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Her wet body is held tightly against mine as I carry her to the front door of the house, I hope she’s okay, I turned up my music before so she could drown out the thunder, but, every time it pounded she would tremble. I feel terrible, why did I run off? Why did she run after someone like me? Jasper probably is better for her, but, I love this girl and I don’t think I could stand seeing her with anyone especially an angel. I swing the door open, struggling to get in due to her being in my arms. As soon as it swings open Jasper runs to the door, a worried expression on his face, “Jamie!” He yells as he runs grabbing her from my arms. I let him take her, he’s much warmer then I am. He looks up at me from her scowling at me, “you’re a bastard,” He growls as he makes his way into the other room where the fire place is laying her on the couch.

I walk in to see Charlie fussing over her, checking her pulse, her forehead, everything, while Alex sat there with the most fowl look on hr face as she looked at me, “pathetic you know that?” She growls at me with her arms crossed.

“I know, I didn’t mean to,” I start, my heart breaking at the sight of Jamie trembling.

I feel a hand on my shoulder making me turn around, “you didn’t mean to what? Leave her alone? That is what we call a conscious decision,” Levi sighs a little growl in his voice, “you might be worse than me, leaving a helpless girl with her greatest fear,” he yawns before walking in and sitting on the couch Jamie’s not on. His words make me feel worse, there is no way I consciously left her there. I thought she was going with Jasper.

“Jasper!” I snap making everyone look at me, “why didn’t she go with you?” I bark making him stand up and walk over to me.

“Don’t go blaming this on me bud, you over reacted, YOU left her,” he pokes my chest making me slap his hand away, “I tried to stop her, but, you know what she said?” He asks.

I shake my head, “No Jasper, I fucking don’t, enlighten me,” I growl taking a step towards him our chests touching.

He glares at me, at eye length, “he’s worth running after.” Is all that leaves his lips. My face drops as my stomach does the same, “I bet she doesn’t believe that now,” he chuckles as he steps away from me, leaving me in my pity.

Everyone stays quiet for a minute, “oh shut it Jasper,” Jamie mumbles as she continues to lay down.

“Jamie?!” Everyone runs over to her except me, I just stare down t my feet, “How are you feeling?” Jasper asks as he kneels next to her. That should be me. I spin on my heels and leave heading up stairs, I should leave them, but, I wonder what she meant when she told Jasper to shut it.


“Can you guys leave me for a bit? I need a little time not feeling so attacked,” Jamie laughs slightly still laying on the couch, her lips blue. She looks so helpless.

I smile and nod being the first one to exit. I hope that wasn’t rude, I mean, she did want to be alone. I shuffle my way upstairs before walking into my room leaning on the door as I close it. I let out a sigh only to have the door swung open pushing me over onto the floor hitting my head, “ow!” I growl as I crawl up holding my head, “who the fuck,” I cut myself off when my eyes lock with Levi’s gorgeous brown ones. Snap out of it Charlie, don’t do anything stupid.

“I am so sorry!” Levi laughs as he runs over to me kneeling next to me, “you look like shit bud,” his laughing dies down to a slight chuckle.

He holds his hand out as he stands and I hesitantly take it being pulled up, sparks automatically went flying when our hands touched, I can’t deny it, “It’s not your fault. I was leaning on it,” I let a shy chuckle leave my lips as I rub the nape of my neck. I look down and realise were still holding hand, quickly I rip my hand away and catch my breath.

“Calm down, I’m just here to finish our conversation we were having before, about why you ended what we had…” He mumbles, his sly smirk now a sad smile. He so adorable, like a puppy.

“I thought we talked about it?” I ask walking backwards from him and towards my cupboard opening the draws, “I told you why we can’t be together Levi,” I sigh looking through my pyjamas.

“I thought you didn’t need me anymore,” he starts making me freeze. My hand gripping on the clothes in my draw, “I thought the most painful thing was death, but, knowing that I wasn’t needed, that I was alone in this world, was more painful than anything I’ve ever felt.” He swallows hard.

“You weren’t not needed, I needed you, but, we couldn’t do anything,” I sigh turning around and looking at him dead in the eye holding my track pants in my right hand, “you would have died, hell, if I told you, there would have been a war!” I raise my voice still extremely touchy on the subject.

“Of course I would have started a fucking war to be by your side!” He yells stamping his foot on the ground in anger.

I look down embracing the few seconds silence, how could he say that? Why would anyone start a war for me? “You’re really strong you know that?” I mumble keeping my eyes glued to the floor.

