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He swings the door to my apartment open as he stands aside allowing me to enter first. I know this is unfair, but, he is here to do my bidding, I thought I’d make to most of it and make him sort of do everything. I mean, he lives forever, I’m simply just giving him something to do. Quickly I walk in, the first thing I do is turn the heater on, and it’s about 9 degrees out there?

“It’s really not that cold Mistress.” He chuckles as he takes off his black coat, hanging it on the racks behind the door. Before coming up behind me and slowly taking mine off, sending an unwelcomed shiver to run down my spine.

“How would you know? You simply just wear the things needed to fit in.” I shrugs as I shove my hands in front of the heater absorbing the warmth.

He chuckles as he places my black coat on the racks too, “Too shay.” His words come out soft, as if he is genuinely agreeing with me, “why don’t you get your pyjamas on and go to bed, it’ll be warmer than standing out here.

My head snaps towards him, “I sleep in a shirt and underwear, I don’t think I’ll be any warmer.” I laugh as I pull my hands away from the warm air starting to walk down the hallway, never looking at him in the process, his sly smirk will make me cry, I still need to release my emotions from the distressing event that took place involving my siblings.

I can hear his footsteps behind me, “Then wear your pyjama pants and a shirt? It’s not that much of an effort to put clothes on is it?” He asks, his words obviously tormenting me, “Actually, you’re not one I should be asking that too.” He chuckles.

“Shut up.” I spit as I enter my bedroom sitting on my bed pulling my shoes off, “Get me my pyjamas then.” I order. He shrugs and walks over to my draws pulling out long checked pyjama pants and a black singlet. I watch him intensely as he closes the draw. He turns his body around to look at me causing me to snap my head away.

“You don’t have to look at me in secret mistress. You can just ask.” He suggests as he walks over placing my pyjamas on the bed next to me.

“Why couldn’t I have been given a less annoying and cocky demon?” My face falls in my hands. I’m not sure if I’m doing this out of annoyance on his behalf, or because I’m breaking.

I feel the bed lower indicating he sat next to me, “Why couldn’t I have been given a less stubborn mistress?” He laughs as he nudges my arm. I stay with my face in my hands causing his laughter to stop and a perfect sigh to escape his lips, “Weakness again Mistress?”

Slowly I pull my head up as I stand up my back facing him, waiting for him to unzip my dress, “weakness? Me? You’ve got to be joking.” I chuckle as I feel his cold hands touch my back, “After all, I summoned you for vengeance, and there is no weakness in that.” I shrug as I pull my arms out of the dress, his hands staying on my back. Turning my head, I see him staring at my back.

His eyes flicker back to mine as I quickly grasp the shirt throwing it over my head, “You seemed depressed when you did summon me. I almost felt bad for you.” His words provoking me, but, a hint of softness possessing his tone, “I only decided to help you because you have a strong heart, a strong soul. But in these two weeks in which you summoned me, I can already feel our bond breaking due to the weakness growing in your heart.” He mumbles as he removes his hands from my lower back and brings it around to be placed on my heart, “It doesn’t beat the same way,” I feel my heart skip a beat, not from his touch, but, from my despair.

“Why do demons speak the most beautiful words?” I ask as I turn around to face him, removing his hand from my chest.

He looks down at me, his blonde hair hung over his eyes, “Don’t flatter me madam.” Slowly he takes a step back away from my body. My eyes widen as I realise how close we were standing, I was seduced by a demon.

“Don’t go getting cockier on me.” I chuckle as I pull the rest of my dress off, before pulling my pyjama pants on, “Now, I’m going to bed.”

He pulls back to covers as I climb in quickly to escape the cold, “I will be going then mistress. Call if you need anything.” He speaks softly, as he turns away, “Goodnight.” I watch as he makes his way to the door.

I feel the sadness come back as he increases the distance between us. What it happening to me? “Mika.” I speak quickly before he can leave. He stops and turns around slightly, his hand on the door knob. Humming in response he still doesn’t look at me, “I want you to stay with me until I fall asleep.” His head faces away from me as he looks down, his grip becoming tighter on the handle.

