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“So hospital’s not an option?” I ask as I grab the keys out of my pocket to the car while trying to hold him up.

He shakes his head, his blonde hair falling over his eyes, he really needs a haircut, but, then again, it suits him, “how do you think the doctors are going to react when someone whose heart doesn’t even beat walks in?” He asks sarcastically.

I roll my eyes and let him go opening his door, “Well no need to be rude.” I mumble to myself turning around to leave him to get in himself due to his stubbornness, but, I feel him grabs my wrist accidently yanking me back due to my force of walking away, “Mika?” I ask as he stands there looking down at his hand on my wrist.

I follow his eyes and find myself staring and awing over his actions, “thank you for killing her.” He mumbles, but, still doesn’t let go. What is his problem? I hope he’s okay wait, normal people don’t thank people for killing someone. I look up slowly locking my eyes with his that are already looking at me.

“Did you just thank me?” I speak slowly allowing him to think about the words he said to me.

He lets go of my wrist and rubs the nape of his neck, “I think so.” He laughs awkwardly as he looks out at the end of the dock at the sun. This isn’t a normal thing for him is it? I sigh a small smile playing on my face, “did I do it wrong?” He asks as he snaps his head towards me, his eyes wide.

I shake my head and step forwards embracing him, my arms wrapping around his chest, “No you didn’t.” I mumble as I close my eyes, still no heat coming from his body. He makes a sound as if he’s about to speak, but, stops himself by wrapping his arms around me accepting my hug. I feel him put his head on top of mine making me feel small, but, also safe. I want what happened last night to happen again. When a pulse of warmth came from his body, I want to trigger it again.

“This isn’t like you getting all emotional on me.” He chuckles, his chest vibrating against my body. I shrug and hug him tighter and to my surprise me hugs me even tighter than I hugged him. He moves his head slightly on my head and lets a sigh leave his lips, “my body isn’t going to radiate heat.” He mumbles causing my eyes to shoot open and look up at him making him move his head off of my head and look down at me.

“But it has before, even if it was only for a split second, I want to know what triggered it.” I speak softly as he pulls away from me swinging the car door open.

“A once off.” He sighs obviously not wanting to be a part of this conversation. He climbs into the car shutting the door behind him. I stand there staring at where he was previously standing, does he know what triggers it? He seems really reluctant to let me find out. Maybe it’s an emotional thing or a memories thing, I will find out. My glance looks over to him sitting in the car to see him raise his eyebrow, “are we going? We have to talk about this case.” He chuckles as he slaps the dash before putting his feet up.

“Get them off.” I growl as I walk around my side and hop in, then it hits me, “can you drive?” I ask turning to look at him.

He closes his eyes and puts his left arm over his eyes, “I don’t see how that relates to me in this world. Plenty of people take public transport, in my case my public transport is you.” I see his lips turn into a smirk. How is he feeling like his old self in a matter of seconds after I hugged him? Was he joking?

“Get out.” Is all that leaves my lips as I look away from him putting my keys in the ignition.

He moves his arm from his eyes, “What? Why?” He pulls his feet off the dash and sits up straight looking at me with complete confusement.

“You just said I’m your public transport, in other words, you ride me.” I growl as I point out his window signalling for him to get out.

I hear a cough coming from him as he chokes on his own words, “Wait what?!” He yelps, his words being covered with laughter, but, this wasn’t any ordinary laughter, he felt awkward.

“Why are you okay after that show down as soon as you got in the car?” I finally ask as I cross my arms turning the radio off that started playing as the car turned on.

He goes to speak, but, he closes his mouth furrowing his eye brows putting his right hand over his chin and mouth thinking up an excuse probably, “It happened when you hugged me.” His eyes light up and his hand falls from his face as he comes up with the ‘famous’ excuse.

“Excuse me?” I ask sarcastically throwing my head forwards in annoyance.

“When you hugged me, the pain was gone after wards. Maybe you have a magical power,” He wriggles his fingers in front of me when he says magical power a giant smile on his face.

