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The sun has gone down and the wind has started to pick up blowing my hair everywhere, “get your hair out of my face!” Mika complains as he wipes it out of his face, “Tie it up or something.”

I roll my eyes and pull my hair to one side, “It’s not my fault that the wind is so strong.”

He stops and looks at me as I turn around stopping in my own tracks, “but, it’s your fault it’s so long and down.” I cross my arms and turn away from him looking down the deserted side street we’re walking on.

“I’m not cutting my hair so stop complaining.” I mumble as I continue to walk down the pavement. I wonder what that angel was doing before… We saw him multiple times after we walked away and went to follow up on some clues my sister left. He stays standing where he was causing me to turn around again, “Mika come on, it’s cold out here. I want to go home.” I whine, but, shut up as soon as I see him staring down an ally way, “Mika?” He doesn’t move as I call him. Slowly I walk towards him looking down the alley way to see a white cat. Seriously? Has he never seen a cat before?

I grab his forearm trying to pull him away once the cat ran the other way, “somethings wrong.” He mumbles as he slowly turns his head to look down the street were walking on.

I let go and raise my eye brow, “How can you tell?”

He shakes his head and starts to walk down the street grabbing hold of my wrist, “let’s blame it on intuition.” We make it two steps before something, more like someone lands in front of us as if he just dropped from the sky. Bright, large white wings, almost glowing hang next to him. He stays kneeled on the floor, his head hanging low. Mika pushes me behind me before taking a step back. Wait, is that the angel? I feel my heart start to race as he looks up, a white mask concealing the right side of his face. I didn’t get to look at his face at the café because Mika wouldn’t let me, I doubt he was wearing that. The only thing that looks the same is his hair, white hair, but, it doesn’t make him look old, it makes him look quite handsome.

“I never thought I’d see someone of your kind here.” Mika growls as his right hand brightens with blue flames.

A chuckle is heard from the angel as he stands up stretching his wings out making them look huge, “I could say the same for you,” he pauses as he flicks his hair out his eyes, “Mika.”

A sharp breath leaves my lips as I grab hold of Mika’s coat on his back, “I’m on business.” He violently spoke. He really doesn’t like this guy, but, why won’t Mika say his name?

“Does she know?” He asks genuinely concerned. Do I know what? I poke my head out to see him look at me, “Jamie.” He smiles, well, from the half of his face I can see it looks like he’s smiling.

I go to speak, but, Mika stops me, “no. I’m not as stupid as you think.” I begin to emerge from behind him, intrigued by the conversation going on that I’m being excluded from.

“What don’t I know?” I abruptly speak up making them both look at me. The angel’s wings flap as he looks back at Mika, “tell me.” I command, but, Mika even shakes his head.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Mika speaks as his body tenses, “With a matter like this, I am not permitted to tell you this even if you command me too.” He looks away from me and back to the angel. It looks like he’s about to attack him. Confusement clouds my mind. Why can’t he tell me? This breaks our contract, he can’t do that! I step forwards only to be grabbed my Mika ripping me back behind him.

“Ow!” I yelp as I push him away grabbing my wrist. Almost as soon as those words left my lips, the angel runs forwards grabbing Mika before flying up into the air. The force of his wings pushing up, sending me to fall backwards onto the floor, “Whoa.”

I watch as the angel slams Mika into the middle of the road from the air landing on top of him, “you were warned about never touching her!” the angel yells as he flies off of Mika just before he gets hit. He lands a few feet away from Mika sliding across the floor on his feet like in an action movie.

“I was protecting her!” Mika yells back as he jumps up before holding his hand out, but, the blue doesn’t engulf his hand. What is he doing? A black sword appears in his hand followed by the blue flames engulfing the sword. Whoa…

A hum comes from the angel, “so we’re fighting full swing now eh?” I watch as he pushes his white coat out the way to reveal a sword holder. This can’t be good. Quickly he pulls the sword out followed by it engulfing in lightening. Is that the same ability Marissa had?

“So you are a guardian.” Mika growls causing the angel to smirk. Mika runs at him attempting to hit him, but, the angel blocks it pushing his sword back. Quickly Mika come back around and swings again. The angel isn’t exactly fighting, he’s just blocking… I can see he’s struggling, but, he’s still matching Mika’s strength.

“Go back to hell!” The angel roars as he flies up lading behind Mika slicing into his back causing Mika to fall forward landing on his knees. The demon drops his sword next to him as the angel takes his chance to walk up behind him, placing his sword on Mika’s shoulder, “you should have listened to me.” I go to run towards them, but, Mika snaps his head towards me causing me to stop dead in my tracks. I watch him as he grasps his sword lying next to him.

