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The orange of the sunset is shining into my room as I sit on the side of my bed holding my hip where a massive bruise has claimed its place thanks to Charlie and his harsh incoming. Honestly, he is the rudest person or, angel I’ve ever met. No one asked him to be here and I’m rather doubtful that he wants to be here. I can still feel the pain running down my back and I’m sure there are scratches and cuts not to mention a bruise on it. It’s been around 20 minutes since Mika put me in my room after the incident, but, I made him leave due to Alex being alone with two angels. I could imagine how awkward she would have felt if he stayed with me.

I hear the door swing open causing me to swing my head around to see Charlie holding on to the handle. We catch each other’s glance, but, I refuse to look like the smaller person so I keep staring. He walks into the room shutting the door quietly as if he’s not supposed to be in here, “Jamie yeah?” He asks not turning around from the door.

“What do you want?” I hiss as I stand up gasping in pain, but, push through it. He looks at me as I gasps and hold on to the bed post.

He turns his body around a scowl on his face, “how old are you?” He asks as he takes a few steps towards the balcony, his eyes still on me. What is his problem with me?

“20. Why does that matter? How old are you?” I ask raising an eyebrow.

He stops in front of the balcony staring out the doors, “17.” He mumbles, “You shouldn’t keep your balcony doors open, you really are an idiot,” he snickers to himself.

He died at 17? Wait, no he wouldn’t have. He died when he was younger and is still aging as an angel until he’s 22. That’s what Jasper is doing, the same as Mika, “How old were you when you died?” I ask a little abruptly, but, I don’t care. I know he isn’t here to talk kindly with me. He wants to say something, but, I want to speak first.

He rolls his eyes looking at me, “17.” His orange hair shinning in the light.

My mouth drops open, “I thought you kept aging, or have you died recently? Tell me,” I order as I step forwards making him smirk slightly.

“You really can control the dead,” he nods amused, “you only age if God or Hades thinks you need to be stronger physically and 22 is the limit he ages you too if you’re under it,” he shrugs, “but, I didn’t need aging so I’m the youngest guardian in heaven that’s stopped aging.” He’s really that strong? Is that why Alex was scared of him when he came down? “Okay, enough of this friendly talk,” he groans as he walks towards me making me step backwards, “you will die,” my eyes widen as he threatens me, “how strong do you think you are? How do you expect to survive in this world let alone the underworld if you aren’t strong?” He asks. I take another step back, I feel like I’m shrinking under his frame. I’m the mouse and he’s the cat.

“U-uh… I’ve been learning,” I stutter as my body starts to tremble as my back comes in contact with the wall sending a shock of pain down my back causing a yelp to leave my lips.

“Learning? That’s pathetic. You have such high expectations of yourself,” he growls as he slams his hand against the wall right next to my head. I flinch, but, I keep eye contact with him, not showing my fear.

“You can’t hurt me intentionally, you’re an angel,” I smirk as I look up at him crossing my arms across my chest, but, he only chuckles sliding his hand down the wall, “what’s so funny?” I spit.

He shakes his head, “you seriously think you’re good?” He asks giving me a side smirk. I stare at him completely confused, of course I’m a good guy, I’ve never hurt anyone, “you do… oh my,” his eyes widen in amazement.

“I have never hurt anyone before, I have only protected them, Ask Mika yourself,” I growl getting pissed off. Who does he think he is?

“You’re evil Jamie. Even if you aren’t at this very minute, you are doomed to be, I don’t see why I don’t just end you now and stop this,” He snickers before stepping forwards and pinning me against the wall, his hands on my shoulders.

I place my hands on his chest and push him off, “that will start a fucking war,” I growl causing him he shrug mumbling the word, ‘profanity’ under his breath.

“We won the last one, why would it matter?” He asks before turning around and walking towards the orange light shining through the open balcony doors yet again, “and don’t use that language with me,” he snaps crossing his arms across his chest.

I walk towards him grabbing him by the collar throwing him completely off guard, “A. Fucking. War,” I growl out once again. He places his hands over mine trying to pry them off his shirt. An unsatisfied look still plastered on his face, “Mika, my Mika, would die. Alex would die, YOU would die,” I put emphasis on the, ‘you’ making him look down at me slightly pissed off. Why doesn’t he care? How does he feel about Jasper…? He came down to save him, “Jasper will die.” I mumble letting go of his shirt allowing him to reach up and straighten it back out.