Slowly his hand falls effortlessly next to him as he turns, making his way over to me. Satisfied he’s going to stay, I lay down and turn over closing my eyes. I feel the bed sink as he climbs in next to me, “I don’t provide much warmth.” He reminds me as he turns in my direction, I can feel him staring at the back of my head before he shuffles over and wraps his arms around me.

A feeling of safety runs through me, “I don’t care.” I mumble as I shake my head. Moments pass and I begin to feel the coldness radiating off his chest and into my back, “You’re not calling me weak?” I ask in surprise, amazed he hasn’t attacked me with those words. He stays silent as his body tenses, a smile is played on my face as I open my eyes and look down at his arms wrapped around me. This is the first time I ever asked him to do this and it feels wrong, but, I just need comfort right now, even if it is from him. I swallow hard as the tears start silently falling from my eyes, I know I said he makes me feel safer and less aware of my emotions, I just can’t hide this right now. I need him to make me feel safe so I don’t feel as if it’s a bad thing to cry, so I don’t feel as if I’ll be killed for it. For showing weakness. I get pulled out of my daydream from a burst of heat coming from his chest causing me to look behind me and at him. His eyes stay closed as he squeezes his eyes slightly obviously feeling the pulse in his body, his hair covers his blue eyes, barely being able to see them. Slowly I turn back over and close my eyes. I feel safe.

The light shines through the curtains causing me to pull the covers over my head, I don’t want to get up. The event from last night, no, the request from last night plays in my mind. Why did I ask him to stay here? Why do I feel safe with him? All he wants is my soul in return for vengeance. He just isn’t like me, how can I feel safe around him, he could strike at any moment. My body trembles slightly as I feel his arms still wrapped around me, but, almost as quickly as I tremble, he tightens his grip around me, as if he wants to calm me down, even then, I don’t feel any warmth coming from his body, none. His grip becomes softer as I stop trembling, what is with this demon? Is he really a demon? Of course he is, I can be so stupid. He’s only doing what I ordered him to. Slowly I peek my head out of the covers and look at the alarm clock, 6:33am. I really need to stop waking up so early. My gaze drifts from the red numbers falling onto the orange light coming in through my windows. I always enjoy seeing this, this early in the morning, it is the most beautiful colour orange. I wonder if Mika can see beauty in things…

A soft sigh escapes my lips as I turn away from the light facing inwards to the demon sleeping next to me, his eyelids stay softly planted on his cheek as his blonde hair is still hung over his face. Demons aren’t supposed to be beautiful, I thought that was for angels and blonde hair? Where do you hear about a demon with blonde hair? Don’t get me started on the ocean blue eyes that are always asking questions, Jamie! Get a hold of yourself! What the hell is coming over me?
A slight hum leaves my lips as I raise my hand and start tracing my fingers over his jaw line and cheek bones, truly something an angel should have. I continue to hum as my fingers stay locked on his facial features, just tracing. A soft groan leaves his lips as his body wriggles and his muscles tighten, his eyes squeeze shut as he grabs the blanket and pulls it over his head.

“Good morning to you too.” I chuckle as I peek my head under the covers to see him open his eyes and look at me, but, I can’t quite tell what is lingering in his stare.

“I’m not a morning person.” He shrugs as a scowl is shown on his face. He pulls the blankets away from me and hides amongst them again. Rude indeed, “What time is it?” He asks as he stays still under the covers facing my body.

Slowly I turn to look at the clock and hum at the numbers, “7am.” A groan escapes my lips, but, It’s nothing compared to the one that leaves his.

“Why do you wake up so early?” He mumbles angrily.

I snatch the blankets covering his face and pull them over to me allowing me to snuggle back into the bed, “You’re awake too you know.” I shrug.

His eyes open once again as he looks at me, black clouds swarming over his blue eyes, “You woke me.” Quickly he turns away not bothering with the blankets. He knows I’m his mistress so he can’t fight me physically or verbally unless I say otherwise or stop him for yelling.

Embarrassment fills my stomach, butterflies swarming. Did he feel me tracing his face? “H-how did I w-wake you?” I stamper, if only I could make it more obvious, oh wait, I can’t.