A soft chuckle leaves his lips as he steps closer to me, “the worst part about being strong is that, no one ever asks if you’re okay.” I look up at him as he stares down at me slightly, our eyes locking, he leans down our lips touching, “I always loved you,” he mumbles before he presses his lips softly on mine. I close my eyes instantly, allowing the warmth of his lips to take over my body, allowing his touch to take over my body. His hands grab my waist pulling me to him while I drop the pants in my hands reaching up and letting my hands roam his black hair. I missed this, so much.

He pushes me up against the wall roughly making a loud noise echo in the room, he licks my bottom lip asking for entrance, but, I stop him, “I, I can’t get too carried away…” I mumble a blush crawling over my cheeks.

“Why not?” He asks raising an eyebrow before leaning in and kissing my jawline making me roll my head to the side allowing him more access.

“We’ll see,” I moan out softly as my hands pull on his hair softly.

“Charlie?” Jamie speaks.

*Jamie’s POV*

I made my way to Charlie’s door to make sure he’s alright, due to how much he fussed over my pathetic state when I hear a loud thump on the wall, what is going on? I swing the door open, my mouth hanging open. Levi has Charlie pushed to the wall, his lips connected to his neck, “Charlie?” I speak.

Charlie scrambles out from behind Levi, his face a dark crimson red, “J-Jamie, h-hi,” he stutters making Levi place his face in his hands.

“So this is,” I start pointing at them both, everything fitting together. They’re lovers, well, ex-lovers.

“Embarrassing,” Levi mumbles changing my sentence.

They both look down, “don’t be embarrassed!” I squeal running towards the two embracing them both, “love is love!” I continue to squeal. I’m so happy they sorted everything out, Charlie was so distort over everything and Levi, you could see it was eating him.

A groan in pain is heard from Charlie’s lips, “can you not tell anyone about this?” He asks making me slowly let go and look at him.

“Of course I won’t, not without your permission,” I smile slightly confused, “but, you guys are so cute, I knew there was something more than what you told me before Charlie,” I giggle poking his chest remembering the time Mika walked in and just laughed. Wait, does Mika know? “Does Mika know? Because I’m pretty sure he does…”

They look at each other and back at me wide eyed, “we never told him, shit,” Levi curses running his fingers through his hair.

“How do you know?” Charlie asks looking back at Levi.

“When you and I were talking, we were really close to each other and when Mika and Jasper came in, we still,” I sneeze, “sorry, well, um, when they came in, Mika would have freaked at you, but, instead laughed looking at you,” I mumble.

“You need to go back to the fire,” Levi demands as he places a hand on my shoulder.

“Wait, you think he knows?” Charlie cuts in reaching out for me to not turn and walk away. I nod my head, “he hasn’t said anything to us,” he continues before planting his face in his hands, “this is bad.”

“He obviously doesn’t know if he’s correct or not, otherwise he would have said something,” Levi mumbles rubbing Charlie’s back soothingly making my heart melt, they are so cute.

I hum and take a step back, “well, Alex said I have a training schedule you all made while I was out with Mika, so I can talk with him when I’m training with him so it won’t be random, it can come up in conversation?” I suggest as I spin on my heels and head for the exit.

“Yeah that’s a good idea,” Levi mumbles, “just report to us when you find out,” he smirks, he barely smiles.

I place my fingers on my forehead before pushing them off in a salute, “yes captain,” I joke as I swing the door open and leave. Quickly I lean on the door and breathe out, they’re gay?! I didn’t see that coming! That is great, now I don’t want them fighting in the battle, not that I wanted them to in the first place, but, now I know their relationship, what if one dies?! Calm down Jamie, they’re two extremely powerful beings, they’ll be fine.

*** write her going outside to Jasper ***

“Okay, attack me,” Jasper orders as he holds his sword up ready to block or attack me, but, I stare at him. How does he expect me to attack him? I have no weapon, wait… I hold my hand up making the ground come up and attack him.

*** 3 Months later **

I hold my hand up making the ground come up and attack him, he blocks jumping back, “Jasper stay still you loser!” I yell in annoyance as my black leather wings come out as I leap forwards striking him with the concrete.

“You have to defeat me to be ready for war,” he blocks it with his sword, lightening lighting the impact, “now, no holding back on me,” he smirks striking lightening at me making me fly up and land further away from him. No holding back? Fine I won’t hold back. A smirk finds its way across my face as I raise my hand making a knife appear in thin air. His smirk drops as he realises my move, “shit.”

I throw it at him before throwing one after another, jumping in the air trying to get the angle on him, but, he dodges them or blocks them with his sword, “you are like a worm! I defeated Charlie and Alex, why can’t I defeat you?!” I groan before landing my feet on the floor softly bringing my wings back in. This fight has been going on for half an hour, and no one’s winning or losing.

