate between couples because we only take from each other.

Sometimes we provide our blood to our family when anyone’s life is in danger.

Removing my shades, I look at the empty desk of my assistant, Susan. Her things are already kept there so she must have gone to fetch coffee for her. Susan is twenty-two years old hardworking girl, like most of my employees she is also human. She has been working with me for two years, and not once she has given me any chance of complaint.

Settling down in my office, I read some emails and check the sales report of the dealership.

I unlock the door by pressing the button under my table as Susan softly knocks on the door. Her scent mixed with a hint of some flowery perfume reaches my nostrils and involuntarily my nose slightly scrunches up.

“Good morning, sir.” She greets, then she starts reading my agenda for today.

“Lastly, you have a meeting with Miss. Regina Michaels along with some board members.” She concludes.


This name stirs something inside me, not only me but even my beast gets restless.

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