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“Fight,” I growl.

Almost as soon as those word leave my lips, demons run at as, I throw a few knives at them sending them into smoke, “You and Charlie go find Levi, Jasper and I got this,” Mika yells as he slices through a demon.

I look at Charlie who nods and runs past me with his large scythe, quickly I run after him, “do you know where you’re going?” I yell to him.

He points his scythe towards two giant double doors, “I’ve been down here before.” I nod and continue running with him. I throw a knife at a demon as she runs at me with her claws out. Charlie clearing the path with his scythe. We make our way to the doors and push them open hastily, “LEVI?!” Charlie screams as he runs in looking around the dimly lit room.

“Charlie?” A deep voice questions. Levi…

I look at Charlie to see his eyes light up, “Levi! Where are you?” He asks. I look around to see someone move in the shadows.

“Charlie stop!” I call making his stop in his tracks. He looks back at me with a questioning glare, “someone’s here.”

Suddenly fire lights up the lamps in the room allowing us to see a cage next to a throne, someone sitting in it with a hooded cape, “I told you I’d meet you here,” Alex speaks.

“Alex?” I ask as she uses her beams of dark energy to hold Levi in place in the cage.

She looks up, the hood falling off as a wide smirk on her lips, “that’s my name,” she chuckles.

Charlie steps forwards and points his scythe at her, “give me Levi now,” he growls, but, she shakes her head, “I knew you were bad.”

“Charlie just leave me,” Levi warns as he struggles in Alex’s beams earning a snicker from her.

“We’re not leaving you Levi even if it means we fight,” I snarl at her. Why would she do this? She was the traitor all along?

“Fight me?” She stands up and tightens the grip around Levi making him yelp in pain, Charlie steps forwards, “if you take another step towards me, I’ll squeeze him to death.”

“I said to leave me,” Levi roars, sadness and pain written all over his face.

Before I can say anything Charlie jumps up in the air and flies towards Alex taking her by surprise, “Over my dead body!” He barks as he flies into her, his wings wrapping around her body, them both going flying into the wall.

“Charlie!” Levi and I yell at the same time. I run over to Levi and kneel next to the lock, “Are you okay?” I ask.

He nods and grabs the bars as I swing it open, “Let me go save my angel,” he growls and stands up, his black wings coming out larger than before, he’s pissed. He flies towards them landing on a standing Alex.

I watch as Charlie and Levi fight Alex, she’s quite strong, “You go help Jasper and Mika,” Charlie calls out.

I spin on my heels and run out only to see Mika standing in front of a woman, “MIKA!” Jasper yells, “MIKA DON’T LISTEN TO HER!”

I run closer, killing a few demons in the process, to get a better look at her, is that his mother? I feel a burn on my back causing me to fall forwards, “Ugh,” I groan as I try to stand up, only to have someone stand on my back holding me down.

“Who do you think you are?” A males voice growls, I look up and see a demon standing there, fire manipulating his right hand.

“Jamie!” Jasper calls as he continues to fight off demons while Mika is preoccupied.

I make knives appear behind the demon before stabbing him in the back, “Not even purgatory can kill us, we will prevail,” I bark as stand up pushing him to the floor before walking over to Mika, using knives to help Jasper by killing off a bunch of demons.

“Mum…?” Mika mumbles as he reaches his hand up to touch her, but, she hits his hand away.

“Of course it’s me Miky,” she snickers and holds out a knife, “now,” Mika looks down and his eyes widen, “you’ve been a bad boy.”

Mika shakes his head and steps back, “no I haven’t!” He protests, but, the knife goes into his stomach.

“MIKA!” I scream and run next to him, placing my hand on his shoulder as he falls to the floor, “baby, baby listen,” I can feel the tears brimming in my eyes.

“Levi! Charlie!” Jasper yells out, “thank god.” I turn around to see the boys walk out blood covering their clothes, they can help Jasper.

“Stand up you pathetic child,” she barks and kicks him in the face.

“Stop!” I roar and stab her in the back, only to have her shrug and pull it out, “Mika get up,” I beg.

He looks at me and smiles sweetly, “kill her,” he orders me. I nod and stand up, I’m ready.


I slice a demons head clean off and look over to see Jamie kneeling over a wounded Mika, “Charlie! He’s hurt!” I yell to him and spin around to stab another in the stomach.

Charlie looks worriedly, “she’s going to fight Mika’s mother,” he gasps as hurries towards them, only to be stopped by Jasper.

“She can do this, we need to back them up,” Jasper barks orders and turns back away fighting.

Blood is being shed and on Hades side, he’s losing if we keep this up. I look back over to see Jamie fall to her knees in front of the woman, “JAMIE!” Jasper roars as he flies up in the air and lands in front of her only to be stabbed in the chest and stomach.

“NO!” Jamie screams, her voice cracking.

“Stop!” Hades commands making all the demons fall back from us. I hear Charlie’s scythe drop on the floor as he walks towards them slowly.

“J-J-Jasper?” He stutters.

Jasper falls to the ground, pushing the knives in further, “Mother!” Mika screams and stands up. I stand back and swallow hard as Mika fights his mum, eventually he slices her head clean off and drops his sword over her body.

I look back to see Jaspers head resting on Jamie’s lap, Charlie kneeling next to them crying, “You can’t leave me, us, everyone,” he sobs.

“I’m not, I promise,” Jasper coughs.

Mika and I look at each other taking another step back, “You my daughter,” Hades speaks causing us all to look up at him standing on the ledge, “You can him, but, you must give up humanity and join me ruling hell or let Jasper die and remain mortal.”

My eyes widen and so do everyone else’s, “Jamie please no,” Mika pleads as he steps forwards.

“You can’t I’m not worth it,” Jasper swallows hard and shakes his head.

Charlie stays quiet looking away from everyone obviously not knowing what to do or say, “If I let him die, I’ve already lost my humanity.” She mumbles and places her hand on his chest allowing a beam of light to radiate around them. Mika looks away and covers his eyes obviously crying. I watch as she gets lifted off the ground and floats in the air, her chest being pulled up. She looks towards Mika, “Kill me,” she begs.

He shakes his head and cries even harder, his weeps being heard over everything, “No,” he protests.

“Please,” she cries.

Hesitantly Mika’s wings come out and he flies up cutting her head clean off before landing on the ground in a kneeling position, “NO!” Jasper, Charlie and Hade’s scream at the same time.

He just killed Jamie…

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