Dark Paradise : Dark- Book 3

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People grew....when they wanted to, and so did worlds. The problem was mine had no intention of stopping. Changing and taking was all it knew, but I would teach it balance. People grew....when they wanted to, and so did worlds. The problem was mine had no intention of stopping. Changing and taking was all it knew, but I would teach it ba

Fantasy / Adventure
Alicia Fantasi
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Skeletons in our closet

It was the first time in weeks I felt truly normal, truly alive. The thud of the beats resonated through my body, taking me higher and higher into a euphoric like state, that made me unable to stop dancing, or that could just be the liquor beginning to take effect.

Del and I had decided to accompany Leah on her renewed hobby, partying or in this case clubbing. I was never much of a party goer, but I had to admit this was fun, now that I wasn’t a third wheel.

“Come closer” Del whispered in my ear pulling me into his embrace by my waist. I smiled, my eyes still closed taking in the music and the feel of him. Our bodies pumped to the beat and soon, I couldn’t tell which was which, all I knew was that I never wanted this moment to end.

“I love this song!!!!!” Leah screamed. I was sure she was drunk by now. She seemed more intense somehow, in every way. She rarely went out during the day, which was strange because she never had hangovers anymore.

I envied her, instead, I monitored my drinking. I opened my eyes briefly to look at her, Voy had gone I assumed to get her another drink and she was dancing way too close to someone who was not Voy. I sighed, this was another part of her intense lifestyle, she had become over friendly with men.

Usually, these qualities wouldn’t bother me, this was, of course, typical Leah behavior, though a bit amplified, but I was certain that she had made a move on Del, or at least tried to. I tried to shake the thought from my mind. I didn’t want to think of her that way, especially since we were having a good time.

“What’s wrong?” Del asked, his lips brushing my earlobe, sending shivers down my spine. We had started to move out of sync; I didn’t want to lose the high. I tried to make eye

contact with Leah, noticing her brown hair, streaked with white. After I had confronted her, embracing the change was the solution she had come up with, in an attempt to dull my suspicion.

Still, I was always certain that she seemed to emit a sort of glow whenever she became aroused and she was doing so now. I knew this because Leah never spared the details about her and Voy taking this to the next level, this I was also envious of.

I turned to face Del, trying to push back the growing anxiety beginning to settle in the pit of my stomach. Del’s lips instantly collided with mine, sweeping me off to my happy place.

I could taste the tequila shots Leah had dared us to take on his tongue, I couldn’t get enough. My body vibrated with static, this was dangerous but irresistible… he was irresistible.

His hands slithered up my back, holding me close as if we couldn’t get close enough. My skin tingled, every fiber in my body, wanting…no needing him to pull me closer and deeper into oblivion. It was just us and the music now, the techno beats matching the rhythm of my ecstatic heart.

His hands were everywhere; I don’t think I could ever give this up. His kisses grew hotter and deeper by the seconds…moments…I had lost time.

“Del” I breathed, coming up for air.

“I know” he said moaning into my mouth and recapturing my lips. I could feel him bulging against my thigh. His lips then moved to the corner of my mouth and assaulted my neck, I was weak to neck kisses and under the influence, all sense of control and reasoning went out the door.

My breath came in faster, I didn’t care that we were in a crowd, tonight was my paradise. Del nibbled on my neck and I moaned in response, he looked up at me; his pupils were rimmed with blue, brighter than I had ever seen them. “Let’s go” it wasn’t a question, I nodded and followed after him, noticing Leah’s knowing smile and wink as we exited the club.

Finally, they had left, I was becoming agitated, I needed to calm the burning in my throat, and my body had begun to feel slow and tired. The brown haired boy leaned into my ear whispering “Wanna go talk outside?” he asked me in a drunken slur.

I could tell he was sweet, I could smell and almost taste the richness of his life force that radiated from his body, an erratic heartbeat always did the trick. I had to admit, I was

nervous and a little guilty, but this guy had bad intentions, I tried to focus on that thought. I nodded, fearing that if I opened my mouth to answer him, I would consume him right here. I looked around for Voy; he had gone to get me yet another drink.

The brown haired boy smiled, a devilish grin complementing his already beautiful blue eyes and square jaw line. He grabbed my arm, guiding me across the crowded dance floor. I could feel my heart rising excitedly, anxious for what was about to happen.

We finally reached outside, the boy wasted no time, pushing me up against the wall at the side of the club. I feigned resistance, “wait….you said we would talk.” My voice lined with a bit of panic.

“We are talking” he replied pinning my hands to my sides as he proceeded to kiss my neck. It wasn’t enough, I needed more.

“I don’t like the way you’re holding me, ” I said in annoyed tone. I could feel his grip tighten on my wrist which made me even more excited.

