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We arrive at my sister’s friend’s house around 9 after stopping in for a little early breakfast at MacDonald’s. No shame Jamie, no shame. Her house is gorgeous, even though it’s a small house boat, it looks gorgeous. She’s so lucky to have a view of the open ocean, I hope she doesn’t swim in it. I swallow hard as I walk to the end of the dock looking over into the deep ocean.

I grasp onto my coat in fear, “Whoa!” Mika yells as he pushes me quickly grabbing onto my wrist before I hit the water.

“What the hell are you thinking?!” I scream completely oblivious of the people still sleeping in the boats, “Don’t do that!” My heart pounds loud in my chest, holy shit, I’m terrified. I’m still hanging above the water as he continues to laugh, tears start to well in my eyes, “Mika please pull me back up!” I beg as I frantically grab hold of his arm trying to pull up. His laugh dies down as he stares at me then back at the water.

His mouth becomes an ‘o’ shapes as he realises my fear, “you’re scared?” He asks as he pulls me back up. A slight scream leaves my lips as I look back into the ocean where I almost died quickly running into his arms trembling, “Mistress? That’s quite funny.” He tries to stifle a laugh as he pushes me away and holds me shoulders looking down at me, who’s almost crying. I hate him so much.

“I. Almost. Fucking. Died!” I roar as I hit him in the chest pushing his hands off my shoulders, “You’re supposed to protect me, not almost kill me!” I lower my voice slightly as I look around to see peoples boats starting to move signalling people are walking inside. I just woke people up.

He rolls his eyes as he walks passed me and to the end of the dock looking down, his blonde hair blowing in the wind as his scarf blows with it, “You couldn’t have died.” He shrugs as he kneels down putting his hand in the water.

Quickly I step back and hurry to Marissa’s boat door, “whatever you’re thinking, don’t do it.” I growl as my heart still pounds in my chest, I feel like it’s pounding in my throat really.

He stands up and looks back at me putting his hands in his pockets, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He smirks as he walks towards me. Hesitantly I turn around and knock on the door anxious about what I’m going to ask her. I look down at my feet and realise I can see the water under the boards.

“Mika!” I yelp as I start freaking out stepping frantically trying to do, actually, I don’t even know what I’m trying to do. I’m just terrified right now.

He walks up behind me and puts his hands on my shoulders making me stand still, “Calm down, you’re going to break the board doing that.” He mumbles causing my eyes to widen. Was that supposed to make me feel better?! He looks at the water under the boards and back at me to see me completely horrified, “Stand on my feet.” He suggests. Quickly I step on his feet holding onto his body desperate to get away from the water, “This is pathetic.” He groans as he closes his eyes.

“Oi! You had to be afraid of something before you became this.” I whisper the last part causing him to blink and purse his lips staring at me. He can’t be serious. I decide to ignore him and look at the door. Why hasn’t Marissa opened it yet? “Marissa?” I call as I lean over and knock on it once again only for it to be swung open, a girl standing there with puffy eyes.

“Jamie?” She asks as she looks at me then at Mika, “What are you doing here?” She asks continuing to hold the door open. I look her up and down to see her wearing a singlet top and pyjama pants, the same ones I was wearing last night actually.

I look back up at her and smile, “can we talk?” I ask as I look at her messy black hair. She looks at Mika and furrows her eye brows, “he’s okay, and he’s a part of the police.” I lie trying to calm her nerves about letting a random stranger in.

I feel him tighten his grip on my body obviously annoyed I said it, “can I see your badge?” She asks as she looks around, it looks like she’s looking out for someone. She doesn’t seem convinced.

He pushes me off his feet causing my mouth to go dry as I fight my urge to look down, “Unfortunately, I’m off duty today so I don’t have my badge on me. I’m doing a case to help a friend so I have to get my information away from the police investigation.” He speaks formally. Whoa, he totally killed it.

She looks him up and down before moving out our way, “Okay, but, only because it’s you Jamie.” I push him out the way as I quickly hurry inside leaning against the wall letting out the breath I had been holding onto even since I got off his feet. I feel a hand rest on my shoulder, “are you okay?” Marissa laughs slightly as I watch Mika walk ahead and sit on the couch.

A small laughs leaves my lips as I look at her, “Yeah, I just hate the ocean. When I say that, I mean the being in it thing. The view is great.” I smile, “From a distance.” I mumble causing her to laugh and walk over to the couch opposite Mika.

I walk over almost straight after she sat down and sit next to Mika, “So we need to ask a few questions.” He says as he pulls out something from his left coat jacket.

I raise an eyebrow as I watch him intensely, “Yes anything Mika.” She says calmly. Wait, how did she know his name? I never said it. I look at him and see him flinch making me realise he noticed too. I stare at her as she continues to watch him. He pulls out a photo placing it on the table, it’s my sister. My heart instantly sinks into my stomach, “Ah… Annabelle.” She sighs as she picks it up sniffling.

“When was the last time you saw her?” He asks knowing I’m too upset by seeing that photo to speak.