“Jasper won’t die!” He whisper yells taking me off guard slightly, “I won’t let him, a sibling doesn’t let another sibling die,” He furrows his eyebrows in anger before smirking slightly, “but, you would know all about that, wouldn’t you?” Annabelle, Parker… How dare he?! I loved and cared for my siblings! I hate this guy, I hate him!

My hands comes up and grips around his throat picking him up in anger, the floor coming up next to me causing a loud ripping of wood to be heard, “Take that back!” I scream causing him to cough and grasp onto my wrists, his eyes wide, “I said, TAKE IT BACK!” My words scream out a harsh tone in them.

He tries to put his feet on the floor, but, fails, “I t-take it b-back,” he gasps for air, I can feel his pulse against my hand a feeling of excitement running through me, this is so exhilarating. I have the power, the ability to kill him and I can play with that. I tighten my grip around him, the floor boards breaking into small sharp fragments pointing at his face inching closer and closer before snapping my head to the door to see Mika, Alex and Jasper. Alex automatically screams while Mika loosens his muscles giving me a warm slightly impressed smile, okay, really impressed smile.

“Jamie! Stop please!” Jasper begs as he puts his hands up trying to calm me down, fear written all over his face. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m about to kill him, or because of the shards of wood. Wait… I turn my head to look at the wood. Oh my god, what the fuck? I let go of his throat causing him to fall on the ground to his knees.

I scream as I hurry back, the shards falling to the floor, “oh shit,” Mika mumbles as he runs to me, his eyes wide. Thousands of words are filling my head right now, what the hell was that?! I didn’t even notice my control over it, I’m scared, really scared, “Jamie calm down!” Mika yells slightly trying to be heard over my screams. I shake my head looking around frantically, eyes wide.

He places his hands on my shoulder making me stand still and look up at him, “M…ik…a?” I stutter as I look behind him and to Jasper who is kneeling next to Charlie hand on his shoulder. Suddenly he looks at me and purses his lips a sad expression on his face.

Mika embraces me as he strokes me head, I feel a pulse of warmth come from his body, “mh,” he groans as if it caused him pain. I go to speak, but, he cuts me off, “you didn’t know you were doing that?” He asks as he pulls away holding my shoulders looking down at me.

I shake my head, “no, all I know is I was angry, I still fucking am!” My voice rises as the words leave my lips. I look behind Mika glaring at Charlie. Why is Jasper so concerned about him? And what did that brat say about them being siblings?

“You started it you imp,” he growls making me lunge forwards, but, get stopped by strong arms grabbing my shoulders tighter, “Mika, restrain your damn dog.”

Jasper punches Charlie in the stomach, “shut up you dickhead,” he groans in annoyance. My eyes widen as my face softens watching Jasper punish Charlie. Did Jasper just do that…? Charlie coughs and scrunches his face up, “now calm down.”

I smirk and poke my tongue out at Charlie before having it grabbed by Mika, “put it away,” he chuckles still holding it.

I look down at it, “I caunt,” I try to speak, but, it was pretty clear if I’m honest. He lets g of it and laughs before turning around and looking at Charlie then back to me, “he started it,” I mumbles crossing my arms.

“I did not!” He yells as he stands up holding his throat rubbing it soothingly, not too weak am I now huh Charlie.

I glare at him, “shut you damn mouth,” I growl as I fight them urge to strangle him again. Who does this kid think he is?

“You both need to shut up,” Mika mumbles running his hands down his face in annoyance. I snap my head to him, my lips pursed. He removes his hands from his face and peers down at me, “shit. I um,” he stumbles on his words making me roll my eyes.

“Everyone needs to shut up,” Alex groans running her fingers through her hair before crossing her arms across her chest. We all snap our heads to her, since when was she there? Mika goes to speak, “shut it Mika, say, when was the last time you ate?” She asks making me furrow my eyebrows in confusion. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen him eat. All I’ve seen him drink is tea.

He shrugs, “I can deal with it,” he rubs the nape of his neck, “wait, what the hell does that have to do with anything?” He asks.