All I do is stare at him in complete irritation, “that’s it. Get out.” I speak as I lean over him pushing his door open, but, he grabs the door.

“I was kidding! There’s no such thing as magical powers!” He laughs, but, a plea is heard under his laughter. He has a magical power, how is it impossible? I look at his hand, the one that engulfs in fire and back at him, “okay, mine isn’t technically magical.” He puts his hands up in defence.

“Hmm, yes it is.” I smirk as I poke his hand, “can I call you magic man? Hey magic man!” I joke.

“Don’t patronize me. At least call me magic mike.” He mumbles as he crosses his arms stirring up a bad mood that I’m going to have to deal with all day. His annoyance makes me laugh as I throw my head back holding my stomach, “we should get going.” He growls as he lifts his left hand engulfing it in blue mist making the gas pedal go down and we start moving.

My laughing stops as my eyes widen and I grab hold of the wheel, “Mika stop!” I yelp as I try to move through the parking lot avoiding cars, but, he just sits back holding up his hand continuing to piss me off, “Mika stop that is an order!” I yell causing him to dissolve the blue mist and pull his hand back as I slam on the breaks. That was the most terrifying moment of my life. I feel like I’m going to throw up.

“Well, now we are aware of the consequences of pissing me off Mistress, let’s get going shall we?” He smirks as he looks out the window. Dickhead.

I stare at the tea in front of me as I stir the spoon around in it, “so, what’s an angel doing down here?” I ask my eyes never leaving the tea.

Mika leans forwards in the café chair resting his right cheek in his hand as his elbow rests on the table, “sorry, I didn’t exactly stop to ask her.” I look up at him slightly annoyed with his response. I know he didn’t get a chance to ask her, but, he would know better than anyone.

“Don’t be an asshole.” I mumble as I stop stirring my tea and take a sip of it, “Just, do you have any ideas?” I ask after I put the mug down. The cold air brushing against the back on my neck, “damn it’s cold.” I mumble to myself grasping the warm mug with both hands. He lifts his cheek off his hand as he stands up peeling his coat off leaving him in a long sleeved black shirt, black jeans and his scarf. Why does he wear so much black? “No, I don’t need it.” I decline his offer, but, he walks up behind me and places it over my shoulders and surprisingly, it was warm.

I hear a group of girls giggle loudly and apparently I wasn’t the only one. I continue to stare at Mika to see him looking at the girls with a confused expression on his face, “what’s all that about?” He asks as the girls turn away causing him to as well and look at me.

I laugh and pull his coat around me more, “you did a cute thing couples do. So, those girls think you’re a gentleman.” I scoff, but, I quickly stop rolling my eyes to realise he was in this moment. Well, I can’t say shit.

A smile plays on his adorable face, wait, Jamie no. “You can’t catch a cold because then we have to stop investigating,” he runs his fingers through his hair as a hint of excitement is evident in his voice. That tone making me smile wide, “wait. Couples?” His eyes widen as he continues to stare at me, is that a blush I see creeping onto his face?

I hum a yes, “that’s what they think we are.” My smile still remains as I move my hand from my cup to grab his, “they’re looking again.” He doesn’t move his hand as I grab hold of it, am I trying to make those girls jealous? Why am I doing this?

He stares at our hands as he intertwines his fingers with mine, “I see what you’re doing.” A smirk plays on his lips as he looks back at me a little bit of red evident on his cheeks, I don’t know what it is, but, it’s definitely red.

“Now, tell me about the angel.” I smile as I hear the girls giggling again.

He looks down to grab his phone unlocking it, before turning it around and showing me something in his notes. I let go of his hand to have a look at it, ‘angel behind you.’ Is written in his phone causing me to freeze and turn to look behind me, but, Mika grabs my cheek stopping me, “don’t!” He slightly yells causing everyone to look at us. This is not my day.

