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Wolf Bond

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For almost ten years, my wolf drags me to the same spot where we have met her. But she hadn’t shown up there once. We both have lost our hopes that she will ever return. That’s why I have stopped going there for the past two months. But every night my wolf whines and pleads me to go there. She has formed a bond with my wolf, and he still thinks of her as his best friend, as she had called him. (Unedited) Started on: 12-30-2019 Ended on: 11-09-2020

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Ten years ago

Packing up some sandwiches, I fill my water bottle then keep them in my bag along with my favorite blue blanket.

Silently, sneaking out of my house I step into the backyard then walk towards the woods. Our new home has a big backyard and from where our backyard ends, woods start.

I walk deep inside the woods, occasionally glancing up at the moon which is peeking through the branches of the trees above me. Finally, reaching the spot where I have a clear view of the sky as the moonlight is falling on the ground uninterrupted, I take out my blanket and sprawl it.

A few moments have passed when I hear a rustling sound coming somewhere from my side. I stop eating my sandwich and listen carefully. Soft padded sound reaches my ear, but I am not scared.

Why would any animal hurt me, if I am not bothering it?

Soon a big grey color wolf appears from behind the trees, and immediately stops its advances when its eyes land on me.

A smile forms on my face because it is probably the most beautiful wolf I have ever seen. And also because the wolf is my favorite animal.

"You can come and sit here if you want, I will not hurt you." I shrug giving him a small smile.

Wolf snorts making me frown.

"It's okay if you don't want to sit with me." Huffing, I turn my face away from it, "Nobody wants to sit with me even in school, so it will not make any difference."

I start nibbling my sandwich, completely ignoring the wolf, like I ignore the rest of the kids from my school.

A soft thud sound makes me turn my head to find the wolf sitting on its hind legs a little away from me while watching me.

"Are you hungry?" I ask holding my sandwich in its direction. Its eyes move between my sandwich and me.

"Stupid, I am not a food." I narrow my eyes at it, "If you are hungry you can only eat my sandwich." I push my sandwich towards it.

I watch it strolling towards me and taking the outstretched sandwich carefully between its sharp canines. I laugh when its hot breath tickles my hand.

"I am Ivory. Do you want to be my friend?" I ask as now the wolf sits almost beside me on its belly.

"Nobody wants to be my friends, the kids in my school are stupid." I glare angrily at the trees ahead, thinking about the stupid kids at my school. "Girls don't talk to me and boys think I am too weak to play with them."

"But you know what, I am much stronger than them. But my uncle has said to me I don't need to show this to anyone, everyone will know themselves when the time will come."

"So, are you going to be my friend or are you also stupid?" Jutting my chin out, I prompt it to answer but then laugh because of how it is going to answer me.

"Sorry, I know you can't talk to me. So, on your behalf, I accept me as your friend."

"We will meet here every night at this time. This is going to be our spot." I feel excited about my newfound friendship. "We will be best friends."

"But I don't know your name?" I say to myself. "I just know you are beautiful."

Whining comes from the wolf which almost sounds like a complaint.

I laugh realizing something.

"You don't like being called beautiful, so you must be a boy then?" Surprisingly, the wolf nods its head up and down, as if answering my question.

"I will call you Wolfie." I smile happily. Wolfie lightly huffs but doesn't whine.

"Tomorrow is my eighth birthday," I excitedly tell my new friend, "I will bring some cake for you."

I shiver feeling cold as I forgot to bring my jacket. As if sensing this, Wolfie moves closer to me trying to keep me warm.

Without thinking I lean against the side of his belly as the warmth radiating off its body is so inviting and start running my fingers through his soft grey fur.

"Your fur is so soft," I whisper, gently running my fingers on his neck, slowly drifting off to sleep.

Later that night uncle found me sleeping in the backyard and put me to bed. He knows how much I love being outside so I don't get in much trouble.

I celebrated my birthday with my uncle and auntie in the morning by cutting the cake which auntie baked for me. Uncle has some important work and will not be at home in the evening so we celebrated my birthday in the morning.

Uncle got me new boxing gloves and auntie gifted me a new pair of running shoes.

Again that night, I go to meet my Wolfie as I have promised him I bring a piece of cake along with myself.

Sitting in the same spot I wait for him. I run to him when I watch him at the edge of the trees. He falls on the ground and rolls on his back playfully then chases me back to our spot.

Taking out the cake from the plastic container I hold out to him.

I start laughing loudly when he licks my hand while eating cake.

"Ewww...gross... get away from me." I giggle and push him away when he licks the side of my face.

Suddenly, a loud growl comes from the trees and he instantly stiffens. Standing on all its four, he widens his stance looking intimidating, he stares ahead into the wood from where the growl has come.

Soon I watch two big wolves appear in front of us. Wolfie growls at them making them stop coming any further, I stand beside him watching the two wolves not liking at fact that they are stepping onto our spot.

Wolfie is as big as the other brown wolf, but still, slightly smaller than the black wolf.

The black wolf growls at my Wolfie and instantly anger fills me not liking the light whimper which comes from Wolfie.

"Hey." I angrily shout at him, and step away from Wolfie, "Don't growl at my Wolfie."

The brown wolf loudly growls at me and immediately Wolfie lets out a scary growl and keeps his paw in front of me taking a protective position by pushing me to his side.

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to shout at you. But I don't like it when you growled at my Wolfie."I still feel angry, but I feel bad at shouting at him. "Also you both are in our area without our permission that is not a good thing."

Both the black wolf and brown wolf look at each other then back at me.

Then the black wolf locks its eyes with Wolfie and after a moment the other two wolves walk away.

As soon as they leave, Wolfie licks my hands and sniffs my head, and lightly growls when I move away from him. He continues to sniff me and circle around me he rubs his fur against my body.

After a few moments when he is satisfied with whatever he is doing, he steps away.

I get tired after playing chase and racing with Wolfie. Wolfie curls up on the ground and I lean against him. He winds his tail around my body protective me from cold.

Slowly, I fall into a deep slumber only to wake up somewhere far away from my Wolfie.

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