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Aus Mae is changed into the Waymaker and told to fly to the ice planet Tpedet to meet his Waymaiden Eetak. The planets Tpedet, Ynopsi and Ixote try to save dying planet Macron until Macron is snatched away by the Most Holy Triangle. This results in all three planets plus the moon Memnis to engage in the second StelWar.

Fantasy / Scifi
Joseph G Phillips
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Chapter 1 Waymaker

You ever feel alone and blame that loneliness on a decision you made, a decision you thought was the best decision you had ever chosen?

Now, you are wishing you had never made that decision because you are not only alone but are in the worst possible circumstances you could be in.

I, Aus Mae, son of Abbo Mae, teleportation engineer and Yetorah, homemaker, left my parents long ago, to join the Holy Consecra. I thought I would be doing the right thing by becoming a holy man.

I learned the Holy Consecrates were not so holy, treating novices like myself like we were objects making us move, hover upside down, and rotate in the air. The Consecrates own the Everlastis, our holy text and breached its forbidden scroll the Mysteris giving them the secrets to have control over other people.

And now, my home planet Macron has been invaded by Memnis, our arch-foes who have by some means I cannot fathom, shrouded Macron in darkness, turned my home planet away from our sun.

I was called to the Mountain of Undying Winds, holiest place on Macron, only now I cannot see the mountain through the planet-wide darkness. Roheca, a mighty silver tiger, was carrying me across the valley to the mountain, but even Roheca has left me.

Crouching down on snowy ground of the valley, I, Aus Mae am wise enough not to look up at the skies during a lunar eclipse especially one this immense. I can see Memnis way out there its corona burning out so bright as to blind me. The Memnisians. I know so little about them from what my father Abbo Mae told me. Aliens bred in lunar darkness who live underground and are jealous of our prospering homeworld. How did the Memnisians, it was them, they used that massive death-ship I had seen in the Eklypt--move a whole planet on its axis?

Light hits me, blinds me though I am facing the snow.

"Aaah!" I scream covering my eyes with one hand, so I lift my eyes up as if I want to see what takes away my vision before I lose it.

There before me is a standing figure, the towering golden silhouette of a what has to be an im for he has bright fire-white angular wings on his back. A radiance of great glowing gold shines from this im, he looks down at me and once my vision adjusts to his presence, the im speaks with a calm, masculine voice.

" Aus Mae. You must go to the Mountain. "

" I want, I want to go there."

" I will take you. I am Thronegazer who stands before the Most Holy Triangle, come."

Thronegazer, the im so dramatically titled extends his two mighty arms to me. I let Thronegazer lift me off the snowy ground and when he flies into the eclipsed skies it is swiftly. Although the upper atmospheric winds are much colder and the air thinner, I am kept warm and sustained by Thronegazer's outer glow. He gives me great assurance for Thronegazer is written of in the earlier scrolls of the Everlastis.

It is still hard to see through all the shadowing, the Polar Crests being so blended in with the black skying. This must be how Memnis is, how gloomy that moon is like without direct sunlight. Yes, I can look on without going blind. The key is not look straight at Memnis only I am looking for the Mountain.

The lightning of the thunderhead clouds illuminates brighter than the sun would exposing to me the summit of the Mountain of Undying Winds. A cluster of thunderhead clouds encircle the summit still slightly visible through the clouds. Flashes of lightning revealing the summit give preview to the crashes of thunder shaking the whole of the Mountain. Such a terrifying sight that makes me want to drop out of Thronegazer's hands.

The chief of the ims flies me to an edge of the summit. He lays me on my feet. I can only look at the great grey clouds everywhere. Thronegazer next soars away into a cloud where lightning bolts react to his passage. Oh no. I am left here all alone where storm clouds could destroy me sending rain, wind, and electrical bolts at me. Just such a bolt strikes a large rock not too far away, thunder claps with the bolt simultaneously and I flinch and run at the thunder, run across the dampened earth of the summit.

All across here, large rocks stand ravaged or cracked into pieces by lightning or ferocious winds. Those very winds push at me from every direction while I try to run forward to the center of the summit. The ancient Holy Consecrates were fortunate to come up here as a group when they were first given the Everlastis. Being here among the raw elements alone is no place for a boy like me.

Boom! Boom! More thunder crashes. I feel I am being picked on by the clouds above and around me. While the winds beat at my face and body, sheets of rain come at me too and it is for the most part still dark up here when there is no lightning. I have to look down as the summit's surface is bumpy and covered with holes I could trip on. So I slow my movement and bear the harsh rain and wind feeling in me some fortitude. My steps are cautious, I leap over a large gap in the ground then a large ditch before I believe I am now at the center of the summit.

I see before me the monument of stones the ancient Holy Consecrates built as their original shrine to the Most Holy Triangle, the shrine they constructed here out of boulders and rocks when the Spirit of the Triangle called them up to be anointed before He gave them the Everlastis. It is like a great circle of large rocks that the first Consecrates had to have moved together by hand and this rock circle still stands. After looking long enough, I enter the shrine of rocks.

Have you ever heard thunder speak? Even speak your own name?

Lightning strikes one of the boulders in the shrine with its clapping thunder accompanying the lightning instantly and speaking, verbalizing: " AUS MAE....."

