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I stare at him completely sickened by his mother’s actions. What kind of person can do that to their own son?! My hands are locked over my mouth as tears threaten to spill, my body trembling as I imagine the story he just told me. It was so graphic, he remembers that so well… He looks up at me, complete confusement on his face. His blue eyes scan over my body looking at me trembling, “Why are you upset about that? It didn’t happen to you,” He asks as he reaches up and grabs my hand pulling it away from my mouth, my other hand still in front of it.

My hand trembles even more as he takes hold of it, “if you tell anyone something like that, they’re going to freak out… Especially if they want to protect you,” my voice cracks as I blink realising my eyes were wide that whole time he was telling the story.

“You can’t carry that burden with you,” he sighs as he plants a small kiss on my hand trying to calm me down.

I shake my head letting my tears fall out, “I can try! You don’t have to deal with that by yourself!” I throw myself at him wrapping my arms around his neck crying into his shoulder. He wraps his arms around my frail body squeezing me tightly, “do you remember that pain? The physical pain?” I ask.

He doesn’t move apart from his body tensing letting me know he does, but, doesn’t want to tell me. My eyes shoot open in shock as I move my right hand to the back of his head pulling him closer to me, “I’m okay, really,” he mumbles against my shoulder that he’s leaning his head on.

I shake my head and squeeze my eyes tight, “if you act that way and remember that, that clearly, then you’re not,” I sob. I want to protect him, I want him to be happy, but, that can’t happen when he’s holding that against himself for being too weak. I’m guessing she killed him on his 12th birthday by ripping his heart out. I don’t want him to feel this way again, I want to carry that burden with him, and he doesn’t have to do this alone! Maybe if he lets go of this feeling and pain, he can go up to heaven. Maybe that’s just what I want to happen, but, it’s worth a shot.

“You’re definitely going to heaven…” He mumbles as he pulls away grabbing my chin softly, his actions reminding me of the harshness his mother inflicted on him. A sad smile plays on his face as I stare in his eyes. Butterflies fill my stomach as our faces as so close together, I’ve never kissed him before and I really want too, but, I don’t know if he wants too. He looks down at me as he moves my chin up slightly to stare into my eyes. I swallow hard as he looks at my lips and back at my eyes. That’s it. He leans in pressing his lips on mine, my eyes close as soon as he does. His lips feel warm against mine as he brings his hand up to my hair, his other on my lower back pulling me closer. I move my lips against his slowly with as much passion I can muster. I wonder if this is his first kiss due to being pretty much imprisoned his all childhood. I climb onto his lap to deepen the kiss causing him to smile into the kiss, I let out a slight giggle causing him to pull away, “what’s so funny?” He asks as he moves a strand of my hair out of my face. I bring my hands up and push all his hair away from his face making him look like someone who just crawled out of a sewer, but, I don’t care. He’s still beautiful.

“I didn’t know demons could feel this much emotion…” I giggle as I peck his lips, my hands staying in his hair as his wrap around the small of my back.

He shrugs and shuffles slightly as he places his legs up on the bed, still holding onto me, he places me comfortably on his lap so I’m straddling his hips, his back against the bed head, “Perks of being in a contract with an emotional female,” He chuckles causing me to smile, “wow, I thought for sure you were going to hit me for that one,” he laughs slightly.

I furrow my eye brows as I move closer towards torso, “do you want me to hit you?” I ask as a joke.

He shakes his head and smiles bringing his hand away from my back and placing it on my left cheek, “for some reason, everything you do to me, I feel as if I was alive again,” I snuggle my face into his hand that’s still holding my cheeks.

“Are you sure that’s not just the perks of being in a contract with an emotional female?” I smirk using his words. A soft chuckle leaves his lips as I climb off him lying next to his body my head falling on his torso. He wraps his arms around me as I close my eyes clinging to his body, “you’re such an imbecile,” I giggle causing him to squeeze me.

“And that’s coming from the one who summoned a demon,” He mumbles as he brings his hand up stroking my head. I roll my eyes and sigh heavily.

I wonder if that was his first kiss… I open my eyes and gain my courage, “was that your, uh, first kiss?”

He looks down at me causing me to look up, “you think because I’m dead, I miss out on all my life experiences?” He laughs, but, I can see he is genuinely interested in an answer.

I shrug, “I don’t know, I just thought, never mind,” I mumble not exactly sure to say it to him without him remember the story he told me earlier.

“Because I was trapped my whole childhood?” He asks looking away from me and back at the ceiling. I continue to stare at him and hum in response quietly, “there are female demons,” He shrugs as he stays holding me to him.

“Oh…” Is all that leaves my lips before the door gets swung open to reveal Jasper.

