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We walk into the house, my hair an absolute mess due to the intense racing we just encountered, laughing causally at something Levi said, but, we stop as soon as the others stand in front of us, “Mika, Jamie,” Alex starts. We stare at her.

“I’m here too,” Levi chimes in giving her a small wave, his usual smirk on his face. Alex glares at him making him lower his hand, “not that that matters,” he rolls his eyes crossing his arms.

“What’s the problem?” I ask as I look away from Levi trying to hold in a laugh. I don’t see what the big deal is about him, yeah sure he cut me in his lair, but, that’s his act, I don’t believe he was a psychopath, killing numerous people for fun, he is a really funny guy.

“Who won?” Jasper cuts in a childish expression on his face making me smile. Alex tries to shut him up, but, she doesn’t succeed.

“Mika and I won,” I state making Levi punch my shoulder.

“You did not!” He protests making Mika slap him over the head.

“We did too, you’re just a sore loser,” Mika laughs.

“I don’t care who won or not!” Alex snaps, Charlie is so quiet, wait, where is he? My eyes lock on Alex’s at her sharp tone, “you could have been seen, or worse, you could have dropped her!” Alex continues to lecture us.

Mika grabs my hand and squeezes it, a warm sensation running through my body, I really love this boy, have I said that already? “Drop her?” He looks down at me, “never.”

I feel a blush crawl over my cheeks, “you’re just a brat,” Levi mumbles rolling his eyes and looking back at Jasper, “so, I won.”

Mika goes to protest, but, I place my finger on his lips shaking my head, “let him go,” I giggle slightly making him pout and go to fight back, “his a sore loser remember?” I remind him making him smile and chuckle under his breath.

“What the fuck were you doing?!” Charlie roars from down the hallway before pushing past everyone and grabbing Levi by the shirt collar slamming him into the door. My eyes widen and so does everyone else, what the hell just happened? And why is Charlie using so much profanity?

Levi hums as his back hits the door, hard, “Charlie my boy,” he starts, but, gets slammed into the door again. I watch as Mika tries to rip away from my hand, but, I stop him. Maybe this is what Charlie needs, to get this off his chest. Something shines in Levi’s eyes as he stares at a very rough Charlie.

“Shut up you damn brat!” He yells as he slams him against the door once again, Levi stays quiet, “you think you can come here and expect us to treat you with respect? No, I won’t,” he growls. Levi’s face softens, his smirk falling. Is he upset?

Jasper and Alex go to stop him and I let them, letting go of Mika, he goes and helps, “Charlie calm down,” Alex speaks in a calm tone trying to help Charlie.

Jasper and Mika rip his hands off of Levi, “that’s one hell of a grip you have there, you’ve gotten stronger,” Levi mumbles rubbing his neck, I guess when he was slammed against the door, Charlie was punching his throat.

Charlie turns away from him, his chest rising and falling unevenly, and his eyes an extremely bright purple. He looks torn, but, slightly scary. I walk up to him and hug him without saying a word. He stands there, “I’m fine Jamie,” He growls trying to take another step.

I shake my head and dig my heels into the ground, “no you’re not, now hug me,” I snap. Slowly he wraps his arms around me letting out a massive sigh, his muscles relaxing. He rests his head on mine his breathing eventually going back to its original pace, “feel better?” I ask as I pull away, everyone else just bickering with Levi. Charlie nods and smiles slightly mumbling a thanks.

“It wasn’t his fault,” Levi raises his voice making Charlie and I snap our heads at him, “maybe it is better if I left, I cause so much trouble here,” he sighs, but, quickly hides his sadness by looking away from Charlie and smirks, “besides, fighting with you guys might weigh me down,” he chuckles.

I glare at him, come on floor, move, I want to do what I did when I got angry at Charlie that one time, “You can’t just go, we need you,” Alex barks.

“If you’re making Charlie like this, then, yeah maybe,” Jasper mumbles crossing his arms obviously confused on what he wants.

“I don’t mind, but, I want as much protection on Jamie as I can,” Mika chimes in. That’s it. I feel something unlock in me making the floor boards come up knocking everyone back onto their asses, except Levi. The sharp shards fly directly in front of Levi’s wide eyes, “Jamie?! Did you control that?” Mika asks, a happy tone leaving his lips.

I look at him and smile, “yeah, it sort of clicked,” I mumble not knowing how to explain it. I snap my head back at Levi, “and you,” I step towards him making his back hit the door, he needs to know with the way he’s acting, he can’t get Charlie back, “I believe, when something is truly lost, one can never get it back,” I smirk, my eyes leaving his and looking at Charlie then back at him.

