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The sun shines through the window as my head rests on someone’s shoulder, my wrist throbbing. I flutter my eyes open to see Mika sitting next to me, soft snores leaving his lips. My eyes trail down to my wrist to see bite marks, memories fill my mind from last night, and what did I get myself in to? I lift my head off his shoulder and stand up, planting my feet carefully due to the dizziness. I look back at him to see him still asleep, so I walk out the room and down the stairs to hear Charlie, Jasper and Alex talking. What are they going on about? I stop at the edge of the lounge room door and listen.

“If we let her fight alone, she’ll die,” Alex sighs.

“I’m fighting with her, and I know Mika will too,” Jasper chimes in.

“I’m out,” Charlie abruptly speaks making me chew the inside of my cheeks in annoyance.

Jasper hums, “I don’t want you getting involved with a fight like this Lee,” he mumbles, my eyes widening in surprise, “you’re too important to the heavens and me,” he continues. Has Jasper fallen for Charlie? No, he’s not gay, he always had crushes when he was alive… Although, Times change.

Charlie sighs, “If you’re fighting, I’m fighting. But, not for her, for you.” Is this what he meant when he called Jasper his brother?

“Okay, great, we’ll need to gather some trust worthy warriors,” Alex speaks quickly as if she just cut someone off, “how about Levi?” She asks. Levi? Silence fills the room, “guys, you got any better ideas? He’s a fucking psychopath, he’d be better on our side. I don’t want to fight against the bastard.” Her voice holds a tone of fear, is he a demon or angel…?

“Na uh,” Charlie cuts in, “I am not fighting with him, remind me why he isn’t in purgatory?” He groans.

Okay, this is enough, “morning guys,” I yawn as I throw my arms up in the air stretching. They snap their head towards me a smile playing on Jasper face.

“Morning Jay,” he smiles, but, that soon fades when his eyes land on my wrist. I pull my arms down and let them drop next to me, “Mika’s not up? I guess he ate too much last night,” he growls not taking his eyes off my wrist.

I slowly grab my wrist hiding the marks, I’m an idiot, “she’s as stupid as she looks,” Charlie chuckles as he leans back in his chair glaring at me.

“Shut it Charlie, remember what she did to you? Yeah, I wouldn’t piss her off again,” Alex chuckles as she looks at me and at my neck, “did he, um, ask?” She swallows hard as he looks back at my eyes.

I shake my head and smile sadly, “no, I made him.” A silence fills the room as everyone stares at me making me feel uncomfortable, “Well anyway, who’s Levi? Some demonic psychopath?” I ask a smirk on my face as I look at Charlie.

“You sneaky brat,” Charlie growls as he fidgets in his chair obviously controlling the urge to hurt me, “you were listening.”

I nod keeping my smirk on my face pissing him off, “yeah, Levi is a good fighter, he also makes contracts, but, you ask any other demon or angel, he should be in purgatory,” Jasper complains, “he’s well known for his slaughters, that’s why I don’t find it ideal to let him help us.”

“Would you rather fight with or against him?” Alex cuts in making Jasper freeze and Charlie cross his arms, swinging his leg over his knee. The boys stay quiet, “exactly, now how do we summon him?” She asks resting her cheeks in her hands.

I don’t want to be on a team with someone who is known for his slaughters, I already have to deal with Charlie, wait, “why do we need him? It’s not like we’re going to war?” I ask a slight laugh leaving my lips. They stay quiet and look at me, even Charlie seemed a little scared, “dang,” is all that leaves my lips. My heart stops beating as my body feels cold from fear, great, all these people are going to die because of me. I can’t control my abilities, I can’t protect them.

“It would be against the demons and you if you try to disobey Hades and not go with him, and chances are, that’s what you’re doing,” Alex sighs looking away from me.

“Why are angels getting involved?” I ask looking at a bored Charlie before my eyes lock with Jaspers, “You shouldn’t have to fight because of me.”

Jasper smiles and stands up walking over to me before sitting on the edge of the couch then falling back onto it, his head on my lap. A slight giggle leaves my lips, reminding me of the times he used to muck around like this, “I was going to either way, but, God is a little demanding when it comes to saving the world and heaven from Hades grasp, so, while I’m here, Charlie was sent down to help fight the devil himself,” he uses sarcasm as he speaks about God. I missed him so much…

“So, we are going to get more hands to help, Levi and another Angel,” Charlie mumbles, shivering at the mention of Levi’s name. I can see something else about Levi is bothering him, not the fact he’s a cold blooded killer, but, something else, as if they have history.

“But, none of this matters if we can’t get a hold of Levi!” Alex groans throwing her head back in the chair trying to think of something.

I place my hands on Jasper chest, tapping some random beat on him, “you said he does contracts,” I remind her making Charlie lean forward in his chair to listen to me and where I’m about to go with this. Alex hums, “what if someone makes a contract with him? Specifically asking for him,” Alex spreads her finger from her eyes and peers out them.

“You’re the only one that can make a contract, well, pretend to make a contract. He has no way of knowing she’s in one,” She states, almost talking to herself.

“Nope, she’s not doing it,” Jasper cuts in looking up at me, worry in his eyes, “my job is to protect her and sending her to talk with a psychopath is the opposite,” he protests.

