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13: The Essence of Life? Play

For very short-lived beings, Regina had to admit that the mortals really did know how to enjoy themselves.

Since the dawn of their existence, the mortals had seemed to make enjoyment a very vital concept in their lives. Everything from sports, to literature, to architecture, even war; they had all had an aspect of entertainment to them regardless of their primary purpose.

Regina often wondered that perhaps the mortals’ short lifespan was the driving force which made them look for every way to enjoy themselves in every second of every day; and she strongly suspected she was correct.

But out of everything the mortals had invented for their enjoyment, the one thing that the fascinated vampire loved above all the others were their cars; metal contraptions which were always a beauty to behold and a true masterpiece of their creator’s ingenuity.

From as far back as she could remember up till present day, Regina had followed every car that had ever been manufactured in every part of the world, making sure to procure and test each one of them out before they went out to vogue to be replaced by another. That was how much she loved them.

Now, she owned a red Ferrari 458 spider; the latest in the line. The car was very dear to her heart even as she owned other cars from other manufacturers; and the mortals certainly had a lot of them. But the spider meant more to her than the others.

Riding in that very car on her way home from Charon, Regina sang happily to an hip-hop song playing over the radio.

Just then, she glanced at the dashboard and saw the digital clock flashing 6am. It was just thirty minutes before the day broke and she really had to be out of the light. “Alright, dearie,” she said to the car, her formerly relaxed expression taking on a more serious one, “time to show mama what you’re made of.”

Truth be told, Regina had deliberately stayed very late at the nightclub in order to cut her departure time very close to daybreak; a task which obviously she had tremendously succeeded in. It was a daring test she set for her glorious metal speed beast to complete any time she could; and so far, she wasn't disappointed.

Accelerating the spider up to a speed that would definitely have rendered it uncontrollable to any driver if not for Regina’s vampire senses and reflexes, she sped down the highway.

Much to her benefit, the road was deserted; the pros of being out on an out-of-town road where anybody rarely drove in the early hours of the morning. It allowed Regina the freedom to push the spider to whatever length she wanted in order to accomplish the task at hand.

Racing like a speed demon, Regina arrived at her countryside two-story mansion house just as the sky turned reddish brown in preparation for the oncoming sunrise and she drifted onto the gravel driveway. She didn’t slow the car down but accelerated it the more as she pressed the button to open the door to her underground garage.

The spider reached and sped into the garage just as the first fleck of the morning sun broke through the clouds and Regina pulled on the handbrake; skidding the car to an admirably perfect stop in between her Camaro and Lamborghini.

“There you are, my dear,” she said with a satisfied smile, breathing heavily from the thrill travelling through her skin like an electrical charge. “Great job as always.” She got out of the car, blew it a goodnight kiss, and made her way to the garage’s indoor elevator.

The elevator deposited Regina on the ground floor of the mansion; she exiting it into her sitting room still skipping happily from the excitement of her exhilarating ride.

All of a sudden, the lights came on and Regina halted abruptly in her steps. Michael was sitting by the switch, apparently waiting patiently for her arrival in the darkness. “You lied to me,” he said immediately Regina laid eyes on him and her shoulders dropped.

“I did,” she replied even though he hadn’t posed his words as a question. She had no point denying it.

“Why?” he asked.

It had to be said that Michael wasn’t asking from a place of hurt or anger or anything like that; he was clearly none of those things. It was just that the ancient vampire found it curious that the eight hundred-year old vampire nightclub owner would try to deceive him, especially since she of all people should have known how futile it was going to be in the end.

“What can I say, Michael?” Regina shrugged carelessly. “If I didn’t lie to you, then you wouldn’t be here, then I wouldn’t have been able to invite you to play.”

Now, Michael was very curious. “Play,” he repeated like the other vampire had just spoken to him in a foreign language. “What in the world do you mean by that?”

“Well, you want what I have, don’t you?” She tapped the side of her head in emphasis. “If you want it, you’ll have to come take it yourself.”

Before Michael could understand what Regina was driving at, she suddenly zoomed out of his presence and up the stairs. “Come on, Michael,” her voice echoed through the house. “Don’t be a spoilsport.”

Sighing in exasperation- he knew fully well that the other vampire wasn’t going to let him have the information he wanted unless he gave in to play her ridiculous game, whatever the hell that was- the ancient vampire started off after her.

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