“You moved and hit my face. Now my face feels weird, but, slightly relaxed. Is that a weird feeling? Or do humans feel it often when people punch them?” He asks genuinely curious. He seriously has no idea what I was just doing.

A giggle leaves my lips, “Not exactly.” The only words that leave my lips sound almost scared.

“What is that supposed to mean?” He asks as he tries to pull the blanket up from his waist. It’s only now I realise his not wearing a shirt. Quickly I avoid staring as I look at the window once again, “Mistress?” He asks as I don’t answer due to the feeling of awkwardness filling my stomach. He isn’t even phased by this? How can he not feel weird about laying with me shirtless? Or right… he has no morality.

“Uh, um…” I stumble on my words and I continue to stare at the orange light, “It’s supposed to mean that I punched you in the face really hard and because pain isn’t something you’re used to, it tingles?” I speak more like a question.

A chuckle leaves his lips as he turns over to look at me, “What are you looking at?” He asks as he sits up, the blanket falling off his chest.

I look back at him, then quickly look back the sun rise, “You don’t see it?” I ask as I sit up the blanket falling from my body too, but, I’m lucky enough to have pyjamas on.

He shakes his head pushing his hair out the way, “Tell me.” He speaks as he looks back at me almost pleading for an answer.

My eyes find his as I cock my head to the side, can he really not see it? “The colour of the sunrise. Can you not see it?” I ask.

He looks away from me and to the window, he stares intensely for a few seconds because replying, “The green?” He asks as he raises an eye brow. He’s got to be joking.

“The green?!” I yelp as I look back at the window, “It’s orange you dimwit!” I almost yell, but, he starts laughing, “What? What’s so funny?” I growl as I grab his shoulder, “Mika. Answer me and stop laughing.” I growl causing his laughter to fall into a light chuckle.

“I’m not stupid mistress. It’s orange with a hint of yellow in it.” He snickers as he pushes my hand away, “Now, if you would kindly let me go back to sleep, I don’t have time for such girlish things.” He mumbles, a hint of playfulness in his voice as he lays back down in the bed pulling the blankets over him.

Fine if he wants to play at that game, “Fine then, get out of my bed.” I speak as I lay back down ripping the blankets back. I know there’s enough for two people, after all it’s a queen size, but, he’s being so stubborn.

“Why?” He asks as he rips it back completely exposing my body.

A small scream leaves my body as the cold air wraps itself around me. Quickly I rip the blanket back putting my head under it, “Because cuddling with a girl is girlish.” I groan.

I feel him turn around to face me, leaning up on one arm, “That’s no fair! It’s not like I’m going to cuddle you anyways!” He protests. Slowly I peek my head out of the blankets and look at him.

“Beg again, I like it.” I giggle causing his face to drop.

“You can’t be serious?” He asks, but, I cut him off.

“Oh no, I’m quite serious.” I raises my eyebrows teasing him, “Now beg if you want to stay here.” I speak trying not to laugh.

He stares at me then at the bed then back to me, “Okay, I’m out.” He plainly speaks as he throws the blankets off of him and hops out the bed.

“Miiiikkkkkaaaaaa!” I whine as laughter erupts from my throat causing an explosion of laughter to run around the room. He stop and looks back at me crossing his arms, “I was kidding!” His facial expression doesn’t move from, unsatisfied causing my laughter to die down dramatically. Party pooper, “Anyway, we have to get ready if we’re going to work on our case today.” I speak as I stay under the covers.

“And you staying in the bed is helping your case how?” He asks as he lifts his hand. Nu-uh, he is not taking my blanket away. His hand becomes engulfed in a blue mist as the blanket is lifted off of me. Drastically, I reach for the blanket trying to rip it back down, even try to stop it from leaving my body, but, it’s no use.

“I hate you.” I growl as I sit up throwing my legs over the side of the bed.

A soft chuckle leaves his lips, “That’s obviously why you were tracing my face before.” He speaks as he turns away leaving me in my embarrassment. How did he know? I’m so stupid, holy shit. What did I just do? I’m such an idiot. He can’t be serious, after all, he thought I punched him in the face. He wouldn’t lie about that, would he? Well, he obviously did! Ugh, I’m so angry yet embarrassed to approach him. I hate my life.

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