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“Try me,” is all that leaves his lips, my heart races as he says those words. He wouldn’t hit me. Would he?

Tears well in my eyes and I spin on my heels and run out the room, I have to find Jasper, lately, he has looked after me when me and Mika fought, which has been a lot, and it’s killing me. I hear Mika call my name before his door slams shut making my body finch as I make my way to Jasper room. I hate that we fight so much, but, he’s so arrogant. He never listen to me, I swing Jaspers door open to see him placing his clothes into his draw, “Jamie,” he greets me with a smile making my tears fall over and run down my cheeks, “are you okay?” He asks. I run to him and hug him tightly crying into his chest. He instantly brings his hand up and strokes my head as his other hand wraps around my body and hugs me, “Mika?”

I nod my head, “he said he’d hit me, I mean, I did hit him,” I pull my body away from his and wipe my eyes sniffling.

His eyes are wide as he crosses his arm, “That’s it,” he growls as he walks past me towards the door.

I grab his arm, “Stop!” I beg as I cry harder. He stops in his tracks, I take this opportunity to wrap my arms around him again and cry into him, “don’t do this please Jasper,” I yell to him.

A sigh escapes his lips, “fine, but, he’s bad for you Jamie, and you know it,” he warns. I nod my head against his chest, I feel him turn his body in my arms and place his hands on my shoulders pulling me back, he comes down eye level to me, “You and I both know he wouldn’t hit you, okay? But that’s no excuse for him to say things like that,” I watch his plump lips as he talks, what am I doing? Jaspers been here for me every time I was upset, every time Mika and I fought. I have to do this, without hesitation I press my lips against his making him freeze in shock. I close my eyes as he finally kisses me back making fireworks go in my stomach, but, the feeling isn’t as beautiful as when I kiss Mika.

My hands come up to his cheeks as his hands wrap around my waist perfectly, I’m so alone right now, I need this, Jasper will understand. The door swings open, “Jasper get your hands off,” Mika starts yelling, but, falls silent making me rip my body away from Jasper.

“It’s not what it looks like,” I plead, but, he just stares at me in anger worse than before.

“I fucking knew it,” he growls as he turns around and starts storming out of the house.

“MIKA!” I scream as I run after him. I almost trip on the steps as I run down them as fast as I can, but, he’s just too fast. But to be fair, if he wanted to get away quickly, he could just use his speed ability.


I storm out the house, not wanting her to follow, but, not wanting to make a scene even though Charlie, Alex and Levi already watched me walk out. How dare she? I fucking knew she was cheating on me with Jasper, and this just seals the deal. I hate him, I love her, what and I supposed to do?! “Mika wait please!” Jamie calls as her footsteps are heard behind me. She doesn’t even have shoes on, she’s going to get hurt.

“Get fucked Jamie,” I roar as I walk out to the garden and turn around to see Alex running out after Jamie who has caught up to me pretty fast. I start walking backwards, “oh wait, Jasper already does that for you,” I throw my arms up in the air. I have never felt this angry in my life, why did she choose Jasper? Out of everyone, she chose Jasper.

“Oh grow up Mika, I’m yours not Jaspers!” She yells as me grabbing my arm, stopping me from walking away.

I stop in my tracks and stare down at her, “why? Just tell me why?” I mumble trying to control my anger, but, it’s showing through like the clothes on my skin.

She shakes her head, “because he was caring for me and I needed someone!” she screams making me flinch slightly, “You weren’t there for me, and he was.”

“So you kiss him?!” I roar creating fists at my sides, her mouth drops open as she tries to think of something to say, “Exactly,” I growl as she looks down and spins on her heals running off.

I watch as Alex stands back and stares at her, “Mika…” She sighs as she looks at me and starts walking towards me.

I shake my head and look down, my eyes going red with anger, “she’s out of control,” I growl running my hands through my hair.

“You need to calm down and control yourself before you hurt someone, most likely you,” she warns placing a hand on my shoulder. My black wings come out of my back as my eyes are bright red, “now you’ve lost control of your emotions,” she sighs keeping her hand on my shoulder.

I shake my head allowing my hair to fall over my eyes, “You should have seen it,” I start, “she was all over him and I’m pretty sure Jasper is in love with her.”

