Runes of Fate

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All I ever tried to do was stay off the radar, keep my head down and be a good little thief. Nothing flashy. No need for magic. Try and stay nice and safe far far away from witches, familiars and everything that comes with them. To bad I had to look in the mirror once in while. In the end there was no hiding my runes, my magic and my fate. I am Cinnia and I have the Coven Council breathing down my neck, three drool worthy sexy familiars sniffing around and an uncontrollable magic embedded in my flesh that wants to destroy the world. But hey at least there is Pizza! And by the way, you can call me Sin.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1- Sucker Punch

“But she doesn’t have any magic!, I mean why is she even here?”

I had been hearing a version of this for the last two years and the knowledge that I would be hearing it for at least one more had my head on a low throb. I hate the first day of school. I started to form my 1,557th plan to get expelled. It was possible that I might just implement my back up plan named, Code: Blow The Place UP.

I had very little magic or non magic skills for that matter but I was really good at blowing things up. Really. Fucking. Good. The voice of my current tormentor was coming from an extremely pretty half fae witch named Corrilyne Featherwater otherwise known as Cori, demon from hell. I felt a little bad thinking that since I had a friend who was a demon from hell and he would have been highly insulted. Sorry Wollen I thought.

Cori had now gathered quite a crowd down in front of the classroom. The instructor had not arrived yet so she was standing on the slightly raised platform in the auditorium style room. Putting on her little hate on me show. I was sitting about five rows up dead center doing my best to look bored. This was my second best skill. Poker faced bored. It was not that hard since I was bored. Her perky high pitched voice went on about how I was a bottom feeder orphan without family or coven (true) and how I had no magic (not true) and what little magic I had was useless (not exactly true just unpredictable and hard to manage in a apocalyptic soul sucking destroy the world way). Bla Bla Bla. Nothing I had not heard before. There were only a few long time students in the class me, Cori and the Bedstone twins. Everyone else was new, and very much enjoying the show

“I mean this is a year three advanced witches practicum and why would she even be here? This class is to learn from each other and she can’t practice magic. She is a nobody and this class if for the elite coven witches and familiars. I mean really” This last was said with a deep sigh and dramatic sweeping gesture with her arm in my direction as if she was trying to scrape me off of the bottom of her shoe.

In response, I placed my scuffed black Fry shit kickers on the top of the seat in front of me, slouched down and pulled the hood of my sweatshirt, that read “F--K OFF I’M BUSY” over my head.Best to look the part.

To be fair it really was not a school in the strict definition of school. It was more like a cross between Hogwarts for adults, a military training facility and speed dating (OK hold on and stay with me I promise to explain that) Most witches do not stay for so long at one school. There were three really good schools of which this was one and people usually moved each year or semester around from one to the other, not to mention the schools that were not so good. Cori was here because she was a total bitch and the word had gotten out. Her requests to transfer had all been denied. The Bedstone twins had requested to stay for reasons that they kept to themselves and I was stuck here by official decree of the International Witches Coven Council. My options were this school, a facility for the mentally ill or jail. I was currently seriously considering jail. The hope was that in the three years here I would come to figure out how to use my power and transform into a model coven witch! What I had done in response was to refuse to use any of my power, for very good reasons. I did not trust the fucking coven council and I did not trust this school to keep me and the other students safe. Suffice to say I was really good at not using or showing my magic. I had spent most of my life hiding my magic and making me come to this school was not going to change that. But as the instructor for this class walked in I knew my time was up. I had met her before. She was the coven councils lead interrogator and torture master. Mira Fucking Down.

Mira Down looked like an anime lovers wet dream. She looked not unlike Cori as she was a full Fae witch. Just more. Full blooded Fae were more. More skin, more hair, more lips more more more. She had her golden blond hair in a tight bun on the back of her head and was wearing a pair kitten framed reading glasses. She was sporting four inch fuck me pumps, a tight black pencil shirt and a pale pink angora sweater that was helped out by her double D cleavage( like I said, more) and was carrying a folder that looked suspiciously like a class roster. What the fuck? The last time I had seen her was eleven years ago, she had used the very effective motivator of avoiding intense pain to force me to show the coven council what kind of witch I was and what kind of magic I had. I had been nine years old, naked and on full display. She took one look at Cori’s performance formed her perfect red pouty lips into a smile and clapped her manicured hands as if in delight. Do not be fooled by it. She is dangerous, sadistic and will break you without sweating before breakfast. Slowly I put my feet down and straightened to sit up letting the hood of my sweatshirt fall to my back. I laid my hands gently palm down on the desk connected to the chair. There was a predator in the room and I went on high alert. Cori was tone deaf to anything not related to her and her agenda so she did not immediately understand the situation she was in. The Bedstone twins had inched back to the second row sat and swiveled their heads in unison to look at Mira in that Chucky like creepy way they had. All of the other students were standing there looking between Cori and Mira with that group fascination you see when bystanders stand around and watch a car wreck. All except three very tall, hunky muscled guys. These guys moved fast. One to sit by the only window in my row to the left. (escape route one).One to sit by a door in the back row to my right ( escape route two) and one to sit front and center in the first row ( potential diversion tactic in place). As I tracked the eye candy Mira turned her high beam smile on Cori and opened the folder in her hand looked down and then pinned Cori with a gaze that said pain.“ Corrilyne Featherwater!” I cringed and twitched at the tone of her voice not doing a good job of hiding it. I had heard that tone before. The hottie on my left looked at me for a moment, frowning. Cori finally sensing that this might not be going her way (welcome to the party Cori) stepped down from the dais and away from the instructor podium. Mira stepped up to the podium and stopped smiling.

