The Journey of Dimisha and her Mysterious Crutch

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People always asks questions. Whether it's a five years old boy or a ninety years old man, they always asks questions. But more important thing is that how much efforts we are putting to find the answers of those questions. Dimisha, is the girl who has recently realized that her life is a secret and filled with mysteries. That's why she has decided to get out of her house and find out all the secrets about her. Her journey of this, is filled with adventures and dangers. She has seen things that no one will ever going to believe.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

It’s a dark night of no moon. During this time, the jungle has become much more scarier. The sounds of different types of dangerous predators are echoing all around. A man is standing in the middle of the jungle holding a kerosene lamp. Towards his right there is a long stairs made of stones going up. The stones are just attached there. It’s not properly arranged. Then an another man came . He is wearing a shawl all over.

“have you found it?” the man waiting there asked with a spark of excitement in his eyes

“yes, I did”, the other man replied removing the shawl. He showed the other man a crutch and said again,” is this what you are looking for, right?”

It’s an wooden crutch , not too long. The crutch seems very old.

“are you sure this is going to work?” ,the man whispered to other man

“I have no doubt in that”, the other man replied observing the crutch . He moved his lamp towards the stairs and said again,

“let’s go then, I can’t wait”

Both of them starts walking. There is a high speed cold wind blowing .The kerosene lamp is the only source of light for them. The moon is completely hidden under the cloud. They moved up very carefully. The stairs are too long. It took more time than they have expected to reach at the top . The hair-raising situation plus the hard work made them tired. Both of them have started to breath heavily standing at the top. They are out of breath. They hold for moment to get their breath back. There is a temple at the top. They are standing in front of the door of the temple. It’s a double door and It’s closed. The man brings the lamp close to the door and started searching something on it. He moved his other hand all around the door. His hand suddenly stopped moving while he touched something small and moveable object. It’s attached to the door with a knot. The man rotate the object. Actually it’s a cover to a whole. By seeing the object , he gave an amusing smile to the other man.

“what is it? Have you found something?” ,the other asked with a tone of excitement.

" This is it, I have found it, give me the crutch”, the man whispered to other one

Other one gave him the crutch. He took the crutch and handed him the lamp. The man pushed the pointy bottom part of the crutch inside the hole and rotate half a circle. The door made a sound . They looked each other and gave a smile of relief. He removed the crutch and pushed the door to open it completely.

“hold it”, the man gave the crutch back to the other man . He took the lamp back from him.

The inside of the temple is darker than outside. They are a little scared to set foot inside. The man stretched the hand holding the lamp inside the temple without entering it. He tried to see if there is something dodgy.

“is it okay to get in ?“, the other man whispered.

" I think so” , the man replied with an uncertainty.

He said again,” Give me the crutch and you also keep your hand on it ” . He extended the other hand.

Both of them hold the crutch . They took a deep breath and pushed themselves inside the temple. It’s completely dark inside. The inside of the temple is quite idiosyncratic. There is no statue or anything that worshipped. This dingy room has nothing else but pillars. So far they can see on the pale light of the lamp, it’s just pillars. Big pillars with anomalous arts on it.

“We are in the correct place”, the man said with confidence.

“but how are we going to find out the right one?” the other man asked

“don’t worry, every pillar has a picture drawn on it. It’s not just a motif, it’s describing what is trapped inside. Each pillar has an unique drawing on it. We just have to find the correct one , you got it?” the man asked throwing light of the lamp to the other man’s face.

The other one nodded his head in a gesture of agreeing .

They have started to inspect the pillars one after one.

" we should have come on day light ” , the man said. The man holding the lamp, gave the other man a resentful look at what he has just said. He said again, ” are you joking, you know well what are we playing with. Coming in the day light is a suicide ”

The other man has felt a little embarrassed. he tried to explain,” I am just saying that..”

“stop fooling around and make yourself useful “, the other man said without letting him finished what he was saying. The other man become silent and started to inspect the pillars again. They have searched several pillars and finally found the one they are looking for. They shared a look of joy.

" look this is the one”, the man whispered to the other

" are you sure”, the other man also whispered

" more than anything, I have studied the drawings thousands time by myself ” the man said holding the lamp close to the pillar. He touched the pillar with his hand. For a moment , he is like lost in the picture. Just keep looking and looking emotionally.

“let’s not waste time, our destination is not so far from us “, he said again taking a deep breath.

The man holding the lamp bent down and gave a close look to the bottom of the pillar. The pillar is full of symbols drawn on it. His eyes stopped at the last symbol. It’s a symbol of crutch tilted a little towards right.

“that’s it, this is the mark”, the man said with excitement

He handed the lamp to other man and took the crutch in his hand. With the crutch he holds for a second and then started to hit the pillar, exactly at the place where crutch is drawn. After hitting three -four times, the mark of crutch has got a crack . He stopped hitting. There is something black liquid like substance started to come out of it. He quickly take a bottle out , made of bamboo and catch all the liquid in it. The man pour the last drop of it in to the bottle.

When the liquid stops flowing from the pillar, he show it the liquid to the other man and said ,“look, this is the blood of the demon. Do you know what does this mean?. ” Then he closed the bottle.

" treasure of hell is close to us” , he said loudly raising his both of his hands.

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