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I open my eyes to find myself standing in an extremely clean, dim library one or two books on the floor, this can’t possibly be a demons lair. I look around seeing no one, where is he? I start to walk forwards toward a desk in the middle of a pile of book, an empty chair behind it. I step over some books on my way before placing my hands on a black book sitting on the desk before picking it up, ‘Pitiful Beginnings’, actually a pretty good book, I’ve read this, “you have good taste Levi,” I call out earning a chuckle from him, “how far in are you?” I ask.

Footsteps are heard behind me, “I smell an Angel,” he snickers making me turn around, “tell me, you’re not an angel are you?” He asks as he kneels down picking up the books laying on the floor.

I stare at him waiting for him to stand back up, “nope, not exactly the angel type,” I lie a soft chuckle leaving my lips. He looks up at me before standing and holding the books in his hands. He has jet black hair that cover his eyes, wearing an attractive black blazer with a black old fashioned shirt, black jeans and gloves covering his hands. He walks up to the desk behind me placing the books down.

“Hmm, I’m still trying to figure out why there’s not as much fear on you as the others,” he grabs, Pitiful Beginnings out of my hand before looking at me again running his fingers through his hair allowing me to see his eyes. My mouth hangs open as his right eye is a burning red and his left eye is a beautiful green, “congratulations, you’re officially the first person to strike my interest,” he crosses his arms over his chest watching me.

I smirk and place my hands on his desk looking up at him letting him know I mean business, “let’s make a deal,” I speak, fear not even close to getting the best of me. His face is extremely sly, I think it’s the shape of his eyes that makes him seem untrustworthy.

“What do you require?” He asks copying my movements, he doesn’t seem that evil. I think they might be over exaggerating, but, if what they say is true, then I know exactly what to say.

“I need some people killed,” I raise my eyebrows wondering if he’s going to take it.

A sly smirk comes across his face, “why don’t you get Mika to do it?” He asks making me freeze and my mouth go dry, “Jamie.”

“Mika?” I ask, my voice shaky, good job you idiot, “do you mean Mikaela?” I ask trying to turn the story around.

His face becomes instantly unamused, “no, Mika.” I feel cold hands on my throat from behind me, Levi not standing in front of me anymore. My body instantly becomes cold and unable to move, “it’s not every day you get to meet someone already in a contract,” he growls, I can feel a knife trailing down my back, a warm liquid trailing faster. He’s cutting me, no, no, He can’t kill me in here.

“You can’t kill me in here,” I ask, although it sounded more like a question.

A snicker flows into my ear, “love, how do you think people die in their sleep?” My eyes widen as I realise, “you make me mad forming a contract with me, or I don’t want your business, you don’t wake up, simple as that,” his voice making me feel sick.

“So you’re going to kill me?” I ask turning my head to look at him, the red flashing in my eyes.

He shakes his head and removes the knife, “we’ll see, you’re quite interesting,” he looks at the floor as he steps away from me, “you’re cleaning up that damn blood,” he groans running his hand down his face. He is a neat freak alright.

My body unfreezes allowing me to relax my muscles, “if you know who Mika is, then you know who I am, correct?” He nods placing the knife down on the desk, not looking at me, “I’m not going with Hades.” I speak proudly.

He slowly looks up at me, his eyebrows raised, “you really are a foolish brat,” he chuckles before sitting down in his seat. I can see this isn’t how he usually approaches these contracts, he seems too laid back and doesn’t give a shit, “so why do you need me?” He asks with a sigh.

“We’re putting together the strongest angels and demons to help fight,” I state making him smirk, “and they said you were a good idea, well, Charlie didn’t,” I mumble that last part to myself.

His interest suddenly sparks as his name leaves my lips, “Charlie? Orange hair, blue eyes?” He asks a curious look on his face, something clouding his eyes, anger maybe?

I nod, “yeah, wait, have you two met or something?” I ask throwing my arms up in the air raising my voice slightly, “because he seemed like he didn’t want you coming to help, but, he didn’t want to fight against you so he agreed,” I lower my arms and cross them across my chest.

He shrugs and spins slightly in his seat, “mm, we know each other, good lad.” Something tells me they have massive history, “he really didn’t want to fight against me?” He asks not looking at me. Sibling’s maybe?

“He said you’re too strong so he would rather have you on our team,” I answer him, “wait, what do this have to do with anything?” I ask slamming my hands on the desk making his pile of books fall.

He snaps his head to them before sighing, “Pick them up you idiotic brat,” he growls placing his elbows on the arm holders, his hands wrapped with one another being held up to his lips.

My eyes widen as I grab hold of the books placing them back on a neat little pile, “here. That could have easily been cleaned by you,” I complain placing my hands back on the desk.

“Yes, I would have done a better job, but, if you hadn’t knocked them, it wouldn’t have happened in the first place,” he barks making me jump slightly, I go to speak, but, he snaps his eyes to me, “you’re starting an army?” He asks.

I nod humming, “just to help fight Hades.”

He returns the nod looking away from me obviously considering this, “okay, I’m in,” he sighs rubbing his eyes and face realising what he just got into.

