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Screams of the dead are heard as I make my way through, my black leather wings out stretched intimidating all the other demons who know who I am. If you think about it, we are like dogs, make ourselves look bigger to intimidate. The flames burn bright around the dark rocky surroundings, quickly I make my way to the gates of Hades lair when two guards stops me, both quivering at my presents, “state your business,” one speaks.

“I’m here to state my business to Hades, not you two imbeciles,” I growl staring them down.

Quickly they stumble out of my way allowing me to pass through to the large double doors ahead. I must betray Mika, on all costs, I swing the double doors open, but, I won’t do it without a deal with Hades, “oh do I have a deal for you,” I snicker as Hades eyes lock with mine.

“What do you want Levi?” He growls stranding from his throne.

I start walking towards him, a slyness in my each and every step, “I’ll tell you Mika’s brand new plan for a little something,” A smirk plastered on my face.

“Why should I trust you?” He asks, his left hand becoming engulfed in fire.

“I should he asking you that,” I stop at the bottom of the stairs to his throne, “either way, why would I waste my time with you if I didn’t want to make a true deal?”

The fire disappears as he makes his way down the stairs, “what do you want in return?” He asks curiously.

“I get to be with an angel,” I shrug and take a step on the bottom step.

“I assume we’re talking about Charlie?” He mumbles and moves his hand in a gesture, “fine, you may be with him, but, remember, I can’t choose what God does, so the rest is on him,” his words strike fear through me. What if he becomes fallen like Jasper, what would I do?

“Now for my part of the bargain,” I mumbles trying to keep my posture, “in four days we’re going to attack the east side of hell first, try leave purgatory out of this, then we’ll make our way to the centre, his majesty’s throne and take him out,” I bow ever so slightly.

He gives a sinister laugh, “leave purgatory out of this, they’re my main army, I can’t wait for Mika to reunite with his dearest mother.

I stop in my tracks on the stairs and chuckles at his remark, “you can’t be serious?” I ask as my eyes lock with his.

A flash of black smoke appears where he was standing before a hand wraps around my throat and throws me against the wall. He stands in front of me in a cloud of black smoke, “oh I’m serious.” I let out a cough as I pry at his hand around my throat, “now, why are you lying to me?”

“I’m not lying! Why would I be?” I bark and try push him away from me, but, his grip only tightens around my neck.

“When I read your mind, I can see you’re not lying, but, I still sense something’s off…” He growls and let’s go of my neck causing me to fall to the ground gasping for air.

“Then why accuse me?” I snap and stand up leaning against the wall.

He shrugs and turns his back to me, “Like I said, somethings off, now, leave while I can contain my anger,” he waves his hand in some type of gesture trying to think of his words.

“Yes your Majesty,” I speak as I stumble to the door. Quickly I regain my posture and walk out to where the guards are, “don’t talk to me,” I growl as I walk past them.

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