I freeze in shock, petrified alright, but I hear something in the thunder-voice like a tone of friendliness, despite its lethal power, the voice of thunder does not want to harm me, just to speak to me. Kneeling on the wet, stony terrain, I also bow my head and say: " Most Holy Triangle." and right as I say that, that name above all names, the winds blow away, the rains cease, and there is a rush of warm air over me.

" AUS MAE." a second lightning-thunder clap addresses me. " WHY DO YOU FEAR????"

Similar to the light emitted by Thronegazer, a glory or a halo shines in front of me. I see a little of it while my head is still bowing. I bravely look up wanting to see the origin of the halo and when I see who I see standing there my eyes have to blink for my spiritis is not ready to believe what I am seeing.

Elosis, the Son of the Triangle, the Second in the Triangle, He is there standing before me in a great golden robe, a robe colored in a majestic gold and red. Atop Elosis' head is a huge crown studded with tiny burning stars and Elosis is smiling. He was pushed by the Consecrates of old onto a rocketship and launched into space upon being rejected as the Fulfiller of the Everlastis and behind Elosis, there hovers a massive golden triangle.

" Aus Mae my son," I can tie Elosis' nice, gentle voice to the same voice in the thunder. " You have suffered so much."

" Elosis my Lord, it is you." I am welling up in tears upon at least meeting Him.

Elosis places his warm hand on my hair. " You have been through so much Aus Mae and here on this mountain you face much terror."

The warmth of Elosis' hand calms me down, his words are healing too. " Now you may stand and ready yourself. Stand up, Aus Mae." I rise and find I am so much shorter than Elosis, in this manifestation he is like ten feet tall. The Son of the Triangle begins leading me across the Mountain, where we walk it is always warm and there is no harsh wind. It becomes even warmer, even boiling hot for Elosis leads me to a point on the Mountain where there rests a great lava pit.

" What do you see here, Aus Mae?"

" I see a pit of lava."

" It is the will of the Most Holy Triangle for you to go in there. Will you go?"

I had thought Elosis was about to heal me of all the pain I had known from the Consecrates and from the Darkne unless he meant diving into this lava pit would cleanse me of those scars. By that notion, I hesitated looking down at the bubbling magma then stepped inside it. Oh, it burned my clothes and skin alright then the pit just pulled me in. I am screaming so loud as the excruciating pain just fills all of me. Now, I am head deep in the lava feeling as if I am disintegrating into ashes.

No. Something happens to me. Something transformative. The lava only strips me of the weaker layers of my outer flesh. Now having a much stronger me exposed I use my newly unveiled power to push my arms out through the top layer of the lava pit. I am rising up out of the pit. I may look charred and horrible, but I am anew with little flames flickering off my skin and smoke coming up off my head.

I am in pain, terrible pain. But the pain does not hold me down. I almost love the pain I am in. Rain comes down, a rain that is soft and comforting to my charred skin. It is like a shower from the skies I can walk through while I walk with my bare feet across the Mountain's floor. The rain increases slightly. I stand for a second allowing the rain to soak into me. Suddenly, I am struck by a bolt of lightning meant to add to my transformation. I scream loud again as the lightning pierces me and fills me with energy.

The lightning refines my skin and body, polishes me, smoothing me out so I am no longer charred and just walking molten ash. I am like a silver metallic now. Wounds from my time spent in the lava pit are all healing and my eyes aglow with lightning energy.

" AUS MAE..." sounds another rumble of thunder from behind me. Elosis is nowhere to be seen. I do see that great golden triangle that I saw behind Elosis, the triangle is levitating over the Mountain, three bright stars shine at the triangle's points. This must be a true presence of the Most Holy Triangle for He speaks to me now not with thunder but with the Spirit's voice which penetrates into me.

" Do you know what your name means, Aus Mae?"

" No, great Spirit."

" You Waymaker. You will make way for My Son Elosis when He returns in the Reign of the Triangle."

As the Spirit says this to me, two white angular wings stretch outward from within my back, the same sort of wings that Thronegazer had, only smaller. The wings stretch out until they are fully extended. I exercise the wings flapping ability, getting accustomed to using the wings. I find it to be easy to move them though it takes some effort with my back muscles.

" Waymaker...go to Tpedet. You must fly to Tpedet. There you will find the help you need to save Macron."

" I must fly....through space?"

The presence of the Most Holy Triangle fades off, vanishes once I finish my question not an instant before the Mountain of Undying Winds begins quaking. The entire Mountain is shaking for some strange reason. If this be a indication from the Spirit of the Triangle to get flying, I look up at the eclipsed sky, flap my wings a few times then attempt a take off. I succeed in leaving the Mountain finding flight to be a method of riding winds and now in my transformed body I do not need air, I can just scale the atmosphere. So I ascend through the clouds finding that I have a halo, that my body sheds light, my wings give off light allowing me to see around and before me. I know I have an impossibly long and difficult journey ahead of me, all the way across the Systemis.

And Macron, my precious home planet, all in darkness. Somewhere down there be my parents, did the Memnisians slay them? The Viziozm, what happened to that thing? Scizzormama, where is she hiding? Roheca, what happened to you? I shed a few tears as I can see behind me Macron in its eclipse. I will come back for you world of my birth, I am the Waymaker now.

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