“I just wanted to make sure everything was okay,” He cuts himself off as his eyes land on us cuddling on the bed. A blush creeps on my face as well as his, “this is unexpected, especially from Mika,” he furrows his eye brows as he looks at Mika. I go to speak, but, he starts running at us. Oh shit, shit, I’m going to die. I pull my arms up over my face before being jumped on my Jasper who has landed on me and Mika like a child would to his parents.

“Jasper!” Mika and I yell in unison, well, I laugh, Mika just getting angry, “what are you doing?” I ask as he just lays over us not moving.

“I don’t care what you’re doing, get off,” Mika whines as he tries to push him off.

Jasper laughs as he hits Mika for pushing him, “don’t touch me. May I remind you of who won on the street?” He smirks as he looks at Mika then at me winking playfully.

I pinch Jaspers calf causing him to look at me like I’m an annoying fly, right, the pain I create isn’t enough to hurt him, “enlighten me Jasper,” Mika speaks as he turns his head to me with a cheeky grin, “who did win on the street?” He asks causing Jasper to open his mouth to speak, but, realise it was me.

“Shut up,” Jasper mumbles as he hops off us allowing my legs to breath, Jasper faces the window as he has his back to us. Mika goes to speak, but, Jasper quickly continues to talk, “by the way, someone’s here to see you Mika,” he turns slightly, only just making eye contact with him as if he should be worried.

“Why him?” I ask as I sit up crossing my legs watching Mika and Jasper’s reactions to this weird conversation.

Abruptly Mika gets up, “do you know who it is?” He asks as he completely ignores me. Why would it matter if Jasper knows? Jasper stays quiet, slowly looking away from him and out the window crossing his arms seriously, “Mistress, you’re going to stay with him okay?” Mika orders as he hurries towards his shirt throwing it over his head. I go to speak, but, he cuts me off, “don’t fight with me right now,” he mumbles quickly as he swings the door open. He has only used my real name about twice, so why does it hurt so much more now? He looks back at Jasper who is still staring out the window before leaving.

Once he shuts the door I jump off the bed hurrying over to Jasper, “what the hell is going on?” I ask as I grab hold of his shoulder spinning him around. As soon as he faces me, my face drops causing me to let go of his shoulder remembering his death. His suicide.

He tries to look back out the window, but, he stops and stars down at me noticing my grief, “did he tell you?” He asks, his eyes purple, the natural colour they are. I snap out of my daydream and inspect his eyes, my mouth hung open. Whoa, is that what he looks like to Mika? “Sorry, I forget sometimes,” he sighs causing him to close his eyes. Once they open again, they’re an emerald green. The ones I saw before.

I look away and hug myself, “mm, he told me,” I see his body move away from me. He radiates heat unlike Mika, making me wonder about his death. Jasper committed suicide, isn’t that against the bible or something? I mean, I guess hades didn’t want him due to taking the easy way out. But, to me, that is not exactly the easy way out.

“Don’t tell me you still blame yourself for my death,” he chuckles as he leans on the wall next to the window. I snap my head up as those words leave his lips, how can he possibly know I feel that way? And why would he bring that up? When Jasper died, he told me the night before he was going to do it. Actually, he told me the day he did it. He gave me a teddy and a hug that felt like it lasted forever, but, I just didn’t believe him. I didn’t think he felt that strongly about taking his life. He barely spoke to me about his problems, sometimes I like to think he didn’t tell me so I wouldn’t worry, but, I know the truth. I caused most of his pain and I he didn’t want to tell me because of it.

I shrug lightly, “can we not talk about your death? Can’t we do something fun, like old times?” I ask completely throwing Mika to the side. He hesitantly looks at me trying to see if I was serious, as if I said something completely stupid and he wanted to make sure he heard right, “what? You think because you died and showed up six years later, I hate you?” I ask as we both stay on opposite sides of the room staring at each other.

A smile plays on his face, dimples being shown, how I missed those dimples and that smile, “well, you did tell me to go back to heaven,” he points at me before biting his lip trying to stifle his laughter, “might I add, was so rude,” he shakes his head speaking sarcastically before crossing his arms.

I roll my eyes before turning around grabbing a pillow and throwing it at him, “you’re rude,” quickly he catches it and looks at it, his smile slowly disappears as if he remembers something.

I watch as he squeezes the pillow harshly before looking at me, “Mika and I had a good talk while you were out cold,” he starts causing me to swallow hard, what were they talking about? His eyes look away from me and back at the pillow, “I heard about the angel who took the identity of Annabelle’s, friend,” He hesitates on saying my sisters name. I guess he remembers her too. I wonder if he saw Parker and Annabelle in heaven…

“What about her? Did you know her?” I ask as I step forwards excited to hear the answer.

He places the pillow down on the couch behind him, staying in that position for a seconds obviously thinking of what to say before standing up straight and facing me, he hums, “yeah, Adriana. She was a sweet girl really, but, angels must fall if the case calls for it,” he shrugs as if it’s an everyday thing.

