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“How did Hades know what Mika has organised?” Charlie asks as he sits next to me, our legs entwined.

“He’s Hades, it doesn’t surprise me,” Mika shrugs, “no one was harmed, we shouldn’t be too worried,” He purses his lips.

“But, what can we do if he knows what we’re going to do?” Jamie asks from in the middle of Mika and Jasper, “wait where’s Alex?”

We all look around, Charlies eyes landing on Mika, “What?” I whisper to him.

He shakes his head and looks up at me, “it’s nothing, he just watched Alex fly away, that’s all,” he leans up and pecks my lips obviously lying to me.

“She went for some air, and luckily she did otherwise Hades would have got to her,” Mika chimes in, “by the way Levi,” he starts making me look at him and hum, everyone else falling silent, “why wasn’t Hades here for you?”

I blink a couple times before looking at Jamie who eyes me suspiciously, “I thought the same thing,” is all that leaves my lips. I honestly don’t know why he wasn’t here for me also.

“Maybe he expects you to turn on us?” Jasper suggests. Jamie continues to stare at me with curiosity, I hope she isn’t thinking I’m the one who told Hades our plans.

“Maybe, but, I’m not going to turn you guys in,” I reach up and rub the nape of my neck.

“You aren’t suggesting Levi is the one who went behind our backs and told Hades our plans are you?” Charlie barks as he sits up straight and eyes everyone angrily.

“We’re just following evidence,” Jamie sighs and crosses her arms, her hand leaving Mika’s.

I stay quiet as I let them bicker about my apparent traitorous behaviour. I don’t really care if they think it was me, if they try to kill me, they’ll all die first. I’m stronger, “Charlie, we don’t believe he did anything,” Jasper smiles.

I look up from my hands on my lap, my hair falling over my eyes, “you don’t?” I ask.

“No,” Is all that Mika says making me smile slightly with a small chuckle, “but, you are going to have an eye kept on you,” he warns.

I nod my head, “so you do believe it was him?” Charlie growls and stands up.

We all stare at him, “no Charlie, we said we didn’t,” Jamie says as she stands up after him, obviously annoyed, “so don’t get shitty with us.”

“Calm down everyone, if we don’t want anyone getting angry, it’s me,” Jasper snaps making us all look at him with fear written in our eyes, well, except me. I’m not scared of him.

“We need to get this war started,” Mika chimes in as he slams his hands on the coffee table, “We need to start this and finish it.”

“How? He knows our plans,” I remind them making them all fall silent. Even Mika falls silent, he always comes up with war plans, “wait guys,” I say as I stand up and walk over to the fire place, “Mika went there no? Then what if he could read his mind?” I suggest.

“That would explain a lot,” Jasper mumbles and runs his fingers through his hair.

“If so,” Jamie starts, making me tilt my head ever so slightly to face her, but, not look at her, my hand on my chin in thought, “how are we supposed to start a war when he still knows our plans?”

I spin on my heels and look at them all, “Simple!” I chirp.

Charlie looks at me with worry in his eyes, “oh no, you’re not doing what I think you are,” he warns and steps towards me, but, I shrug making him stop and look down avoiding my eye contact.

“What do you have in mind Levi?” Mika asks, him being the only one still sitting.

I smirk and run my fingers through my hair, “we all know of the forget me not spell,” they all nod, except Jamie how is new to this whole thing, “I’m going to take the potion so he can’t read my mind and go and tell him a fake plan, therefore he believes that I’m still on his side and deceiving you.”

They all smile at me, with the exception of Charlie who is pissed off at me for my idiocy, “that’s a good idea, who thought you would have come up with it,” Mika chuckles and finally stands up.

“I can kill you with one hit Mika, shut it,” I growl.

“We should do this now if we want me healthy for the war,” Jasper mumbles the last part to himself. I forgot he was fallen, he’s going to get extremely weak in 2 weeks then he has two more weeks left before he disappears.

“What’s the new fake plan?” I ask.

Everyone looks straight at Mika, he groans and crosses his arms, “Alright, in four days we’re going to attack the east side of hell first, try leave purgatory out of this, then we’ll make our way to the centre, his majesty’s throne and take him out,” He says, “I know it’s shitty, but, it’s better than nothing,” he shrugs.

“So how do we do this?” Jamie asks and my stomach turns into a knot.

“Another demon has to do it, and to seal the deal, they must, um, kiss the other,” I cough awkwardly knowing Mika is the only other demon in the room.

Everyone’s eyes fall on Mika, “Oh hell no,” He stands his ground.

“We need this done,” Jasper whines and ushers Mika towards me, “do it for Jamie,” He snickers and pushes him into me.

I stumble back, but, catch myself, “he is not kissing Levi,” Charlie growls.

Mika sighs and crosses his arms, “I’ll do it,” he closes his eyes as if he doesn’t believe his own words. Jamie cracks up laughing followed by Jasper.

A blush forms over my cheeks as I chuckle awkwardly, “you need to do the spell and command me to do what you want,” I swallow hard causing the laughing to die down.

Mika reaches up and holds my head, placing his thumbs on my temples, “Oblivisci me audite praecepta mea vota tollamque manum meam” My eye’s roll back making a pure white engulf my eyes, “Forget the plan and go to Hades telling him, in four days we’re going to attack the east side of hell first, try leave purgatory out of this, then we’ll make our way to the centre, his majesty’s throne and take him out,” Slowly his hands leave my head and my eyes roll back to their normal state. His lips crash onto mine as electricity runs through me. Slowly he pulls away.

I blink a couple times trying to remember what just happened, then it hits me, “W-what?” I stutter, “why am I doing that?!” I shriek.

“It worked,” Jasper whispers.

“Now go,” Mika barks.

My eyes turn black as anger washes through me, “yes, master,” I transform into my fighting gear and wield my swords.

“Whoa, he looks scary,” Jamie mumbles to Jasper.

A black smoke engulfs me as I can no longer see them and heat radiates onto my body, Hell
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