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Power. Katherine Enoch's entire life was built on power. Her powers were what took away any chance of a normal life. Forced to live in a secluded mansion away from the eyes of the "ordinary", she wants nothing more than to live a life like every other; loved and free. At the Haven, a facility for the "gifted and unique", they might think they're loved but they sure aren't free. But when a mysterious man comes into Katherine's life, it might just change forever. The thing that scares her, though, is that she can't tell if it's for the better or worse.

Fantasy / Romance
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The last memory I had of my parents was the day they took me. The day I lost almost everything. But yet, I gained something too. I gained my abilities.

"Mommy, what's wrong?" I asked, my voice trembling with fear. "Why are you crying, Momma? Did you get hurt?" I could sense something was happening. Something bad. I could see it in her beautiful electric blue eyes. Those same eyes that I could always trust when I was afraid. The ones that used to brighten by just the sight of me around. I gripped a fistful of her beautiful dark brown hair that grew down to her waist, just like mine. I held onto her tighter, trying to somehow reassure her that whatever was happening would be okay. Little did I know that I was the one who could've used reassurance.

"No, my little kitten. I just need you to be very quiet, like you do when we're playing hide and seek." She picked me up and carried me out of my room and into the basement. My eyes glanced around my room one last time. I didn't know it at the time but it was the last time I ever saw it. Mom's heavy boots landed with a thud, step by step, as we descended down the stairs.

l always hated it down there. It made me feel like someone could come and snatch me up any second. We made our way over to the farthest end of the room where the lightbulb had broken. I started sniffling as Mom put me down for a second to push aside a gigantic bookcase before us. I gasped in surprise I stared at a long dark hallway with a little flash of light at the end. Quickly, she snatched me up and hurried inside. Before we could walk down the hallway, she turned to push a big red button on the back of the oak bookcase that automatically moved it back into place. She then began sprinting down the hall as I heard a loud crash above us. I was about to let out a cry as she shushed me and told me everything would be all right.

As we reached the end, my mom transferred me to her hip using one hand and used the other to knock on a thick wooden door. The sound of her hand tapping against the wood echoed off of the walls. One, one two, one two three four, one two. After the last knock, the door swung open and a pair of hands grabbed me. I was about to scream when my eyes met huge, bright green ones. They were so familiar.

"Dad!" I exclaimed happily as he twirled around with me in his arms, the room spinning around us. For a second, I forgot about the danger but was soon pulled back into reality as my mother sniffled. She looked me dead in the eyes and said rapidly,

" Sweetie, Mommy has to go right now, but I promise you that I will do everything I can to get back to you and Daddy. I love you so much, my little kitten, and I want you to know that wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be there for you and with you forever. In here," She pointed to my head "and in here." She said while pointing to my heart. Tears gathered in my eyes and I could tell she was trying to hold back hers. A single tear dropped from her eye as she kissed me and my father one last time before running out of the room, the door closing behind her.

I took a second to look around the unfamiliar room. It was cold and dark. The walls were old and ugly, cracks running through the dull grey concrete. The room was dimly lit by a lamp, hanging off the ceiling, flickering every so often. On the wall opposite from the door, there were about 5 rows of selves lined with cans containing foods like beans and peaches. I always hated peaches. On the other side of the room laid a mattress on the floor with a couple of blankets and pillows. I would hate to sleep on that, I thought.

"Dad, what's happening?" I asked curiously, wanting answers.

" Some very bad people want to hurt you sweetie. They wanna take you from me and mommy. But we love you too much for that to happen. So you have to stay here for a bit while we work this out." He explains, his forehead creased with worry as he put me down. I could remember that moment so clearly. His warm breathe on my face, his soft hands hugging me. His mid length, black hair tickling my cheek. I gripped his short collar as he reached around his neck and took off a chain. It was silver and at the end of it was a ring. Not just any ring. It was the ring that my grandma wore around her neck, and her grandma before that. It was precious and now my parents were giving it to me. It's purple gem gleamed in the dim light as he pushed my long, obsidian hair aside. It didn't do much though, considering my hair stopped just at the curve of my back.

Once he finished putting the chain around my neck, a loud bang rung through the room. It was coming from outside. I ran over to a screen that I hadn't noticed before, standing on my tippy toes so I could see. It showed the live footage of a camera at the front of the house. Why would they need cameras? As I looked at the screen, I saw a man in bulletproof armor fall down screaming as flames engulfed him. I heard a yell pierce my ears that sounded familiar as I saw my mother, engulfed in flames while burning whoever tried to stop her. She was on fire. my mom has powers, I thought. How did she never tell me. I watched in awe as flames shot out of her hands in waves.

"Sweetie! Stay here" was all my father said as he kissed me then ran out of the room, the door slamming shut. After a few minutes, I saw him reappear on the screen next to my mother's side. Together, they took down several people. They seemed to have been winning until a gunshot sounded and my father fell down simultaneous to the sound . My mom and I both yelled out at the same time as my mother crouched down beneath my father who was no longer breathing. I started to sob as my mom ran towards the culprit, a look of revenge and utter hatred in her eyes, getting closer and closer to ending him until a loud shot was heard again. She turned towards the camera, somehow knowing that I was watching, and quietly mouthed " I am sorry, Kat." as she fell to the floor.

Realizing what happened, my sobs turned into a ear piercing screech as I looked at the young man who killed my parents. Realizing what he had done, his face turned white with horror. I looked at him, dead in the eyes. Although he couldn't see me, he somehow knew what was coming. As my screech got louder, A sickening crack was heard as the man fell to the floor, his neck twisted in a fatal angle. I somehow managed to get louder as every single soldier's neck twisted with a loud crack except one.

A women in her mid- thirties who wore a black dress and no armor. She looked dangerous. She shouted a command and quickly, more soldiers in armor ran across the sight of the camera and I heard their footsteps nearing as they made their way towards the basement. I slowly moved away as they got closer and closer. The sound of the bookcase scraping against the concrete floor terrified me as they ran faster and faster down the hall. I was hiding in the corner on the old mattress just as someone began hitting the door, each thump sending splinters flying. I cowered in fear as the entire door came off its hinges with a thud, splinters flying through the air as it hit the ground. I was in shock as the menacing lady in black made her way over to me, followed by multiple men with guns as they surrounded me. Despite my struggles, she picked me up without a problem and carried me down the hallway and up the creaky stairs. I yelled and fought back. I screamed and thrashed my legs and arms around, hoping it would do something. My efforts were futile. I sobbed as we got outside to see my parent's bodies limp on the ground, laid in a pool of red crimson. The lady made her way over towards a huge black van. She opened the door quickly and threw me in. I yelled, sobbing. When the lady finally got tired of my pleas, she stuck a needle in my arm and held me down until my arms and legs began to feel too heavy to move. My eyelids hung low as the corners of my vision turned dark. " M-mom.. D-dad." I whispered as I fell into a deep, dark hole.

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