“Don’t worry, you’ll like it soon” the boy replied sounding annoyed. He freed one of my hands to unbuckle his belt, while he dipped his head to assault my bosom, I almost moaned, desire racking my body, I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Stop, I don’t want to do this here, I’m going back in” I pushed at his chest with my free hand and he grabbed, slamming it painfully into the wall. There it was, the real monster was about to reveal himself.

“Shut up!” he shouted, looking angrily into my eyes. “You know you want this.” I smiled, waiting until he was close enough. As he closed in on my lips, I let the desire loose; I could feel him stiffen as I began to pull the sweet taste of vitality from his core, to quench the raging fire in mine.

He tasted like vanilla, I closed my eyes, my body relaxing and my achy muscles began to feel normal. I promised myself that I would try to have some control this time, but he tasted wonderful, he brought this on himself, he deserved this.

I had to pry my body away from Del’s as we tried to unlock the front door. The apartment was in my care now, until Ruben got back from his very important trip. He had left without saying goodbye and the last person to see him was Leah. It puzzled me as to why he had been so vague, but seeing that this wasn’t the first time and he hadn’t said a word the first time, I didn’t let it bother me too much.

Ignis took over my room; she was barely home anyway so it was quite easy to put up the whole lot of us. The apartment had three bedrooms, the other was occupied by Leah and the third was occupied whenever Kelu or Ava decided to sleep over, which was never. Well, I was sure no one was home now so Del and I had the place to ourselves. “You wanna use the guest room? I wouldn’t feel right…” he nodded while shrugging as if trying to imply something. “You know, Ignis sleeps in your bed and Leah in hers.” He continued with raised eyebrows.

It finally hit me “oooh…of course” I said shyly leading the way to the bedroom. I wouldn’t dare spend time in Leah’s room, especially knowing how adventurous she could be.

We were almost there and my heart raced in anticipation. “Come here” Del growled as he pulled me towards him fiercely. I felt his warm breath caress my neck, my body screamed yes and I waited for what would happen next. We scaled the wall to the guest room clumsily, shuffling and tripping over objects as I giggled, running my hands through his hair.

I was high from his small, but fierce neck kisses, I’m sure they would leave marks. My blood was on fire and so were other parts of my body. We finally managed to shuffle our way into the room and we tumbled onto the bed, I was on top of him.

I sat up to get a good look at him, and looking down at him now I was nervous, I had doubts, his beautiful hazel eyes grabbed mine, as he reached up under my blouse slowly, his eyes never leaving mine.

His warm calloused hands led a trail of fire from the centre of my back to my neck, igniting me in places I had almost forgotten about. His hands were at my neck and so was my shirt. I lifted my arms above my head, all doubts gone as he sat up to recapture my face as soon as my blouse fell to the floor.

All doubts were gone; I leaned into his kiss and reached for the hem of his shirt. I was used to the feel of his body, but now it somehow felt different, more intimate, I felt the warmth of his skin more, the strength of his arms, the beating of his heart more intensely than I ever had before.

I tilted my head to the side; I loved the way his lips felt on my neck. He didn’t hesitate and my eyes fluttered closed as he nibbled gently from the hollow in my neck straight up to my chin. He then stopped and I opened my eyes to ask him what was wrong, but then something caught my eye.

It was the closet in the room, it was left slightly ajar. Del’s hand reached for my face turning it to face his. He placed his fore finger over his lips to indicate silence, I nodded nervously, I

hated closets that were left slightly open in the dark and if Del wanted silence that meant something was inside.

I gingerly climbed off his lap, my knee bumping into the rock in his pants, whoever was inside would pay, I swore to myself. He rolled to the ground in a sort of crouch and I could feel the static from him building in the air, I took a deep breathe, ready for whatever was inside that closet.

He looked at me, then reached for the door and pulled, ready to attack. My body froze up, but my lungs didn’t. I screamed involuntarily, what my eyes saw, I could not have possibly prepared myself for. Del was in shock also, though he didn’t scream, he just stood there frozen, looking at the white pal body that lay on the floor in front of us.

I spotted Voy, sitting at the bar patiently; I knew I was in trouble. “Where were you?” he asked accusingly. A scream suddenly sounded from the far end of the club, near the exit, others couldn’t hear it, but I could and I was sure Voy did too.

“Let’s go,” I said walking off towards the second exit, the one closest to us. As we reached outside Voy’s hand was on my shoulder holding me in place firmly.

“What’s going on Leah?” he looked at me steadily, his eyes almost pleading for an answer. I wished I could tell him, but I didn’t know how.

“Everything’s fine” I answered turning and walking closer towards him, “I’m just having bad memories that’s all, I need you to distract me right now.” I wrapped my arms around his neck looking into his eyes.

“Is that all I am to you now?” Voy accused “a distraction?” he removed my arms and stepped back.

“Voy…I need you,” I said my voice resonating hypnotically. Puzzled, I put a hand to my throat, “Voy, just trust me” the hypnotic sound made my voice box vibrate, this was definitely new.