I stop tapping on his chest, “I’m down for it, and after all, he won’t know I’m playing him.”

“You have some serious balls lady,” Charlie scoffs before leaning back in the chair, “Jasper, shouldn’t we do it before Mika wakes up? He would flip if he was here when we did it,” He has a point, Mika wouldn’t be very happy if he knew what we were doing. A sick feeling runs through my body as I think about lying to Mika.

“Did anyone just listen to me?” Jasper cuts in as he sits up angrily, “guys, she’s not doing that,” he barks making us all look at him.

“Doing what?” Mika asks as he steps into the room rubbing his eyes. A smile crosses my face as I look at him, crap, my bloods on the side of his mouth…

We all look at him accept Charlie who looks down and sighs, “We need Levi.” Is all that leaves Alex’s mouth before looking away from him.

Mika blinks before looking at me, “how are we supposed to get him? No one knows where he is,” he starts as he sits next to me grabbing my hand.

“That’s where your beloved comes in,” Charlie rolls his eyes uncrossing his arms. Mika snaps his head at me before looking at Charlie, “he is a contract maker, duh.”

Mika automatically tightens the grip on my hand, “you’re kidding me?” He asks as he snaps his head to me, “you’re not doing that,” he commands.

“That’s what I said! Guys, we can’t let her do this!” Jasper barks once again, but, everyone ignores him.

“She has too, he won’t hurt her, he won’t see her as worth it,” Charlie mumbles. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be offended or feel better that he won’t want to kill me.

“Mika please, it was her idea,” Alex sighs leaning her elbows on her knees.

Slowly Mika looks down, “you came up with it?” He whispers to me making me squeeze his hand, placing my other hand over mine, “you want to do this?” He asks, his blonde falling over his eyes.

“Yes baby…” I mumble kissing his cheek before reaching up and wiping my blood of his mouth. He looks up at me as I call him baby, his eyes showing happiness, but, worry still behind them.

Mika stares at me for a few seconds, the room silent, “okay, but, if he hurts you, I want permission to snap his neck,” he points at everyone a sly smile on his lips. I can’t help, but, feel like he’s proud.

“No one ever listens to me,” Jasper sighs, “respect your elders they said, you have more power they said,” He sighs face palming himself.

“Hmm Jasper?” Alex asks, “Did you say something?”

Jasper glares at her, daggers coming from his eyes, “yeah, now you notice me.” I elbow him in the side making him jerk forwards, “what was that for?”

I laugh, “I noticed you,” I smile elbowing him in the side again.

He goes to speak, but, Charlie cuts him off, “okay! Let’s do this then,” He stands quickly starting to leave the room.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Alex asks as we all turn in our seats watching him.

He continues to walk towards the door, “away from Levi,” he raises his hand to his head before pushing it off in a type of salute, “adios omegos!” He calls before swinging the door open.

“Charlie, you’re pathetic. Get your ass back here now,” Mika chuckles making him stop in his tracks. He still holds onto the door handle as he stares down shuffling on his feet. You can almost hear the anger seeping through him, “sit down and help us.”

Slowly he lets go of the door handle and turns around, “if he even so looks at me funny, I will kill you first Mika,” he threatens as he storms back to his seat, but, doesn’t sit down.

Everyone stands up and a flash of light appears around the angels before disappearing, they wear different clothes, the ones they were wearing when Jasper and Mika were battling. Jasper’s battle gear is sort of attractive… Charlie just look bad ass. The demons stare at them, “Good call,” Mika mumbles before black smoke engulfs the demons, before they emerge wearing their battle gear. I feel really left out right now. I can clearly see all their weapons, Charlies definitely the coolest, a scythe, Jaspers a sword that controls lightening, Mika’s, a sword that is engulfed by a blue fire when he is using it while his other hand controls telekinesis, and Alex, who’s hands create lasers that can cut through almost anything. They start to talk of a plan in case things go bad, is this guy really this dangerous? I sit back down on the couch waiting, “are we ready?” Mika asks as he looks at me.

I nod, “yeah, I just need to recite what I said when I summoned you, but, adding his name in, I guess…” I mumble as they all look at me. I lay down on the couch, “once I’ve said it, I’ll be in his lair, like I was with you Mika,” I turn my head smiling at him, “It can’t be worse than yours,” I giggle.

“It wasn’t that dirty,” he pouts crossing his arms, “I even had a damn rose.” A smirk grows on his lips making me shake my head and close my eyes. I hear a slap, “Charlie what the hell?” Mika asks another slap being heard.

“A dead rose I’m guessing?” Japer laughs.

“A rose?” Charlie scoffs, “who’s pathetic now?” He asks.

I hear two more slaps, almost synchronised and someone being winded, “Ow!” Mika and Charlie both whine making me open my eyes to see Alex’s hands falling across her chest again, the boys holding their cheeks.

“Ow…” Jasper groans as he holds his stomach kneeling on the floor.

“Shut up and let her do her thing,” Alex groans glaring at them all. She’s so fiery it’s great.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath, “Deamon te accerso audi me, et deamonium indigere. Levi, a te peto.”

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