I hear her choke on her own words as she tries to come up with something, but, nothing comes out. I look down at her, like Jamie said, if someone’s there for you, kiss them. I lean down and kiss Alex softly. She flinches against my touch before kissing me back, her hands come up to my neck and wrap around them as my hands pull her closer by her waist. I miss the feeling of Jamie’s lips already, but, she obviously didn’t care when kissing Jasper.

“What the actual fuck?” Charlie’s voice is heard making us pull away quickly. He stands there, Jasper behind him. Charlie has become best friends with Jamie ever since he came out of the closet to her.

I place my hands in front of me in defence, “Don’t tell Jamie,” I beg as I step towards him, but, Charlie just shakes his head in disbelief.

“You’re kidding me right? Don’t tell Jamie,” he snaps before spinning on his heels and walking away leaving Jasper standing there staring at me wide eyed.

“Charlie don’t do it if you don’t want to break her heart!” I yell to him making him hesitate in his step at my words. Alex stays quiet this whole time and just stares at the ground rubbing her arm, “Jasper,” I start, but, he nods.

“I can’t judge you, Jamie did the same thing,” he sighs and walks towards Alex placing a hand on her shoulder, “don’t blame yourself either okay?” He begs.

She looks at him in shock as if he read her mind, “yeah, I’ll try,” is all that leaves her lips.

I stare at him as I realise how we haven’t seen his wings in a while, I wonder what he’s hiding… “Hey Jasper?” I ask making him pull his hand away from Alex and look at me, “Can I see your wings?” His eyes widen as he steps back from me.

“Sorry man, no time, I’ve got to go look after Jamie,” he blurts out rather fast. He’s definitely hiding something. Maybe he broke a wing?

He runs off in the direction she ran off in, making me follow, “Mika?” Alex mumbles causing me to turn on my heels and look at her.

“Yeah?” I ask raising an eyebrow.

“What was that?” She asks slowly obviously referring to the kiss. My heart automatically sinks as I see the heart break on her face. Does this girl like me? Alex can’t like me, she’s in love with her master like I am. Unless…

“You were here for me and I needed someone,” I smile sadly noticing her sadness.

“Oh,” she mumbles and shakes her head, “it was nothing, that’s what I expected,” she lets a small breathy chuckle leave her lips.

I step towards her and place my hand on the top on her head, “listen, I’m sorry for doing that to you,” I start, “I didn’t know you felt that way…”

Her cheeks heat up as she steps back from me putting her hands in the air in defence, “what?! I don’t love you Mika,” she chuckles nervously.

I smile sweetly, “alright, pretend I said nothing,” I shrug and walk away from her. She stays behind me, but, I hear her wings push her off the floor and into the air signalling she’s getting away to have time to herself. Now I feel horrible, that poor girl.

I need to Jamie before Charlie can tell her what I did.

I run around the corner to see Jamie, Charlie and Jasper standing in front of someone, them all in their fighting gear. Charlie looks at me before quickly looking away trying to tell me to run, but, I won’t. I transform into my fighting gear before walking over, “Oi Hades,” I yell. He turns around and glares at me. I knew it was him.

Jamie looks at me with worry in her eyes, “Mika run,” she calls.

“There’s my traitor, where’s the other one?” He growls as he walks towards me obviously talking about Alex. Luckily she flew away for a while.

“Traitor?” I ask as step towards him.

He snickers and stops in his tracks forming a fire ball in his hands, “you we’re going to start a war against your leader? Such a move from someone like you Mika.”

“Stop!” Jamie screams as she flies into the air landing in front of me, “you have to go through me, the only air to the throne to get to him.”

“Jamie no,” I warn and try to push her behind me, but she stands her ground.

“Alright,” Hades simply speaks. He goes to throw the fire ball, but, Jasper flies up and lands in front of us, his white wing now a jet black. Now it makes sense, he’s fallen…

He stands in front of us his massive black wings surrounding his body shielding us. Fear pulses through me as I realise we’ve been living with a fallen angel this whole time, “you’ll have to go through me,” Jasper barks making Jamie grab my arm in horror.

Hades falls silent, “Mika, aren’t Fallen angels the most powerful out of angels and demons?” Jamie gasps as she tightens her grip on my forearm.