“I trust you” was Voy’s monotonous response. I smiled coyly unable to contain the excitement I felt at this new finding.

“Good…now let’s go home” I continued. He nodded once and I took his hand, as we strolled home together hand in hand.

It was happening again, and I knew this time she wouldn’t let me get away with it. “Mira!!!” Rwby bellowed in a worried tone, “Come quick, her temperature’s dropped worse this time.” I tried to turn unto my side in an attempt to sit up. “No…” came Rwby’s firm tone “…don’t move!”

“I’m… fine” I uttered weakly, unable to even conjure up a convincing tone. “Shut up Ignis” Mira spoke rudely addressing me; she then turned to Rwby “The healing it’s becoming less effective.”

“How…?” Rwby questioned.

“I’m right here, I need to know this too” I interjected, feigning offense at being left out of the conversation. They continued to ignore me.

“Naturally, she was supposed to die weeks ago, I kept slowing down the breaking down process of her body, building it back up as it tore down but…it’s happening more rapidly, and I’m afraid there’s nothing more I can do.” She sighed sadly.

Rwby spun to face me, then taking my shoulders in between her palms. “You have to tell Olivia…” I knew this moment would eventually come “…or I will” she finished seriously looking into my eyes.

I sighed, rolling my eyes and almost fell unconscious in the process. My eyes refocused once again on Rwby’s fierce gaze, “Ok” I agreed unwillingly.

“I knew it; I knew something was off about the way Leah was behaving, from the moment we came back…” I exclaimed, pacing back and forth in my room.

“Ok…calm down” Del begged. “Maybe Leah doesn’t know, maybe this was someone else” he reasoned.

“No” I said shaking my head, “it’s her….remember when Ruben said she’d be different, consequences, he called it and her hair it still had white streaks….she creeps me out the way she just pops up anywhere and you never hear her….and her skin it glows, don’t tell me you don’t notice.” I blabbered on nervously, I was terrified at what we may find out, but we needed to know.

“You sure this isn’t about the pass you think she made at me?” Del asked cautiously. I stopped pacing to look at him plainly.

“Are you kidding me right now?” I asked my tone gruff. He held up his hands in surrender and I started pacing once again.

“Just making sure” he uttered under his breath. “The book, let’s take another look at it, maybe it will lead us to something that may shed some light on all this.” Del suggested.

I turned to him nodding vigorously, and then looking around the room trying to remember where I hid the book. I found it under my pillow and grabbed it as if it were some life support. I grabbed a jacket and my bag shoving some money and the book into it.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Del asked in a confused tone.

“We’re gonna shed some light, come on” I urged him.

“What… now?” he asked still confused.

“Yes now, Del please, I can’t stand another moment in this building” I pleaded. The sound of a door opening made me squeal. “They’re back, we have to go through the window…quick” I whispered.

“Why are you whispering?” Del asked in an even tone.

“Shhhhh!!!” I hushed him, covering his lips. “I just have a bad feeling now let’s go, please” I begged him once again. He nodded understandingly as we scurried towards the window as softly as we could.

“Oli?” Leah’s voice sung from the other side of the door. Del landed quietly on the ground and I couldn’t put my feet out fast enough. My palms began to grow moist as I tried to carefully lower myself into Del’s arm without making a sound.

“I know you’re in there…I need to tell you something.” The door clicked and my sweaty hands slipped simultaneously as I fell steadily into Del’s arms. I clutched unto Del, unable to think. He scurried to the nearest dumpster and crouched, sitting me on the ground beside him.

“Hmmm, she’s not here” Leah spoke to herself; she was near the window now. “I’ll see you later then” she continued, she then walked away and I could hear the door slam audibly over my erratic heart.

“She knew” I whispered.

“Maybe, maybe not, we just need to find out what might have happened first…” he held my cold hands in his warm ones, “…and then, we need to go back like nothing’s happened, Voy’s still in there.”

My hands were shaking, after all the things I had been through, I felt like this terrified me the most. It must have been some instinct set on by the gift of Mother Nature, this was not right…Leah was not right.

I could feel it and I had ignored it for so long. She was still the same Leah of course, but ever since that day she did inhumane things, that I couldn’t help but notice because of my instincts. She breathed a little shallower, dressed a little darker, spoke a little more intimidating not to mention her backwards sleeping habits.

“Hey…this may be nothing” Del said shaking me from my grim thoughts. I took a deep breath standing up and Del followed.

“What if it is?” I asked involuntarily, it was all too natural of me to be pessimistic.

“Then we do what we have to” Del answered without a beat, I guess he was being strong for me and I appreciated it.

“Ok….so where are we going, I didn’t quite think this through” I asked trying to lighten the mood.

He looked at me seriously, “The only place safe enough, to contain this part of our history, the realm of Termész.”

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