“I’m a little more experienced than them,” he chuckles making me roll my eyes a slightly laugh echoing to him.

“Is that your way of saying you’re better than them?” I ask making him smile, slowly his smile fades as he stares at my eyes, anger running through his.

His eyes never leave mine as a chuckle leaves his lips, “yeah, pretty much,” he shrugs and runs at me, his sword ready to slice through me. Quickly I throw knives at him running in the opposite direction from him. I look back to see three of my knives hit him, one in the stomach, one in the left leg and one in his right shoulder. He stumbles slightly before flying up into the air and landing behind me. I feel something sharp go into my back making me look down to see his sword coming out my stomach.

My mouth opens as blood flows down the sides of my lips and my wound, “J-Jasper…” I cough as I fall to my knees, him pulling the blade out.

“Never let the enemy get behind you, that’s your weakest,” he whispers in my ear as I pull my hands away from my stomach revealing the bright red blood on them, dripping.

“Me weak? Never.” I laugh as I form twelve knives behind him before making them all go into his back. He lets out a grunt as he falls to his knees next to me, I feel his blood pool around us both making the knives disappear from his back into thin air yet again, “never call me weak.” I spit.

He falls to the floor, laying there, “good job, you officially bet me and now we’re both in pain and dying,” he laughs as he coughs up blood. I fall onto my side next to him choking on my own blood. If killing each other in training is his idea of fun and becoming strong, than he’s an idiot.

“Ariel!” I scream. In a matter of seconds a bright light flashes revealing a girl with purple hair and bright purple eyes. Her white dress complementing her.

She gasps as she kneels next to me, “oh dearie me! You two are going to get yourselves killed,” She complains as she places her hands on my wound shooting a feeling of comfort and love through my body. Once she pulls her hands away, I sit up to feel no pain knowing she healed me.

“Thanks…” I chuckle awkwardly as she hurries to Jasper healing him.

He stands up and holds his hand out to me, slowly I take it, “good match,” he smiles as he pulls me up. I nod my head and hum a yeah worried about Mika, “go see him, he came back a few minutes ago,” Jasper crosses his arms a sincere sad smile on his face. My eyes light up as I spring my wings out before flying up into the air and landing on his balcony. Mika went down to Hades to speak to make him aware of the war that’s going to happen for my humanity, which I think is pretty stupid. He could have gotten himself killed.

Slowly I walk into his room to see him in front of the mirror with his shirt up. I watch him as he inspects a cut on his stomach, “shit,” he sighs before lifting his head and seeing me in the mirror. My heart sinks as I walk over to him and hug him from behind holding his chest firmly, “you’re worth this okay?” He tries to comfort me, but, it doesn’t work. I’m not worth him being cut, I’m not worth anything like that and I’m certainly not worth Mika.

I shake my head and pull away, “on happier news,” I start trying to lighten his mood, “I beat Jasper,” I smile like a child on Christmas. He returns the smile grabbing my forearms in excitement.

“I saw some of it! That’s great baby!” He chirps happily as he embraces me making me snuggle into his chest taking in his scent, “next you have to beat me,” he chuckles sending vibrations through my body.

I pull away and cross my arms, “I am not fighting you,” I whine, sadness and worry showing in my expression.

“You have to,” he smiles and pokes me in the stomach making me knock his hands away. Why do I have to?

“I don’t have to do anything,” I protest getting slightly annoyed, I’m not doing it if it means hurting him, I mean, yeah he gets healed by Ariel, but, we still feel pain, I don’t want to inflict pain on him.

He crosses his arms, “if you want to fight in the battle you have to,” he snaps walking past me. Here we go, another one of our fights. These have been happening at least once a day ever since I started getting the hang of my abilities, “you don’t have to be so stubborn about it,” he rolls his eyes.

“Me being stubborn? What about you?” I bark making him turn around and look at me, anger in his eyes, “you treat me like a dog on a leash, making me do what you say, being my master, and you’re not anything close to that Mika.” My hands clench by my sides making fists.

“No, you’re my master, and have we found out who killed your siblings? No because you’re too busy fucking around with Jasper,” he growls, his voice raising. I stay silent as anger consumes me, how dare he? “Is this you admitting it?” He asks bewildered.

I look up at him, “of course not! I haven’t had sex with Jasper you asshole!” I yell as my hand comes in contact with his cheek. His head moves to the side with my impact and stays there, his blonde hair over his eyes.

Something scares me, he looks angry, furious even, “don’t hit me,” he growls as he slowly turns his head back to me, “ever again.”

My eyes widen as I step back from a furious Mika who looks like he wants to rip me limb from limb, “you wouldn’t hit me,” I snap, but, honestly, I don’t believe my own words.

“Try me,”

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