I raise my eyebrows, “what did she do?” I ask, but, he puts his hands up in a defence gesture, “fine,” I cut him off before he tries to cut in, “tell me this then, are Parker and Annabelle in heaven?” I ask as I grab the nape of my neck, my other hand holding my elbow.

Jasper closes his eyes and sits on the arm of the chair, “those are things you have to find out when you die,” he opens his eyes as he finishes his sentence, “which I hope isn’t soon.” It’s then I realise he isn’t wearing the gear he was wearing when we first came face to face. I guess that was his battle gear. I look him up and down, he actually looks smart, sort of handsome, but then again, he always did. He wears a three quarter grey shirt and black skinny jeans with black socks, so many dark colours, he sort of reminds me of Mika. “Jamie?” He asks as he waves his hand in front of him snapping me out of my day dream.

I hum before darting my eyes at his, “you just look older, that’s all,” I smile before walking closer and standing in front of the mirror, “I thought for sure you would be wearing all white,” I laugh slightly before grabbing my hair attempting to pull it into a pony tail type thing. What am I trying to do?

“I wear white in battle, not when I’m trying to blend in with society,” he falls sideways onto the couch, “well anyway, I wasn’t finished talking about Adriana,” I look at him before nodding and looking at what I’m wearing in the mirror, did those idiots change me?! I feel my cheeks heat up, “I hear you’re pretty good with darts, well knives,” he speaks as he throws his arm over his eyes, watching me from the corner of his arm.

“Yeah, you know how much I used to play darts when I was younger. I always beat your ass,” I laugh as I let go of my pathetic excuse for a pony tail.

He darts up quickly before pointing at me with one arm and holding himself up with the other, “that was one time!”

“Three,” I look at him.

“Fine three, but, come on! That was your whole life!” He groans as he crawls off the couch and to his feet, reminding me of a sloth. Why is his hair white? It’s a handsome type of white, not grey, but, his hair was brown.

I look down at the shirt I’m wearing, a blue oversized shirt with the numbers 60 on it, “I could still beat you,” I smirk as he comes and stands next to me in the mirror, why can I see him and not Mika?

“from what I heard, yeah you definitely could,” He laughs as he places his hand on my head, “there’s always been one thing I was better than you at,” He smiles, wait for it, “growing,” and he dropped it.

I let out a sarcastic laugh before shoving his hand off my head, I can feel him… “If you and Mika have powers like that, why don’t I have one?” I ask as I bring my hands up and look at them.

He shakes his head and grabs my hands before placing mine together as if I’m praying, “You have many abilities, but, you don’t know what they are quite yet, some might actually scare you,” he laughs as he lets go of my hands stepping back quickly before the door swings open causing me to look in the mirror at the door. I hear Jasper piss himself laughing.

“Jamie needs to come out here,” Mika speaks, but, abruptly stops himself as he looks at my hands, “Are you kidding me?! I leave you two alone for a few minutes and Jasper, you make her pray?!” He yells, a bit of laughter being thrown in at the end.

I look down at my hands quickly ripping them apart before looking at Jasper glaring at him as he continues to laugh holding his stomach, “I, I, I,” He tries to speak, but, I keeps laughing, “I couldn’t help myself, I heard you,” He leans his head again the wall as he tries to catch his breath, “you coming this way,” He finally is able to speak without bursting out in laugher.

I look at Mika who is rubbing his face in disbelief, “It really wasn’t that funny,” He plainly speaks.

“Come on, cut him some slack! I haven’t heard him laugh in a long time,” I smile causing Mika to look at me and smile slightly before looking back out the door.

My smile slowly fades away as I watch Mika’s fall, “you’re wanted out there Mistress,” Mika mumbles as he looks at me holding his hand out, “come on,” I stare at his hand as this came almost suddenly. Why does this guy want to see me?

“You said he could see her?” Jasper chimes in slightly annoyed.

I walk over and grab Mika’s hand slowly, still no warmth leaving him, “with conditions,” he bites back as he pulls me closer to him, “Alex and I have to be there,” Mika mumbles as he looks down at me, worry clouding his eyes.

“Why can’t I be there?” Jasper pouts crossing his arms, “It’s sure to put fear in him if a Guardian is there,” Jasper walks towards the door, but, gets stopped by Mika.

“You’re out secret weapon. We can’t let him know you’re here, not yet.” Mika warns as he pushes him back in the room. Jasper sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, “so wait here.” Mika orders before leading me out the room and shutting it behind him.

“Who is it?” I ask as I squeeze his hand even more, “and why are you calling me mistress a lot now he’s here?” I whine.

I feel him place a kiss on the side of my head, “don’t tell me you don’t have a pretty good idea of who it is already, and two, you’ll understand when you see them, after all, I work for him,” Hades. What a damn coincidence, as soon as I find out he shows up. This is too odd, way too odd.

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