“I will never listen to you!” Mika chuckles as he spins around stabbing the angel right in the stomach. My mouth drops open as I watch the angel drop his sword and fall to his knees in front of Mika. I can see Mika saying something to the angel causing the angel to widen his eyes, an expression of anger shown on his face. I see Mika’s blue flames come out the other end of the wound as the sword still remains in him causing the angel to groan in pain. Can they feel the pain?

“Mika stop!” I yell as I run forwards only to be thrown back into the wall by his telekinesis, “Mika!” I yell once again as I stay trapped on the wall trying to move.

The angel looks at me before pushing Mika away from him as he slowly pulls the sword out of his stomach. Vomit comes up in my mouth as I look away from the disgusting view, “what did I tell you?” He coughs. I refuse to look or watch this, I just won’t. I can hear the swords battling as I stay looking away. How is Mika, not the mention the angel with a sword wound all the way through him, still fighting? I guess their level of pain and healing is higher than humans… I hear the angel fly up as my body isn’t held against the wall anymore. I stand uneasily as my legs shake beneath me. Slowly I look to see what’s happening. My mouth hangs up as I see the angel coming down from the air ready to attack Mika from above, “Mika!” I scream as I run to him. He snaps his head towards me, but, it was too late. I push him over as I land on top of him trying to shield him, but, nothing happens. Instead a bright light is seen running away from us as if the light came from us.

“Holy shit…” Mika curses as he looks above me, a mixture of emotions engraved into his face. Slowly I look up to see a light dome disappearing from around us. What just happened?

Slowly I stand up and turn around to look for the angel. He sits against the wall I was next to when I was watching the fight, he’s sitting there almost as if he’s been knocked back by a massive explosion. His sword lay over his legs as his head hangs low, “M-Mika?” I stutter as I turn to look at him who has a blood puddle around him, but, nothing as bad as the angel. What did I do? Mika stands up before looking at the angel. Slowly the anger builds up in me, who the hell does that angel think he is?! I run over to him grabbing him by his shirt pulling him up, “who do you think you are?!” I scream as tears brim in my eyes from anger. He lifts his head to look at me, “and why are you wearing this stupid mask?!” I scream as I grab hold of it ripping it off his face. My heart sinks as I see the face behind it. I let go of his shirt letting him drop on his own feet.

A sad smile plays on his face, “Hey Jamie.” He coughs as he grabs hold of his head.

“Jas…per?” I step back, but, bump into Mika. I spin around, “Mika if you’re screwing with me, I’m going to kill you!” I yell as tears run down my face, “he’s dead! Why is he here?” My voice breaks as I fall into Mika, quickly he catches me.

“It’s good to see she trusts you.” Jasper mumbles as Mika’s body tenses as he hugs me tighter, “Jamie, I’m your guardian angel.” He mumbles causing me to weep into Mika even louder, “I’ve been watching over you ever since we were 14.” I can hear the sadness in his voice.

“Jasper, that’s enough!” Mika growls, but, I hit him across the face.

“You knew about this didn’t you?! About Jasper!” I feel so weak right now, so alone, lied to. Mika stares down at me not taken back by me hitting him.

“It wasn’t his fault.” Jasper mumbles causing me to spin around in time to see him bring his wings back into his back. I sobs quietly as I take a step towards him, “it’s mine. I didn’t want you knowing it was me.” He sighs as he puts his hand on his stab wound.

Mika stands back and watch, but, I can tell he’s furious, “you’re alive?” I whisper as I take another step closer raising my hand to touch his face. He doesn’t move, but, he closes his eyes allowing me to touch his cheek, “you’re warm… I can’t believe it.” I sob as I embrace him not too tightly because of his wound.

“Not exactly alive,” He chuckles as he wraps his arms around me.

“I grieved over you.” I state as I pull away slightly, anger building up inside of me, “You aren’t allowed to be here! I can’t stand to see you disappear again! You aren’t allowed!” I shriek as I hit his shoulder. He falls back slightly, “You can’t just show up when you think it’s time!” I hit him again. The shock and sadness on his face breaking a part of me.

I feel Mika grab my forearm pulling me backwards into him. He holds my back against his chest as he tries to restrain me, “Shh, it’s okay.” He coos.

I blink a couple times as I stare at Jasper. This can’t be real, this isn’t real. It’s a dream, I have to wake up. I have too… I shake my head as I look down and collapse onto the floor, “I have to wake up…” I cry to myself as Mika continues to hold me as we sit on the floor.

“This isn’t something you can wake up from,” Mika mumbles as he strokes my head, “we have to get out of the cold.” He whispers as he stays on the floor with me. I look up at him before looking at Jasper. I go to speak, but, darkness takes over as my head becomes heavy, the last thing I see is Jasper hurrying to kneel next to me.

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