I nod, my mouth going dry, “he’s betrayed God, but, what about Charlie?” I mumble coming out from behind his massive wings with Jamie still attached to my arm. I see Charlie wide eyed staring at Jasper, tears almost in his eyes. Jamie doesn’t know what happens to fallen angels.

“You dare challenge me?” Hades asks, the fire ball disappearing.

Jasper nods and stretches out his wings in an attempt to intimidate, and it works, well, against Charlie, “Leave that for the war Jasper,” Hades laughs and brings his wings out, gigantic leather wings with spikes on them fill the space around him. Jasper doesn’t flinch.

“If you touch Jamie, I’ll kill you,” Jasper yells.

Hades hums before pushing off the ground and flying away somewhere. All eyes are on Jasper as we all stay silent. He’s fallen. If an angel is fallen, they die and never come back. No one knows what happens to them, they just are never seen again. We all stand in silence, “I know,” Jasper mumbles.

“Holy shit…” Levi curses as he stops a few feet away from us. We all look at him to see him staring at Jaspers wings, “you’re fallen?” He asks stepping towards him. Why doesn’t he look scared?

Jasper hums, “yeah, that’s why I wouldn’t show my wings,” Levi walks over to Charlie and hugs him, noticing his fear and horror.

**Jamie’s POV**

Levi walks up to Charlie and hugs him, Charlie’s fear showing like the clothes on his skin, sadness seeping through. I would have done the same, but, I couldn’t find it in my gut to walk near Jasper. I fought him, why didn’t he beat me?

“Since when?” Mika asks making me look at him and back to Jasper.

A small frown is seen on his face, “two weeks,” he rubs his arm.

I turn to look at Mika who is now looking extremely worried and sad, “four weeks left then?” He asks. What does he mean by that? Four weeks of what?

Charlie pulls himself away from Levi and steps towards Jasper, throwing his fear to the side, “You can’t leave me,” Charlie begs, what does he mean?

I step forwards and Mika lets me, “what happens to fallen angels?” I ask slowly.

Everyone looks at me, swallowing hard, “they die,” Levi says making my heart stop, my eyes to lock with Jaspers, “technically were already dead, but, we call it dead because no one knows what happens to them.”

“So you could be reborn?” I ask making Jasper nod and step towards me, “That’s a good thing Jasper…” I mumble sadly.

“No!” Charlie yells as he wraps his arms around Jasper, “you’re my brother, my best friend, I’m not letting you leave.”

Jasper wraps his arms around Charlie and brings his wings back in, “I’ll be fine,” he sighs.

I look back at Mika to see him gone, why is this effecting him so much? “I’ll go,” Levi says from right behind me. I turn slightly and smile nodding.

“Make sure he’s okay,” I swallow hard.

**Levi’s POV**

I walk off leaving Charlie in Jasper arms and Jamie worried sick about everything right this moment. This is horrendous, since when has he committed a sin? Except swearing of course, but, that isn’t enough for someone to be kicked out of heaven. After a few minutes, Mika comes in sight. He stands over the water fountain looking down into the water at the goldfish, “Trying to control yourself eh?” I ask.

He crosses his arms and sighs, his eyes not leaving the water, “he’s going to die Levi,” he swallows hard.

“I thought you hated him,” I ask slowly walking towards him and standing next to him watching the fish.

He turns to me, anger on his face, “of course I hate him! But, he’s going to die and I can’t do anything, if he dies, Jamie breaks, making me break, if he dies, Charlie breaks, making you break…” My mouth goes dry as he speaks the truth, I don’t want it to be true, but, sadly it is. “He kissed the love of my life and I feel like he should have, if he loves her, then he should have.”

“Mika…” I start, he looks down at our feet as we face each other, his hair falling over his eyes, “Even if we all fall apart, I know we’ll be okay.”

“How can you say that?” He asks grabbing my forearms harshly obviously confused in a wave of emotions.

I try to step back, but, he doesn’t let me, not that I’m scared, I just don’t want to kill him if he tries something, “because we’re stronger than you give us credit for.”

He drops his arms, his facial expression becoming soft and apologetic, “do you believe we can beat Hades?” He asks me.

I hesitate, “yeah, I do.”

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