“ Ms. Featherwater please have a seat. You are holding up the class” Cori horrified (she is such a brown noser) quickly seated herself next to the potential chippendale dancer in the front row.

All the other students quickly took a seat scattering as if someone had shot a flare gun in a crowd. Mira scanned the now semi filled classroom with a benign smile that did not fool me finally landing her gaze on me. She kept it there until all the students in the class turned to look at me as well. Cori down in front turned her body completely around in her chair to face me with a look of pure fanatic anticipation( Was that drool coming out of her mouth?). Great. Time for act two of the Let’s Shit on Cin’s Head Day. My first instinct was to run, my second was to break down into a puddle of mush but they both passed quickly morphing into anger on it’s way to rage. Fuck her. I was not that scared little kid anymore and yes I knew what she was, unlike the dick heads in the room with me but she had no fucking clue what I was. Not really. I had made damn sure of that which was exactly why she was here, suddenly, as an instructor at my school. No doubt in my mind. I am not saying I am all that nor do I go around thinking everything is about me, I know it’s not, life has taught me that lesson the hard way, but Mira had come for my ass and as she looked at me she made sure I knew it. Fuck.

I leaned forward putting my elbow on the desk and bringing my hand up to brace my chin. I lazily stuck my feet out in front of me and crossed them. Without breaking eye contact I put on my this is all very mildly interesting face and began to strum my fingers on my desk. It sounded like I was beating on a drum in the quiet classroom. Yeah, bitch. Bring It. This lasted for one full minute before I started to sweat and rolling my eyes ( in for a pound!) looked to where the Bedstone twins were waving their hands at me under their desks, again in unison ( how do they do that!) in a gesture that could only mean, Stop. Danger. Go Back! I shrugged at them signaling that I was aware of how fucked I was then shifted my eyes to tall hunky muscled guy number 2 sitting behind me to my right who I decided to christen Sexonastick.

Sexonastick was looking at me like I was a piece of genetic code under a microscope his eyes roved over my face and clothes as if I had just landed from Mars. I spent my time looking back as there was a lot to see! He was massive and broad and barely fit in the small chair desk. At least 6 feet if a day. He had pushed the desk up and to the side in order to make room for his huge bulging… thighs?( OK I will go with thighs for now). He had a face that looked like it had been chiseled from granite square and strong and his hair was a bronze brown buzz cut with a hint of beard and goatee. He had eyes the color of fall leaves,hazel green, like just before they turn brown with flecks of yellow. ( Jesus was I a poet now) I jerked my eyes up from his full lips that were set in a straight grim line ( bummer!) back to his eyes and then I knew. God damn it what was it with this day! He was a familiar. I looked quickly over at tall muscled hunky guy number 1 to my left and then straight to the the pontential chippendale dancer sitting in the front row who had swiveled around. Our eyes met and I instantly renamed him Talldarkandhandsome. The three of them were familiars. A familiar triad if I had ever seen one. His dark chocolate brown eyes bored into mine and a hot desire shot right through me straight to my center and down, soaking me in an instant. His eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared as I dragged my eyes away from his. What. The. Hell! Bad idea to catch the attention of familiars. Very bad idea. No more lookey for me! OK they were obviously an extremely yummy alpha elite triad but they were not the only familiars in the room nor were they the only ones I had been in a class with these last two years. This did not have to be a thing. I told myself this despite a cold shiver that ran down my back as if tiny little mice feet of fate were doing an Irish step dance on it.

As Mira introduced herself as, Professor Down. Yeah right. And started to drone on about a syllabus ( downloadable online), course requirements ( magic use disclosure release forms) as well as her high academic expectations (were did she get this stuff?). I took stock of the other students in the room. They were pretty much your run of the mill stuck up coven witches. Other than the sexy triad the only other familiar was a young extremely skinny tallish manboy with thick glasses and long shaggy dirty blonde hair. He was paying close attention to a tiny little witch sitting directly in front of him. She was sneaking little shy looks at me and having caught my eye she smiled in a sweet way that made me worried for her overall health and safety.

Mira finished by reminding us that the class was a magic practicum and that each of the students would be using their magic to demonstrate the different species of witches, as well as to provide the time to use magic with and against each other. I did mention that I was fucked?

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