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“Damn it!” I hear Charlie scream from down the hallway up stairs a loud crash following. I travel down the hallway slowly before standing in front of the room, my hand on the door, “he’s such a, such a, fucking asshole!” He yells. Did, Charlie just swear? An angel using profanity? I swing the door open to see him standing over a lamp shattered on the floor. What the hell happened between them two? He snaps his head to me, anger written all over his face, but, wet cheeks. Oh no Charlie… “Get out.”

I close the door behind me, “you’re going to be a dick to me when you can’t afford pushing anyone away?” I ask taking a step towards him making him run his fingers through his hair.

He shakes his head, “you’re right. I’m such a selfish brat,” he sighs stumbling back, his back hitting the wall, “if I just told him why I ruined everything, he wouldn’t be harassing me now.” He mumbles under his breath

I purse my lips as I step towards the shards of glass kneeling down and picking them up, “now you’re calling yourself the brat?” I ask a small smile evident on my face, but, he doesn’t reply, “Anyway Charlie, I doubt you ruined everything. The past is just something that chases you, it may be difficult to escape, but, you make it even more difficult when you let it in,” I mumble staring down at the shards of glass, squeezing them slightly. My smile gone.

“I just can’t stop thinking about it. Kindness can hurt instead of help…” He sighs sliding down the wall bringing his knees up to his chest. What is going on with him? I don’t like this side of him, he’s so upset, letting things gnaw at him from the inside, what was Levi to him?

I stand up and walk over to the dresser placing the shards on top, “Hating yourself won’t help. Do you mind if I ask what he was to you?” I ask not looking at him, still staring at the shattered lamp I just placed down.

“An old friend,” his voice is muffled as he speaks with his head buried in his knees. Before or after death exactly? “He’s a demon and I’m an angel, I had to stop our friendship otherwise he was going to be killed.” I snap my head to him, mouth hung open, but, he doesn’t move.

“Reality is just a shitty game created by god,” I sigh as I make my way over to him. He stays silent as I kneel down and place my hand on his knee, “Sometimes Charlie,” I start making him look up at me slightly, hair falling over his eyes, “you need to understand pain, to know peace.” I smile sadly.

“Why are you being so nice to the one who hurts you?” He mumbles bringing his knees closer to him.

Sure he’s a dickhead, but, deep down, he’s just as broken as me. I shake my head and cock it slightly, “because I know what it’s like to be broken.”

His eyes widen as he lifts his head up, “Broken?” He asks. I reach my hand towards his forehead and push his hair away from his face making him flinch. I nod not wanting to reply, “You really are strong.”

My eyes widen at his comment after all the times he’s called me weak, “hiding you’re emotions and being strong are two complete different things.” I hold my hand out and he takes it allowing me to help him stand up. His mouth stays closed as he looks down at his feet obviously scared of what’s going to happen with him and his old best friend, but, I’ll make sure he’s okay, “you never told him why you had to end the friendship did you?” I ask realising why he’s so scared and sad around Levi and Levi just seems so laid back and a little confused.

He tenses his body, “no, I didn’t want him to do anything stupid and start a war,” he chuckles slightly and rubs the nape of his neck, “knowing him, he would.”

“Someone willing to do that for you, is someone to keep close to you,” I smile rubbing his back. He sighs and walks over to the mirror leaning forwards and string at his eyes, “what’s wrong? You weren’t crying?” I ask. He didn’t cry that whole time, but, he’s still checking his eyes? Its then I notice, purple beginning to grow in his eyes.

“When angels can’t control their emotions, we can’t cover up who we really are, same as demons, their eyes go black, red when they’re angry,” He mumbles as he blinks a couple times trying to make it go away, but, it stays there, “go away dammit!” He growls to himself.

I hug him from behind to calm him down, I can pretty much feel the worry radiating off of him, “you need to calm down,” I sigh. My mind flood back to the memories of my siblings. The way I always used to talk to them when they got sad or angry, the way they laughed, smiled, cried. Just everything. I hate getting flashbacks from things I don’t want to remember, but, for some reason, I don’t want time to erase them.

“Calming down would be easier if what you said weren’t so deep,” he chuckles again still trying to make the purple disappear.

I take my arms away from his body and cross my arms playfully across my chest, “you’re the one who just said when an Angel can’t control their emotions, they can’t hide who they really are.” I laugh slightly. Quickly two white wings come out of his back making me jump back quickly, “shit!” I yelp.

He looks at them in the mirror and groans, “really? Now?” He spins around and faces me, “this is the real me,” he looks almost sad about it. I guess it’s understandable. He probably still wants to be alive.

“I forgot I can’t see you in the mirror,” I state as I stare at an empty mirror. I could swear I was looking at him before. He looks back at me, “although I could swear I was looking at you before.”

He looks in the mirror and at me, “and I forgot you weren’t one of us,” he blinks a couple times, “although, remember when I came down for the first time?” He asks turning back around facing me, his wings flapping slightly.

I nod staring at them, “Mika and Jasper were battling,” I continue his sentence.

He runs his fingers through his hair and stares into my eyes bringing his face close to mine, searching for something, “they both said there was purple lingering in them, that’s why they started fighting,” he pulls his head back from my face and pouts, there was purple in them? Only angels possess that, is there still a chance that I can be an angel?

A smile appears on my face, “so that means I can still be an angel,” I look up at him slamming my hands together in excitement. He just stares at me expressionless, “you don’t want me to be an angel?” I joke crossing my arms.

He shrugs, “not really,” he chuckles making my heart skip a beat, excuse me Charlie? “I want you to be a god, and not one that rules by Hades side.” My body freezes as I stare at him. A god? He want me to be a god?