“Great! Now, all you need to do is come back with me,” I take my hands from the desk and turn my back to him, “oh and, the others have their battle gear ready for when you come out,” I warn.

“Come on Charlie, you should trust me more than that,” he snickers as he places his hand on my shoulder. I look at it before being engulfed in black smoke.

My eyes flutter open to see the roof of the house, my back softly against the couch, “she’s awake!” Jasper calls running over to me.

“Jamie? Where is he? What happened?” Mika asks as he kneels down next to me. I sit up, blood staining the couch and the back of my shirt, “what the fuck?” He mumbles as he lifts my shirt up to see the knife mark Levi left down my back, “how’d this happen?” He asks, his eyes turning red.

I rub my eyes and look around, “he knew who I was and who you were Mika,” I look up at Charlie, “and you…” Charlie’s face automatically whitens as he backs away from me, his eyes wide.

“How did he know you?” Jasper asks making me look at him, “You didn’t tell him?”

I shake my head and place my legs over the side of the couch, “no, although, he could smell an angel when I first arrived,” I state looking around for him.

“Oh how nice of you to think of me in your hour of need!” Levi calls as he walks through the doors, swinging them open making a big entrance.

I look at Charlie who jumps back, his body tensing, “well, technically, we have a few months,” Alex sighs turning in her seat, “do you always have to make a big entrance?” She whines.

Jasper stands up, “only if a certain person is in the room,” Levi smirks his eyes glued to Charlie, “hmm, Charlie my boy, how are you?” He steps towards him making Jasper stand in front of Charlie with his sword, “odd, you don’t trust me Jasper?” He asks, a fake expression of hurt written on his face as he gasps.

“No one trusts you Levi,” Mika chimes in making Levi look at him then at me.

“There’s the one who brought me here,” he smiles slightly, “you my dear, I owe.”

Mika huffs out his breath standing up, “you owe her your life, so you will protect her in this fight,” he barks making Levi smirk.

“Is that not what I agreed to?” He asks, slightly confused, but, keeps his composure.

Jasper’s sword makes a scratching noise as it is placed back into its holder making all of us look at him, “you have new scars eh?” He asks referring to the scar on the corner of his green eye.

Levi reaches up and traces it with his fingers, Charlie makes a sharp movement making me look at him, his eyes soften as he obviously fights the urge to go towards Levi, is Charlie worried? “Oh this,” Levi chuckles before dropping his hand and humming, “trying to kill someone who is a highly skilled killer isn’t exactly as easy as killing your darling here,” he nudges his head to me making the cut on my back sting.

Mika walks towards him, “you wouldn’t have dared,” he growls grabbing him by his shirt collar. Levi plainly shrugs, “you better answer me right now,” Mika harshly jerks Levis body.

“What do you want me to say?” Levi asks ripping Mika’s hand from his shirt, looking up at him ever so slightly, “I wouldn’t kill her, she’s your bitch,” he speaks sarcastically, “is that what you wanted to hear tough guy?” Levi’s eyes are bored, but, the same old sly smile is plastered on his thin lips.

“Come on Levi, cut it out, is this the type of impression you want to make?” Alex snaps standing up from her chair.

Levi’s gaze doesn’t move from Mika, “even if I made a bad impression, you wouldn’t be able to find me,” he shrugs before walking away from Mika and sitting next to me, “you seem quiet, different from when we first met,” his arm sits comfortably on the couch behind my head, his leg crossed over his other.

I look at Mika trying to calm him down, “what’s it matter? You seem to be having fun being an asshole,” I roll my eyes earning a small laugh from the others.

He smiles, he smiles genuinely with me, I don’t understand, “your dog attacked me,” he states making me look at him. His eyes trail away from me and land on a very confused and angry Charlie. I feel his breath on my ear, “and my dog is standing over there,” he whispers to me not allowing anyone else to hear it.

My eyes widen as I hear it, Charlies face dropping, “what did you tell her?” He speaks up taking a step forwards grabbing my arm and ripping me from him. This is the first time Charlie has tried to protect me, well, I feel like he’s trying to protect himself from something.

Levi watches as he pouts, “why do you always end the fun?” He asks making Charlies grip on my wrist tighten as if he hit a soft spot. Is Charlie okay?

“You have to behave yourself or I personally will kill you,” Jasper threatens as he points at Levi, “Charlie, can you go upstairs with Jamie? We have some things to discuss,” he sighs.

I feel Charlie relax, “yeah, sure,” he blurts out obviously desperate to get away. Quickly he hurries out the room not caring if I was with him or not.

Everyone’s eyes are glued to me as I slowly make my way to Mika, “don’t hurt him okay?” I ask him mumbling under my breath.

Mika smiles sweetly before grabbing my chin and placing a kiss on my nose, “we’ll see,” his words make me pout. He can’t be serious, he won’t kill him, right? I hear Levi snicker at our actions. I place a kiss on Mika’s lips trying to make him change his mind, but, he just smiles. I turn away and walk out the room closing it slowly. Charlie. Where is that damn boy?

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