I let an awkward laugh leave my lips, “its fine, my neck isn’t sore anymore.” I quickly cover up as I place my hand over his and take it off my cheek causing him to flop back into his seat. Everyone hesitantly looks away to eat or drink their order. That was close, why does everyone stare at us?

I stare at him as he purse’s his lips angrily staring at the angel behind me, “I don’t even care about this asshole,” he growls as he leans forward looking at me, “angels usually come down if they think someone they are looking over is in trouble with something horrible, worse than rape, but, that angel I’m pretty sure was fallen.” He swallows hard as he intertwines his two hands together holding them up to his lips.

“A fallen angel? What about,” I cut myself off nudging my head behind me causing Mika to look at him and back at me.

He shakes his head, “there’s no way to tell about that one, but, he sort of looks like a guardian, not fallen.” I fight the urge to turn and look at him and I can tell Mika knows it too, “I knew that Marissa was fallen as soon as I saw her wings. Did you notice the dark grey colour on them?” He asks causing me to nod.

I place my right cheek in my hand, oh right, I still have a tea. Stay on track damn it, “her wings were turning black due to her loss of grace no?” I take a wild swing causing him to smile.

“Right.” Is all that leaves his lips as he moves his hands away from his mouth and slowly grabbing my tea bringing it towards him. I still have so many questions about this, but, I can’t seem to pick one.

A cold breeze hits my neck again causing me to pull up the collar on his coat, “why are we sitting outside?” I ask as I start to shiver looking down trying to give my face some warmth from the coat.

“After all that I just said, that’s all you have to say?” He asks as he puts his right hand out a slight blue tinge to it. I look up slightly to look at it, is that fire? My heart skips a beat as I look around us to see if anyone is looking at it, “just hold it. If you hold it, no one’s going to see the blue.”

I snap my head back to him, “its fire, and it’s going to burn me.” I shake my head.

“I’ve only warmed my hand up. It can’t burn you, fire isn’t even on my hand right now. I can control it you know,” he speaks as he lifts it to his eyes moving his fingers looking at the blue tinge.

“So it won’t burn me?” I ask eyeing it suspiciously. He puts his hand back out in front of me and looks at me shaking his head. Hesitantly I grab it holding it with both my hands. Oh my god it’s warm. What happened today? It’s so cold when this morning it wasn’t even close to being this cold. I close my eyes as I place his hand on my cheek warming my face, “if that wasn’t Marissa, where did she go?” I ask as I open my eyes to see him staring at me in awe. What kind of demon is he?

He shrugs, “because an angel took her body, I have no idea where her soul is, but, if I had to guess, I’d say it’s with God,” he cringes at the name of his enemy. I now know why demons hate angels, they envy them. They were able to go to heaven, that’s also why they hate god. He didn’t fight hard enough for them, or he simply didn’t want them. Mika’s mother for example, “Jamie?” He speaks pulling me out of my day dream. I hum in response looking up at him, “we have to leave.” He mumbles as he stares behind me.

I don’t need to ask why, I know what he’s talking about if he’s looking behind me. Quickly I stand up pulling his coat off my shoulders before walking towards an already standing Mika handing it to him. He doesn’t argue, he just takes it and throws it on still watching the angel closely. Does he know who he is? “Come on.” I whisper grabbing his right elbow hooking my arm with him. He again doesn’t protest as he places his hand on my arm that is wrapped around his. Mika tries to walk fast, but, I grab him to slow him down causing him to look down at me, “don’t make it obvious.” I roll my eyes.

We walk past the angel without looking at him and make our way down the street until we are far enough that makes Mika feels safer, “I don’t know what he’s here for, but, there are way too many angels here for a normal city.” He mumbles as he looks around cautiously, “I’m starting to feel smothered.”

I unhook my arm from his and put my hands in my pockets, “do you think it has something to do with us killing Marissa?” I ask.

He looks down and hums, “probably, or maybe they’re after the same thing you are.” He moves his head slightly to look at me obviously worried about something.

I look up at him with a smirk, “then let’s stop them.”

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