Carnal Pleasures.

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"Miinneee...." It hissed through broken teeth. The ancient creature crawled through mud and hissed again. _________________ A sweet obsession. better yet a carnal obsession. Murderous and primal. that's what going in it's head. Psychotic and a possessed creature , it is.. Will it ever stop there. Or will it kill everything for Annabel.. everything is going to change in Annabel's life when a strange creature comes into her life. "You are MINE Annabel! MINE ALONE!!!"

Fantasy / Erotica
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Thrown to the past..

Ok. It's going to be ok. I kept repeating to myself. The old book which was close to become dust , starred at me hauntingly.

You can do this Annabel.

Yes I can! I have been searching for this every where.

This is the only piece I found that can solve everything.

That can take me away from my miserable life.

From the pain of having to bear everything.

It's simple. And yes it will work.

The stupid librarian is too focused in her computer , to notice me.

Afterall how can she see me in this huge library..

I am well surrounded and covered by books.

I wonder why no one comes to this side of library..

Well. It doesn't matter. Because I am going far away from this hell hole of a world.

The ritual in the book was simple.

And it looked easy to do.


Its just a book and a ritual. I will be alright. Heck.. This will not even work.

Here goes nothing..

And I locked my fears and chanted the ritual. My entire focus on the ancient book , hoping the ritual will take me to the past..

To the past where I can learn everything. Magic and everything.

And to live in the glorious medieval time!

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