“I know what you’re talking about,” Levi mumbles as his bored facial expression becomes visible once again. He reaches up and touches one of the shards, “this is really quite cool.”

“Don’t piss her off Levi,” Jasper mumbles making me laughs slightly.

“You’ve seen two of my abilities, one which can kill you, so, you’re staying and you’re going to talk with Charlie privately and you’re not going to hurt him, you hear me?” I growl stepping extremely close to him.

He nods shrugging his shoulders, “I don’t see why not love, I mean, if you wanted me to stay badly, you didn’t need to put on a show,” he chuckles smirking.

I shake my head and place the floor boards back, “oh they’re not a show, I’m just letting you see that I can and will kill you if you become a liability.” My words come out harsh like I intended.

“I can see that,” he sighs as he slides out from the door, “well, I’ll go have that chat with Charlie,” he smirks making his way over to him.

“I don’t want to do this…” Charlie mumbles looking at me.

“It’ll be fine. Just tell him what you told me,” I smile walking over to him and patting his shoulder, “while you do that, Jasper and Alex will be here to look after it.”

“Where are we going?” Mika asks raising an eyebrow.

I turn to him and jump slightly, “I need to get food for dinner,” I cheer as I grab on to the back of his neck smiling brightly. I turn around to say something to Charlie, but, he was already gone. I hope he does okay…

***Mika’s POV at the markets**

She holds the bags tightly in her hands as she hurries from stand to stand looking at the fresh fruit and veg, her hips always swaying as she does so, Jamie, you’re the first person to appear in my life and be able to make a mess of it. I smile to myself and walk slowly after the happy Brunette, “hurry up slow poke,” She calls making me laugh.

“Are we almost done?” I ask as I look at the sun starting to go down.

She comes back to me with an ice cream, looking up at me with cheerful eyes, I haven’t seen this her in a while. Maybe getting a handle on one ability is helping her mood, “try it,” she demands.

I lean down and bite some off licking my lips, “that’s good,” I chuckle slightly. She smiles and bite sit herself, getting some on her nose, only she can manage that, “you got some, let me get it,” I smirk as I lean down and kiss her nose taking the ice cream off, “all better.”

A blush creeps on her face, “thanks,” She picks up the bags more as if they’re heavy for her. I reach down and grab them, “such a gentle man,” she rolls her eyes smiling as she eats some more, “I just need to grab a few chicken fillets then we can go!” She chirps as she grabs my hand leading me down the markets. The weather isn’t cold today, well, Jamie hasn’t complained so.

“Still scared of the ocean?” I start conversation making her laugh slightly.

“And thunder,” I snap my head to her in surprise, “mhm yeah, embarrassing right. Coming from the one who had the balls to summon a demon and give her blood to him.” I purse my lips tightly at that memory, “talking about that, you need more tonight,” she speaks calmly.

I look at her, then at her neck, “what if I don’t?” I ask making her look up at me, “I mean, I know you commanded me to, and I have to, but, what if I could somehow not?”

She raises an eyebrow, “what do you mean?” She asks, “You’re drinking my blood no matter what you try and say.” I sigh and close my eyes, “my wrist is really sore, so,” she looks down at the bandage on her wrist. That might look suspicious to people walking down the market.

“I can use your neck?” I suggest, a sick feeling forming in my stomach as I look down avoiding eye contact with the gorgeous blue eyes girl next to me.

She nods and leads me into a butcher shop, “that’s fine,” is all that leaves her lips, “four chicken fillets thanks,” she smiles politely before handing the guy the money and taking the fillets placing them in the bag with the vegetables.

We walk out the store, “hey guys!” A way too familiar voice is heard making my skin crawl, not this asshole.

“Hey Jasper?” Jamie asks as she waves, curious on why he’s here. I don’t say anything, I may act like I like him around the others, but, I can’t deal with him right now. I feel like he’s trying to steal my Jamie.

“It’s about to storm so, I was sent by Alex to come get you guys, since none of you were answering your phones,” he shrugs as he looks at me.

“Alright, well, we’ll come with you then,” Jamie smile as she turns to look at me, “let’s go.” I stay standing not moving, “Mika, come on.”

I shake my head, “we can get home ourselves?” I protest, not wanting to go with him, “who do you think we are? That we, two fucking adults can’t get home by their selves?” I can feel my face heating with anger. I have to get away before I break something, or a certain angel.

“Mika..?” Jamie tries to coo me as she reaches up to my face, but, I steps forwards shoving the groceries at Jasper making him widen his eyes in shock.