“I said shut it,” she rolls her eyes and steps towards Charlie slapping him, “I’m only going to the toilet my ass,” He grabs his cheek before swinging around and hitting her back, but, Jasper grabs his wrist.

“For god’s sake Charlie, stop this violence,” For the first time, Jasper growls angrily causing shivers to run up my spine.

I look at Mika slowly to see him watching them. I tap his chest making him look at me, “what are we going to do about the floor?” I ask looking at the floor I ripped up.

He looks at it, “I guess we make you angry again and you fix it?” He looks back at me making me look at him in disbelief. He doesn’t want me angry, “okay, bad idea.” He purses his lips before furrowing his eyebrows. He looks so cute when he thinks, it’s really attractive… I lean up and place a kiss on his lips making him jump slightly. I open my eyes to see his wide open in shock. I pull my lips away a blush forming over my cheeks.

“Okay, that’s our cue,” Alex claps her hands before grabbing Charlie’s shirt pulling him out the room, “we must leave these two alone.”

My face heats up even more as Jasper stares at me, an expression on his face I can’t understand. I smile warmly at him before winking playfully. His cheeks flush with a crimson red before turning and hurrying out the room, what was that about? “Sorry,” I mumble looking up at Mika.

He shakes his head and grabs my chin softly, “you just caught me off guard, that’s all,” he smiles as he places his lips on mine snaking his hands around my waist. This is a dramatic turn of events… I reach up and grab his face pulling him closer to me. He lightly pushes me up against the wall making me whimper as the back in my back. Quickly he pulls back, “Jamie, if you’re in pain, I don’t want to get carried away…” He mumbles looking down at me worry in his eyes.

I shake my head and place my hands on the back of his neck, “we won’t,” I smile connecting out lips again. His lips move against mine before he harshly grabs my bottom lip between his teeth asking for access. I oblige and open my mouth allowing his tongue to explore my mouth. I can’t believe how right this feels… The way it just fits together, it’s just amazing. I run my fingers through his hair as we continue to kiss. Slowly he de attaches his lips and kisses my jaw line causing a moan to come up my throat, I stifle it back and tilt my head to the side giving him more access to my neck. I feel his warm lips kiss down my neck causing me to slightly pull at his hair in pleasure, suddenly he scrapes his teeth down my neck, but, they’re sharp, oddly sharp… I push him away quickly staring at him in horror. Was the hell was that?! He holds his hand over his mouth as if he’s hiding something.

“Mika…?” I ask slowly reaching up to his hand to look, but, he steps back before turning around and running out the room shutting the door quietly behind him, “what just happened…?”

I decide to let him calm down for a minute, so I walk over to my balcony shutting the double doors, the night air hitting me straight in the face. I hope he’s okay… That was terrifying don’t get me wrong, but, he seemed even more frightened than I was, which frightens me. I wonder if Alex knows anything about this. I turn away from the doors holding my body worrying about him, my room falls silent as I get lost in thought when a gagging sound is heard from outside my door. I hurry to my door swinging it open to hear the noise more clearly, vomiting being heard from the room next to me, Mika… I stand at the front of his bedroom door trying to re-gain my courage, “Mika?” I ask softly as I place my hand on the door, no answer. “Mika? Are you in there?” I ask one last time before turning the door knob.

“No Jamie! Don’t come in.” He begs as his voice is heard gasping for air as if he is in pain, but, demons don’t feel pain as strong as humans.

Worry surges through me causing me to swing the door open, “What’s wrong?” I stop in my tracks when I see him kneeling in a pool of his own blood, it dripping from his mouth, “Oh god…” I mumble as I take a step towards him to see more clearly, but, he snaps his head away.

Quickly he puts his hand up to stop me from walking, “Why did you open the door? I told you not too!” He growls, but, leans forwards coughing up more of his blood. I run towards him, he snaps his head towards me, “get out right now. You were never supposed to see this.” He swallows hard as he gags once more.

Stopping in my tracks, I shake my head, “See what Mika? What’s going on?” My words pleading for an answer. It is then I get to take a good look at him. His eyes bright red, teeth just like a vampires fangs hung out his mouth, the hair that hung over his face dripping with blood just like his chin. My body freezes in fear, what has he done? My eyes meet his pure red ones, him not saying a word, “Talk to me, what is going on? Is this because you haven’t eaten?” I run and fall to my knees next to him.