“A god?” I ask blinking a couple times, “you haven’t even seen what I can do, I’ve only seen two things and I can’t control them,” I protest, why am I protesting about being a god?

He shakes his head and points at me, “what did you tell me when you attacked me?” He asks making me raise an eyebrow, laughing slightly about the situation, “You’ve been practising, so keep doing that and everything will work out,” he places a hand on my shoulder just as the door swings open.

We snap our heads towards the door to see Mika and Jasper standing there, I thought for sure Mika was going to get mad at Charlie for touching me, but, he just smirks at me as if he knows something I don’t. A soft awkward chuckle leaves Jaspers lips, “We lost Levi.”

I furrow my eye brows and step away from Charlie, “how do you just lose someone?” I ask pulling my head back in confusement.

“He said he had to use the bathroom and he just, disappeared,” Mika rub the nape of his neck making me scowl playfully at him, “this was the last room we checked, he’s not in the house.”

My stomach drops and I’m sure Charlies did too, “n-not in the house?” Charlie stutters taking a step back slightly hitting the mirror.

“Calm down Lee, we’ll find him,” Jasper smiles walking up to me and leaning into my ear, “make sure he’s not in the room, even if you think he hasn’t come in, check.” He pulls away from me patting the top on my head.

“If we don’t find him, we’ll go out and find him. I’ll go with Jamie,” he gives me an adorable smile, “Charlie with Alex and Jasper is Jasper, he doesn’t need anyone else,” he laughs slightly, I could tell he didn’t mean for that to sound rude, but, it did.

“I’m going with Jasper,” Charlie speaks up grabbing Jaspers arm pulling him back to him, Jasper stumbling as he does so.

I stare at them both, Jaspers eyes wide as if his body is still in front of me and his head has been ripped too fast away, “okay, Alex can go by herself, she’s strong,” I smile looking around for her, “speaking of Alex, where is she?” I ask.

Mika leans on the door, his head also resting on it, he looks so cute, “double checking the house and looking around the front and back.” I go to speak, but, Mika continues, “Though that’s not the only problem we have right now…” His gaze leaves mine and looks at Charlie, his wings and his eyes still prominent. We all look at him as he looks at me, eyes wide slightly.

“I can’t control it,” He mumbles rubbing his arm looking down from all of us.

Jasper spins on his heels and starts to walk out the door, “Charlie, follow me,” he speaks in the most playful tone I’ve heard in a long time. I look down at his feet to see him almost skipping?

I turn my head to Charlie, “you better follow him,” I laugh as I pat his shoulder making him walk after Jasper, but, he stops as he gets to the door. His wings are too big, “I’ll help,” I stifle back a laugh as I hurry over and grab one of his wings, they feel like a bird mixed with a cloud, if that makes sense. Mika hops on the other side and helps get him out the door.

Once he’s through he turns to us, “thanks, that was kind of embarrassing,” he mumbles, his face in a bored state, showing no emotion. He’s going back to the old him eh? The emotionless boy.

I turn away from the kid walking down the hallway and start searching my room, he wouldn’t be in here, we would have noticed, especially Charlie, “he’s not in here,” Mika sighs as he watches me look under the bed.

I poke my head up from behind the bed, “and how would you know?” I ask crossing my arms sitting on the floor.

His gaze leaves me and out the window nudging his head in the direction, “someone’s taking a tour.” I stand up and walk over to the window doors pushing them open, I look up in the sky to see Levi flying around with large black scaly wings almost like a dragons.

“Sightseeing at its finest,” I let an amazed chuckle leave my lips, “that looks like fun,” come to think of it, I’ve never seen Mika’s wings, would they be the same as Levi’s or bigger, maybe smaller?

I feel Mika wrap his arms around my waist from behind, “you want to go sightseeing?” He asks making me turn around and look at him, eyes wide with excitement.

“Yes! But, won’t I fall?” I ask before looking over my shoulder to see the height between the flying demon and the ground.

“You think I’ll let you fall?” He laughs before placing a kiss on my forehead and spinning me around to face the window. Before I can say anything, my feet leave the floor and a strong force pushes us off the balcony floor into the air. I squeeze my eyes shut as I cling onto his arms wrapped around my waist, “open your eyes you idiot,” he laughs as he squeezes me tighter making me feel safer.

“Whoa…” Is all that leaves my lips. The house looks tiny up here, and the garden? It looks gorgeous from a Birdseye view. He cruises over the block, both of us taking in the surroundings. The wind blows on my face as a few birds fly past. Slowly I look back to see his wings, not as big as Levi’s, but, definitely stronger looking. The scales shimmer in the sunlight, “can we race him?” I ask out of the blue.

He raises an eye brow, “who?” He looks up from me and suddenly stops making me grip tighter on him due to the feeling of falling, “Levi,” is all he says.

“She’s the daughter of Hades, you’d think she has her on wings, no?” He laughs as he looks at me, flapping his giant wings, something is different about his wings to Mika’s. It looks like there is almost, what, blood in them?

“She hasn’t exactly learnt her abilities,” Mika shrugs a serious and bored look on his face, an expression he tends to have around people that are pissing him off.

Levi goes to talk, but, I cut in, “can we race?” I blurt out smiling like a child. They both look at me then at each other.

“No,” Mika starts.

“Please!” I beg.

“Shut it, we’re not racing,” Levi chimes in.

“I’ll drop you,” Mika snaps.

“Why you scared?” I smirk looking at the both of them. They both look at each other, a look of determination in their eyes, I knew that would work.

“Let’s do this,” they both say in unison. Boys.

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