“I’m leaving, go with him and make sure you get home,” I call as I run off. I need to let off steam. I hear her yell my name as I sprint down the markets, people staring at me.


I continue to walk down the dark wet street with no one in sight, not even Jamie. I guess she ended up going with that asshole, it’s for the best otherwise she’d be out here with me in the cold and the rain not to mention the thunder. After all, she’s terrified of thunder. I bet Jaspers holding her right now to calm her down. He better be treating her right, I swear to god. Actually, I don’t.
As I continue walking down the street, I hum to, voices by crown the empire, the song playing in my ears as I keep my hands in my pockets as if I’m cold, but, I can’t feel the weather, so why can I feel emotions? Suddenly the music stops and my ring tone is heard turning off my music. Angrily I rip my phone out my pocket to see Jaspers name on the caller ID. What?

I hesitate for a minute before answering, “What do you want?” I growl as I pull my hood over my head as the rain starts to pick up harder again.

His heavy breaths are heard as if he’s catching his breath, “Is Jamie with you?” He words come out worried like he’s lost a child.

I furrow my eyebrows, “I thought she went with you?” I ask slowly as I stare down at my feet watching them move one in front of the other. His breathing disappears and so does all evidence he is on the line, “Jasper?”

A swallow is heard from his side, “She ran after you.” With those words, I stop in my tracks, my eyes widening as my mouth hangs open, “it’s dark and its storming Mika! How inconsiderate are you?! Turn back now and find her!” He yells through the phone causing me to hang up and spin on my heels running back into the market area. My hood flies off my head as I pull out my earphones and I can hear my shoes stomping hard onto the floor, causing the splashing of water to be heard even through the heavy rain pelting onto my face. What was she thinking?! How crazy is this damn woman? I slip slightly as I turn a sharp corner and continue down the market street where only one or two people are still shutting down for the night.

“Sir! Sir!” I yell as I stop in front of him catching my breath, “Did you see a girl around my age with brown hair, blue eyes and is rather short? She would have most likely been running.” I ask, my voice coming out as if I’m begging, well, I sort of am.

He looks me up and down before pulling his hood back slightly to look me in the eye, “Not recently. But, someone of that description ran out that way after asking me if I’ve seen someone that fits your description,” He points toward a house looking building, “About two hours ago when the storm started to hit full swing, the thunder and the lightening.”

I smile at him as I nod straight after, “Thank you, I will repay you.” I say as I turn around running into the street he pointed too and straight ahead the house he also pointed at. I make it there in no more than five minutes, desperate to find her. As I approach the house I realise it’s in fact a barn.

I swing the door open to the barn to hear a weep coming from inside, “Jamie?” I call as the rain continues to pelt down outside. The sound of thunder boom’s in the dark barn causing a whimper to echo around the room, “Are you in here?” I ask as I start walking forwards wiping my wet hair out of my eyes in hunt of the girl that whimper left. I can’t believe I left her alone because of Jasper. What was I thinking? I know she’s terrified of thunder, I’m so selfish. I can’t imagine what she’s feeling right now… I make my way to the back of the small barn to see a drenched, terrified Jamie hiding under a table in the right corner. I stare down at her as lightning brightens the room followed by thunder roaring once again. She closes her eyes as she lets out yet another whimper while holding the sides of her head. Quickly I grab the blanket hanging next to the table and throw it over her before kneeling in front of her causing her to open her eyes, tears running down her face as well as the rain droplets falling from her hair. I take my ear phones out of my shirt and put them in her ears attempting to block out the thunder with my music. Her eyes widen, as I do this, she’s so scared… Without hesitation, I sit under the table with her and pull her into me. I look down to see her close her eyes slowly against my body, her own body shaking violently, my music being heard through the ear buds, “I’m sorry…” I mumble as I tighten my grip around her, “I didn’t mean to let him get to me. I’m sorry for saying those things to you, for saying those things about Jasper. I just,” I continue to apologise, but, she cuts me off causing me to look down at her.

“It’s okay.” She sighs as she shakes her head against my chest, “I forgive you.” Her words send a warm sensation through my body, I’m so glad she’s okay. As those words leave her lips, I hesitate letting a soft grunt leave my lips as if she knocked the wind out of me in surprise. How can she forgive me that easily? No one should forgive me for leaving them alone with their greatest fear.

A small smile plays on my face as I close my eyes, a breathy chuckle leaves my mouth, “How did I get stuck with you?” I joke as my voice remains low and to myself. Obviously oblivious to the words I just spoke, she doesn’t move in my arms even as the thunder strikes once again, but, I owe that to my ear phones. I just hope she doesn’t catch a cold…

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