He turns his head away once again, obviously afraid of being close to me in his fragile state, “Yes. Demons drink blood and souls to survive, but, since I’m in a contract with you, I can’t eat anyone’s soul, not that I want to in the first place.” He speaks with a slight chuckle. I go to speak, but, he leans forward once again to throw up blood.

“Mika!” I yelp as I place my left hand on his shoulder and my right on his back. Without hesitation, he pulls away quickly falling against the wall, 3 feet away from me. My hands stay in the position he had rejected them in, “Let me help you.” I speak softly placing my hand down. I feel a warm and thick liquid seep between my fingers, I look down to see my hands in his blood. My eyes find his to see him staring at my hands.

“You can’t do anything. Just leave please.” He begs, I hate to see him beg. Slowly I crawl towards him sitting in front of him, he tries to move away, but, he can’t.

“D-drink this.” I stutter as I roll up my sleeve, my wrist in front of his face. His mouth opens slightly, but, his hands still stay tightly wrapped around his body. I nudge it forward trying to convince him, slowly he unwraps his right arm and takes hold of my wrist, horror taking over me, but, I refuse to show it.

“NO!” He screams as he pushes my arm away, “I won’t do it!” I stay staring at him, my tears threatening to spill, “I won’t hurt a human non deserving of it. Even if they were, I couldn’t drink them, let alone eat them.” Has he really not eaten for so long?

“Please… You have to.” I sob as he stays looking down at his legs, “I’m not ordering you to do this Mika. I want you to know that I purely want you to make this decision knowing I want you to be okay.” I swallow hard hoping to god, he drinks it. The silence engulfs the room as he quickly looks up at me gasping slightly, his mouth hung open. His eyes have turned back to their ocean blue as I push my wrist back in front of him, “Please.”

“It’s not like you to beg mistress.” He chuckles as he coughs once again, “I don’t want to drink blood.” He shakes his head looking me dead in the eye, but, I know he needs it and I can see he knows it too.

I smile slightly, a breathy chuckle leaving my lips, “Because you don’t want to, or because it’s me?” I ask softly as I lean in closer to him giving him more access. He goes to speak, but, his voice gets caught in his throat. That’s the only answer I need, “I just want you to live.” I whisper as my body comes in contact with his bloody one.

He hums in response, still not sure whether he should or not. He looks down at my wrist and back up to me, causing me to smile signalling he can drink it. Slowly he grabs my wrist bringing it towards his mouth. My blood begins to race faster around my body as fear engulfs me. I rest my head on his left shoulder as he holds my left wrist, my right hand stroking his head. I watch him closely as a sharp pain, not as worse as the time he engraved the symbol into me, ran up my arm. I squeeze my eyes shut as I stop moving my hand in his hair and slightly pull at it. I feel the grip on my wrist become tighter as if he knows the pain I’m feeling. I can feel the blood leaving my body, the teeth in my skin almost touching my bone, but, I can bare it. He continues to drink it for a few more minutes as my fingers untangle themselves from his blonde hair and I turn my head to rest my forehead against his shoulder. Suddenly the pain ends as does his grip on my wrist. He lets go of my wrist and wipes his mouth, “I-I’m sorry…” He mumbles as he turns his head to see me resting mine on his shoulder.

I shake my head and pull it away to look up at him, “No, I-I don’t mind… You need this at least once a day. Please let m-“ I start, but, he cuts me off.

“No Jamie. I did it this once, I’m not doing this again.” He mumbles once again as he closes his eyes.

I sigh heavily not wanting to do this, “As your mistress,” I start to command him, his pleas for me to stop making my heart break, “I order you to drink,” He shakes his head as he opens his eyes and looks at me almost crying, “every night from my veins.” I finish speaking and he falls silent.

“A-as you wish…” He whispers as he looks away from me and down to his hands in his lap, his blonde hair falling over his eyes. I see a small smile cross his lips warming my heart.

I giggle slightly as lay my head on his shoulder once again, “Mika, Mika, Mika.” I sigh as I stare at the wounds on my wrist, “What am I ever going to do with you…” I hear a soft chuckle leave his lips as my words leave my own.

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