She shakes her head and closes her eyes putting the photo down, “two nights before she died. We had a girl’s night, movies, chocolate, and all things like that.” She shrugs as tears well in her eyes. That’s not possible, I was with her that night? “Anyways, a man came here a few days ago asking me these questions. Why are you working your own case?” She asks.

Mika leans back in the chair and places his hand on his chin before looking at me, “now, how is it possible she was here and with you that night Jamie? One of you is lying.” A concerned look flashes in his eyes.

“W-well, it could have been the night before, I am still shaken up about this whole thing.” She stutters obviously trying to change her story.

Suddenly what she said clicks, I lean forward putting my elbows on my knees, “who came around asking these question?” I ask causing Mika to look at me bewildered that I was able to speak without crying.

She looks at Mika then and me, “He had blonde hair and when I say blonde, I mean really, really blonde almost white, and the strangest coloured eyes. They looked kind of purple. But, I wrote them off as a beautiful blue.” She shrugs. I look at Mika who has frozen in his place, a hard look stuck on his face.

“Purple eyes? Are you sure?” He asks as he leans forward grabbing the photo on the table. She nods as she blinks a couple times before looking at me. What does he know? “Okay. That’s the only questions I needed to ask. Thank you for your time, we will be back when the time calls for it.” He laughs slightly as he stands up grabbing my wrist pulling me up.

“Oh um, you’re welcome I guess?” She says more like a question obviously as confused with Mika as I am.

He swings the door open before waving and ripping me out, “Mika!” I yelp as I trip on the board, but, quickly regain myself before losing it again jumping on his back due to the water on the boards. High tied huh. This is not my day.

“We had to get out of there.” He speaks fast as he stops and picks me up due to the water and my reactions.

I hold onto his chest as the splashing of water is heard from his shoes, “Why? What was wrong with the purple eyes? You looked angry.” I ask as I look up at him who stops in his tracks before turning around to see Marissa standing out the front of her house watching us.

“She was an angel, not one you want to be messing with. She wasn’t Marissa and the murder of your siblings wasn’t any ordinary murder.” He mumbles as I wave my hand at her who just stares at us.

“How can you tell?” Is all that leaves my lips as I look her up and down.

He looks down at me, “The purple eyes. She has them too. Only angels and demons can see each other’s real eyes unless they show them to a human which angels never and I mean never, do.” His words come out angry as if he’s about to throw me at her.

My heart skips a beat as I grab hold of his coat, “she killed my siblings?” I ask, but, he shakes his head, “then who did? Was it an angel?” I ask as I look at him.

Once again he shakes his head, “No. This isn’t the work of an angel, although, she is hiding something, or someone.”

As all this sinks in I realise something, “then why didn’t she recognise you?” I ask as he spins back around continuing to walk down the long, long, long dock.

“She did.” He growls.

“Hey Mika!” Marissa yells causing him to stop in his tracks and my heart to race into my throat, “You forgot this!” She calls. Mika didn’t put anything down?

He turns around quickly catching a knife just as it nearly hits his face, “amateur.” He scoffs as he places me down on the water soaked dock, “I’ll be right back.” He growls as he drops the knife on the floor. His hand engulfing in blue fire, they’re going to fight? Around all these civilians?!

I hear Marissa, or actually, the angel curse to herself that he caught it, “Mika! Civilians!” I call, but, he doesn’t stop walking. I watch as he walks up to the angel placing his hand around her throat, “Mika stop!” I yell as I place my hand on the bonding mark he left on my ribs.

He stops as he looks at me slowly putting her down, the blue around his hand disappearing, “Bad move.” The angel laughs as she puts her hand to his head bursting some sort of electricity through him causing him to fly and hit the boat on the other side.

Oh no, this can’t be happening. I pick up the knife and hide it behind my body quickly as she looks at me before walking towards Mika, “we can’t have someone like you walking around getting in our way now.” She laughs as she kneels down next to a paralysed Mika.

She places her hand on his head once again as he turns his head to look at me, I bring the knife out from behind my back showing him, but, he shakes his head quickly squeezing his eyes shut due to electricity being pulsed through his head, “MIKA!” I scream as I throw the knife at her as she turns her head, it hits her directly between the eyes. My mouth hangs open as I cover it with my hands completely in shock. How do you kill an angel? I snap out of my fright and quickly run to Mika who is staring at her body lying on the floor, almost florescent red seeping out of her, her wings growing out her back as her body slowly disappears into nothing. I kneel down in front of Mika and turn his head to look at me.

“Shit, I am so sorry.” I curse as I run my fingers over the burn mark engraved into the left side of his face.

He shakes his head and pushes my hand away, “I told you not to throw it.” He scolds as he attempts to get up, but, falls back down.

“If I didn’t, you would have died!” I yell as I look over to where the body was only to find a knife lying on the dock. No blood no nothing.

He looks at the knife, “where did you learn to throw like that?” He asks as he leans forwards grabbing it and leaning back against the boat.

I grab the knife and hold it tightly in my hand, “I don’t know… I guess darts really pays off hey.” I smile as I grab his forearm pulling him up, putting his right arm around my shoulders so I can help him walk.

He hums in thought, “I guess so.” The way he says that makes me think he knows something about me I don’t, but, that’s impossible.

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