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“We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Jamie Goodwin.” The priest speaks as weeps are heard all over room. My tears threaten to spill as I sit in the front silently, her mother who paid no attention to her, crying the loudest.

I killed her, I killed the love of my life because she was turning into me, she would have become worse than me, but, I still killed her, Jamie. I feel a tap on my shoulder as I snap out of my day dream to see no one left in the ceremony, just the coffin at the front and the priest, “Mika,” Levi speaks making me turn and look at him to see a crying Jasper and Charlie.

I shake my head and look back away looking down at my hands, “leave me,” I sob.

I feel arms wrap around me, I look to my left to see orange hair in my face, Charlie, “It’s never going to be the same, I know, but, she will be re born, after all, that’s what she wished happens when an angel dies,” he cries into my neck.

I sigh and look up at the coffin, “I’m going to talk to her,” I mumbles and stand up walking over to the coffin to see her head stitched back on and her skin pale. The tears flow over my cheeks as I reach in and touch her cold cheek. She’s so beautiful… I grab the paper out of my pocket and place it in her hand closing it.

“Let’s go,” Jasper cries as grabs my shoulder.

‘To my dearest Jamie,

I haven’t loved someone as much as I love you,

It hurts so much not to be by your side,

Not to be with you,

I know you thought you weren’t perfect, but,

You’re perfect to me and always will be,

I love you angel.’ - Mika

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