Mystical Magic

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"Run you have to live, to survive"those were her last words, her last request. As Arabel sets forth to escape her hunter it is been proved quite the task. But let's add a group of teenage anomalie kidnappers who annoy the hell out of you and an amazing good looking boy who you're starting to fall for, oh and the end of the world as well. Will the magical group of anomalies save the world of it's destruction or will they add fuel to the ongoing fire. The path she takes is of deception and pain. Her heart cannot decide for her anymore, for so far it has led her astray. in the end will she able to save or destroy? Live or die?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Sometimes I hear things, see stuff that are unimaginable but then the explanation behind all of this comes to me, all too slowly.

I hear the rustling of dead leaves, the cold wind trying to take hold of me peice by peice and then I hear the crushing of dead soil making it even more lifeless than it already is. Needles prickling my body all over, all the air that remained snuffed out of my body. And vaguely I feel a shadow behind me, which isn't mine. And that's when I realized that I wasn't alone.

When you want to die, when you can't bear the fear any anymore that death becomes the only heaven to you. You're already dead. Your heartbeat ringing in your ears, your whole body becoming weaker and lifeless and your mind screaming to let go of all this misery makes you think that you are truly dying.

But the body has a mind of its own so you tend to escape from death. So you run as long as it takes.

Sometimes you tend to be happy when the body takes control rather than your mind but I know that the body can be controlled by another being other than yourself. That's how she died and that's why since then I've always felt helpless, for what good am I if I couldn't even save the only person I loved in this world?

I could feel the warmth of the tears that fill my eyes making my vision all foggy and weathered. But I didn't let the tears fall for I don't want to show any weakness to my enemy. My own breathing sounded like a rasp. My heart was beating faster than that I was running. The blood ringing in my ears made me see black spots. I knew I was on the brink of collapsing. But I had to keep going. For her sake I had to keep going.

Have you been in instances in which you run and run and you have dreams of escape? That you can hide and stay safe forever? Well unfortunately what came true for me was the nightmare I long since expected.

Some people say that there are things that go on forever. They're are wrong for everything ends.

If there was immortality life was as good as death. She always said that to me a sentence in particular which I never understood. But now I do.

As I run the wind slashing, the inanimate attacking, I see the roads' end, as well as the limit of my energy I can source upon for my escape.

The road I've taken has ended. A bottomless void of death stands before me. My hunters footsteps are drawing nearer and as was my demise. It was ironical I survived so long to have my life end by his hands in the end.

I chuckle darkly. And after a few minutes I just flip my head back and laugh. So fate would have me dead even though I tried so hard to prevent it? Even though I tried so hard to keep her promise, her last wish.?Fate dares laugh at me?

Aha! So fate decides for me does it? Well, we'll see about that.

The footsteps behind me have come to a halt. And I whirl around to see my hellion.

A hooded male, skin pale as ivory, eyes a bluish silver stares at me. He has sharp cheekbones. I can tell even though most of his face is hooded.

"So the prey has finally given up has it?" He clicks his tongue with obvious disappointment.

I stare at him defiantly. I can't fight him off for I have neither the practise nor the energy. It will only take a few minutes for him incapacitate me and get ahold of my mind. And I only have few seconds to think of an escape.

But there isn't any escape I can take and my decision was made as soon as I saw the bottomless canyon.

I could say that I tried to live and failed, I could beg for forgiveness for what had happened to her.....I could finally see her again, on the other side. And maybe death wouldn't hurt so much as it seemed to be if all that were possible.

After gazing my fill at him. I smirk. I would be remembered by him as not the girl who was a coward to live but a girl who had smiled at death and welcomed it without fear.

I take a step back and let gravity do the rest for me. As I fall into death. I could hear his ear piercing howl of defeat. Which echoed around me making me think that I've won, that I've won this battle that had lost someone dear to me.

But deep within I knew the sad truth of my decision. I didn't win anything other than my death.

I close my eyes as I finally surrender to the exhaustion I've had long since suffered. And as I lose consciousness, as I close my eyes, the last of what I saw was a hint of light and then everything went black.

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