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“Uh, Levi sir?” One of the guards call out making me spin on my heels and glare at him, “The king is calling for you.”

My eyes widen as I hesitantly make my way back to the doors to see him standing there with them open, “you called?” I ask and stop a few meters away from him.

“I forgot to tell you,” he smirks as a large metal sound is heard from above me. I look up to see a cage fall on top of me trapping me in place.

Automatically, I run to the edge and grab hold of the bars, “you prick,” I yell grabbing my swords and trying to cut through the bars only to be thrown backwards, my back colliding with the bars at the other end of the cage.

“You are an asset to them Levi,” he starts, me sitting on the floor, my swords scattered next to me, “one that can’t go back now that I’ve got you.”

“Charlie…” I whisper before I pass out.

**Jamie’s POV**

It’s been 4 hours and Levi still hasn’t come back, I trust him I really do, I just don’t know if he’s working with Hades if that makes any sense. Charlie is in hysterics worried about him, “he still isn’t back yet,” Charlie yells as he walks back and forth.

I lay on the couch, my head on Mika’s lap as he plays with my hair, “he will, just don’t worry okay?” Mika mumbles and stares down at me, his eyes sparkling.

“Mika, he’s going to be worried no matter what you say, so you’re not helping,” Jasper sighs and grabs Charlie’s wrist, stopping him from walking back and forth, “sit down,” he orders. Charlie hesitantly moves next to Jasper and sits down.

We all fall silent as Charlie’s foot tapping on the floor can be heard, suddenly the door swings open and he bolts towards it, “oh,” we hear him say from the other side of the wall, “it’s only Alex!”

I jump off the seat and run over to see her looking completely fine except for her make up smudged down her cheeks, “Alex!” I yelp and embrace her tightly.

She hugs me back and chuckles softly, “hey you,” I unwrap my arms and go to speak, but, she cuts me off, “I was in hell,” she speaks with fear in her voice as she looks at Charlie.

“Did you see Levi?” He asks as a hopeful look is evident on his face.

She nods and blinks a couple times, but, doesn’t say anything, “Alex…? Where’s Levi?” I ask slowly not sure if I want to know the answer.

She looks down, her black hair falling over her face, “Hades has him.”

I turn to look at Charlie who still has the hopeful look frozen on his face, “Charlie?”

He stays frozen as a twitch starts on the edge of his smile, “I think I broke him,” Alex mumbles as she steps back waiting for him to explode.

I don’t look back at her, instead I reach up and touch Charlie’s cheek. He softens under my touch before a look of anger takes over his face, “WHY DIDN’T YOU HELP HIM!?” He roars as he grabs her t-shirt pushing her against the front door.

She tries to push him away, but, he’s too strong, “C-Charlie, stop,” she gasps as his fist is pushing against her throat.

I run over and grab his wrist, “if she tried to help, we wouldn’t have known he was captured,” I try to pull him away.

“What the hell Charlie?!” Mika yells as he comes over and pushes him off of Alex, “I don’t care how angry you are you never hurt a woman!” Now Mika’s angry.

Alex grabs her throat trying to breathe again, “Mika, he was just angry, although I do agree with you,” Jasper speaks as he places his hand on Charlie’s shoulder to calm him down.

“Why don’t we all gang up on Charlie huh? While the love of his life is going to die,” Charlie yells as he rolls his eyes and walk away upstairs into his bed room slamming the door shut.

We all jump slightly at the loud noise before falling silent, “I’ll go talk to him,” Jasper mumbles as he follows the poor boy upstairs. For being the strongest angel, that’s not fallen, he sure has anger issues… But, I can’t blame him, the one he loves is in danger.

“What happened?” Mika asks as he glares at Alex, she blushes and looks away, did something happen between those two?

“Hades has Levi,” She says just above a whisper.

“That’s why Charlie flipped out,” I chime in. He falls silent as he looks at me, his face softening, “we need to start this war.”

“What we need is Levi,” Mika growls angrily obviously pissed off at the fact Alex didn’t help him.

“And we can do that by starting the war to get him back!” Alex snaps causing us both to look at her, “that spell is going to wear off and Levi will become vulnerable to Hades mind games. We need to take this opportunity and wait until it wears off so we can actually do the fake plan,” she suggests.

“Because Levi won’t know what we’re doing,” I finish her sentence. She smiles at me and nods, “Mika that’s a good idea,” I say turning my head to look at him.

He stays silent for a few seconds thinking of the plan over and over again, “Okay,” he sighs, “but, the spell wears off once he wakes up from a sleep or I kiss him again, so we will attack tomorrow,” he tells us.

“I’ll go tell Charlie,” Alex chirps happily before running up the stairs leaving Mika and I alone.

“I’m proud of you,” Mika mumbles wrapping his arms around me from behind.

I grab his arms and hold them tighter against me, “Why so?”

He smiles and kisses the top of my head, “how far you’ve come, you can control your abilities now, you’re so powerful,” he reminds me making a small blush cross my cheeks.

“Thanks to you guys,” I say spinning around in his arms to face him, “you let me beat the shit out of you,” I giggle wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Just wait until you can do that to Hades,” he grins making me bury my face in his chest.

“WE’RE GOING?!” Charlie screams as he runs down the stairs ripping me off of Mika and hugging me tightly. I get whiplash from the sudden movement, but, I get over it quickly and laugh hugging him back.

“Yeah, we wouldn’t leave him,” I smile and pull away.

He smirks at me and keeps his hands on my shoulders, “But, we’re going tomorrow,” Mika chimes in making Charlie snap his head to him.

“Why?! We’re ready now!” He complains and slides his hands off my shoulders, “You know that right Jamie?” He begs looking at me with pleading eyes.

I purse my lips, my eyes sad, “Charlie…” I starts, but, his facial expression drops, his sadness showing.

“Forget it,” he mumbles and storms upstairs, Jasper and Alex standing there watching the show. He walks past them and into his room, but, the door doesn’t slam.

“That went well,” Mika says clasping his hands together. We all glare at him in disbelief, “what?”

Alex and Jasper walk off into their rooms and shut the doors behind them, “We should probably get some rest, we have a big day tomorrow,” I yawn and stretch.

Mika and I sat on our bed in silence. What was there even to talk about..? That we could die tomorrow and that would be it.

"Listen Jamie…" Mika began, "If something happens to me tomorrow...I don't want it to hold you back, go on with your life after the war as if I wasn't there."

I gritted my teeth together and turned him towards me, "How can you say something like that..?" Mika just shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm not gonna let you die. That's a promise you hear me! And if something were to happen to you I would never forgive myself!" Mika raises his voice.

"But you can't protect me and protect yourself at the same time-"

"Really? Well I'm gonna give it a damn good shot!" He wrapped his arms tightly around me. "I won't let you die, you can't die on me, not tomorrow, not next week, not ever."

"Mika..." My eyes light up. He released me from the hug and looked into my eyes. He placed his hand on my cheek and lead in and gently kissed my lips.

Jamie put her hands on the back of Mika’s head and ruffled up his hair. He then pushed me back and continued kissing me, his lips went from my lips to trailing down my neck. He used one of his hands to unbuckle my jeans.

"What are you doing..?" Jamie breathed.

"Making the most of our last proper night together until we go to that bloodbath war tomorrow.." Mika whispered.

"Okay.." I whispered back.

Mika sat up and pulled of my trousers very slowly. As he did he pulled of my shirt leaving me in my bra and underwear. I laid there on the bed and watched Mika throw of his shirt and force down his trousers to his ankles with a smile on his face.

We both climbed under the covers and Mika got on top. We continued kissing, this time more passionately and hard. "I need you.." I whispered. I looked up at him and rubbed my hand on his cheek.

"I'm all yours.." He answered. We quietly laughed for a moment.

"This is my first time so please be gentle." That was all I asked.

"It's mine too, don't be afraid I'm not going to hurt you." He smiled down to me.

I pulled down my pants and opened his boxers. He reached down and felt around, I was warm and a little damp. He then inserted one of his fingers into my entrance. I tensed up as he added another.

"Ah- it feels weird.." I moaned.

"You mean a good weird." He grinned. I nodded and tightly closed my eyes, as I was about to reserve a larger object. I could feel his member around my area, just waiting..

"Are you ready?" He asked.

"It's just...are you sure you want me..? You sure you want me to be your first..?" I pouted quietly.

"Why would you say that? Of course I do, you’re the only one for me."

"Thank you… Please go on, I'm ready for you." I smiled.

Mika took his member and pushed his way inside of me. He pushed in until he couldn't push anymore. I was tensed up and so nervous. Mika thrusted a little, "Does it hurt?" He asked.

"No... It's just a lot of pressure to have in me..." I faked a smile.

"If you wanna stop just tell me… but I can't hold back any more.."

He then thrusted harder and faster into me. I held on to the bed head and clung to it, it began to hit against the wall. He held on to my hips and kept the pace going fast. Sweat dripped down on his face. A few drops of blood dripped out of me, he had broken my virginity walls completely. Guess you could say he popped my cherry.

"M-Mika ~ it feels so good.." I sang.

"Jamie I'm close- I need to..c-"

I pulled him down to my lips. He entered his tongue and we began fighting for dominance, "Tch- here I come!" Mika then exploded his men into her.

"A-agh...it's hot." I gasped, Mika laid down on top of me while we got our breath back. He roughly got back up and kissed me one last time that night.

“I love you,” he whispers in my ear as he pulls me into him.

I smile against his chest, “I love you too.”

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